Show Us Your Find-Mirror Frame

Carla: J.D., you have to get out! This place is tiny and I’m sick of seeing your man-panties hanging all over the bathroom.
J.D.: They’re called boxers, Carla.
Carla: They’re satin, J.D.
J.D.: With a breathable cotton crotch panel. [voiceover] King me!-Scrubs

I have three huge 1980s mirrors in my house that overwhelm the space. I’ve been searching for what to do about them, and found several different tutorials on Pinterest for framing your bathroom mirror.  Each pinner did things a little differently, and I took advice from each one. I followed this tutorial, and this one, and gleaned wisdom from each.

I purchased my boards at Home Depot, and found the cheapest baseboards I could find. Then my sweet hubby cut them at an angle for me, because my brain can’t compute angles. I followed one blogger’s advice and made sure to paint both sides of my boards, because they do show up in the reflection of the mirror.

I put my frame together at first, and tried to leave it overnight. However, I didn’t use enough liquid nails, and it fell apart. At that point I decided it would be easier to just put the frame together on the mirror, and that worked a lot better for me.

I had to use painter’s tape to hold the mirror in place overnight.



I’m so in love with the look. What do you think?

PS I also hung up those blinds, by myself! I know it seems minor but I was very proud of myself.

This project only cost me $12 for the boards, and I think $2 for the liquid nails, which I have tons leftover for the next project. I already had the paint on hand, so for $14 I have this gorgeous frame. I can’t wait to tackle the other two mirrors!

I can officially say the downstairs bathroom is DONE. It’s a great feeling!

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Show Us Your Find-Garage Rescue

Whenever we go visit Match’s parents, his mother always tries to pawn her castoffs onto us. She is really funny about it-she talks them up, and really puts the pressure on. Most of the time I can’t stand the stuff she wants to give me, for the same reason she wants to get rid of it. But once in awhile there are a few treasures she’s given us. This time, it was a pair of old stools she thought we might want for our garage.

She thought they’d be good as work stools, but I knew that with a coat of paint I could make them shine again, and would be perfect for seating in our kitchen. So I set to work, in the garage, on Sunday afternoon. It was SO HOT that day. It didn’t take me long to sand them, but when I was done, I was super sweaty. So this DIY doubled as a workout!

After a couple of coats of paint, this is how they turned out. I think they look so great in our kitchen.

Everyone always gathers in the kitchen, and now we have a place for people to perch. Eventually I really want to paint our cabinets the same color as the stools. But for now I’m going to take a little break from painting!!

Show Us Your Find-Roo’s Necklace

My girlfriend Couple Wife gave me this gift in honor of Roo. It was so perfect, because I had been trying to come up with something I could wear. A necklace, a ring, something that would be a way to carry her with me every day.

The necklaces are made by Michaela Hagenow from who went through a similar situation. She channeled her energy into making these keepsakes to help others honor their angel babies. I absolutely love it and I wear it every day. It even has a clear bead to represent her diamond birthstone. It was such a thoughtful gift and a perfect way to keep Roo close to my heart always.

Show Us Your Find-Felt Animals

[to his girlfriend Lady] I think it’s time you learned the real me. Here we go. I’m not… like normal people. I don’t have superpowers, but I’m working on it. For instance, watch me move this pen. [stares at pen; it doesn’t move] It worked at home. I don’t know. Maybe my table’s slanted. Uh, anyway. Um, in my spare time, I also enjoy stuffing animals. Usually with other animals. For instance, a badger will hold five squirrels. A squirrel will hold most of a cat. A mouse will hold a shrew and a vole. You get it… the circle of life. I have broken the sound barrier, but you must never ask me how. I don’t believe in the moon. I think it’s just the back of the sun.-The Janitor, Scrubs

I haven’t actually done this yet, but I wanted to share it with you anyways. I’m stuck on this couch for the foreseeable future, so I thought I’d start up another sewing project. I’ve been wanting to sew animals to hang in Roo’s nursery tree. I found these patterns on etsy, and I am going to take a stab at it.

I’m still a complete beginner when it comes to sewing, so we’ll see how these turn out. Hopefully they’ll look like cuddly woodland creatures and not scary badly sewn nightmare animals. That’d just be cruel to hang in a baby room dontcha think?

Show Us Your Find-How I Stay Organized

Monica: We need to sort through the tickets as quickly as possible to see if we won. Does anybody have any ideas how to organize this? [abruptly] How about this – we divide them into six groups of forty, and the remaining ten can be read by whoever finishes their pile first.
Rachel: [raising her hand] I have another idea!
Monica: Sorry, idea time is over!-Friends

This is a find I’ve been meaning to share with you all for quite awhile. Back in January I was figuring out how to update my dry erase calendar. I hated the layout, and I didn’t have enough room for all my notes. Then I looked on pinterest and saw some great ideas for DIY dry erase boards like these:

All you need is a frame with glass (plastic will not work) and a large piece of white paper to get started. Now mine isn’t as pretty or fancy, but it works really well for us. I like that every month I can change up the color of the month, and add little drawings depending on the season. Click on the picture to see a larger view.

With my calendar, I picked green for Match’s appointments, and red for mine. Blue is for both, and purple is for holidays. I hung it up in the entry way, right where we grab our keys before leaving the house. I love that Match actually uses the calendar. It keeps us completely organized and it makes my little Virgo heart go pitter patter. 🙂

How do you keep your family organized?