Belly Progress-6 Months Post Partum

One of my goals this year was to lose the baby weight I gained from my pregnancy with both Roo and Piglet. I managed to get back down to my goal weight after Roo, but I had less to lose. This time around it was harder, not only because I had the weight of a 37 week pregnancy rather than 19 weeks, but also because of the c-section. I couldn’t get back to my normal routine as quickly as I wanted to. Oh, and I had a baby to look after and was running on no sleep. The last thing on my mind was exercising. Go figure huh? 😉 Here’s a look at my body transformation while carrying Piglet. It’s crazy to me that I used to carry that big ol’ basketball around! I don’t have any pictures from the day I went into labor, but it was four days after that last picture was taken. I’m pretty sure the belly was even bigger.



After 6 months of hard work, I’m so excited to see that scale show that I just have one more pound to lose! I still have a month to lose that final pound (and maybe 4 more to get to my ideal weight). I’m not going to focus too much on the scale though. I’m focusing on getting back into healthy eating habits, and working out, and feeling good in my skin again. It feels so good to have my strength back. I love working out with my husband. We get the endorphins flowing and the pheromones stirred up 😉 Piglet is old enough for the gym daycare now, and I’m hoping to try it out soon. I know it will be good for him to have some time with other kids, and it will be good for me to get a little me time. I think I’ll be a better mom for it



I am still having trouble tightening my lower abdominals and getting rid of the pooch, but I know it will take time. I still have puffiness around the incision site, and I’ve always struggled with a belly pooch. Part of it is just getting older as well. I’ve been doing pilates and focusing on tightening my core, and I hope by Piglet’s first birthday to be back to where I was.

I cannot believe I posted bare belly pictures, but I think they show my progress better than the tank tops. I also want to say I didn’t write this post to toot my own horn, but mostly to motivate myself. I still have work to do, but I can look at my body and say I’m ok with what I see. I also need to be able to look at these posts for encouragement when and if we get pregnant again. I need to remind myself that I can get my body back if I work hard and feel good about myself.


TTUT: Maternity Photos-The Gag Reel

 Uteri. You’re a woman, you should know what part of the butt a baby comes from! -Max, Happy Endings

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

You know a photo session with us wouldn’t be complete without a gag reel. One of the reasons Couple Wife was able to get so many great photos of us was because we were cracking up most of the day. Here are some of my favorite spoof shots.

funny maternity pictures: www.dategirldiaries.comApparently both Match and I like to make goofy duck faces

funny maternity pictures: www.dategirldiaries.comThe picture on the left was Match pretending to shoot at geese overhead. And then he decided to practice nursing.

funny maternity pictures: www.dategirldiaries.comThese cracked me up. I guess Match was jealous of all the belly attention.

funny maternity pictures: www.dategirldiaries.comThis was at the end of the day. You can tell because Match gets crazier. First with the fondling, the creepster pose, and then whipping out the bare belly. I promised I’d never show bare belly pictures, but I just couldn’t leave this out of the gag reel. He’s always talking about how my belly button looks like a butt, so he decided to poke the “butt” for the camera. He is such a goofball!


9 Month Bumpdate

Richard: I’m fine. When is dessert? I have work to do.
Emily: It’s coming as quickly as the woman can spoon fruit over ice cream.
Richard: Well, clearly, she has carpal tunnel or some other modern disease which is slowing her down. -Gilmore Girls

9 months pregnant:

A big thank you goes out to Steph at Watching Airplanes. On Monday I received a sweet little package from her in the mail. Her mom makes the most adorable baby tag blankets and burp clothes, and she had one made for Piglet that matches his forest nursery theme so well. Check out her Etsy site here. She has some adorable stuff! I love it, thank you Steph!!

tag blanket:

And a big thank you goes out to Misty at Handbags and Handguns. Yesterday she sent a gift package in the mail for Piglet. She bought him an Earl the Squirrel cuddle pack complete with a personalized blankey! I love how the packaging looks like a tree stump. I saved it and I’m using it to store toys. Thanks Misty!


The squirrel and blankey were Match tested, Match approved. 🙂


Symptoms & Labor Signs: Last Thursday was officially 7 days since my last progesterone shot. I started contracting pretty steadily, and we were beginning to wonder if this was it, when they stopped. I’ve also been getting lots of braxton hicks, but nothing that’s progressing. Monday at our checkup I also had to get wrist braces, not just for one wrist, but both. My carpal tunnel has gotten pretty bad, and hopefully these bad boys help the numbness and soreness. They make typing very awkward and Match says I look like a pregnant ninja. Lol!


Food Cravings: I really want a German chocolate cake with caramel pecan frosting, served cold with frozen yogurt. Or just some frozen yogurt with lots of goodies mixed in. We might need to go out for fro-yo soon, because having a cake in the house just sounds dangerous. Luckily I’m also craving fruits so I’m indulging that craving regularly. Oh, and Chinese food. I can’t get enough crab puffs. I shouldn’t be surprised if I pack on the pounds from here on out!

Baby Prep: The last item on our to buy list was actually a car. We had this old  2 door Ford Focus that I’d had for 10 years, and it wasn’t very baby friendly. So we went to Couple Hubby’s car dealership, where he hooked us up with a 2010 Ford Fusion. We got a great deal on it and I’m so glad we now have 2 vehicles we can cart Piglet around in. We bought an extra car seat base, so we’re good to go with whatever car is available. Now Match can take the Jeep hunting and I can still transport Piglet to doctor’s appointments and errands without worrying about his safety.


Weight Gain: 25.3 pounds so far. I am feeling good, and feeling healthy. But as the weeks go by, I’m starting to get so incredibly tired, and I think it’s very possible that the pounds are going to just pack on from here til I deliver. I’m forcing myself to keep up with my walks, but naps are so wonderful.

What I’m Thinking About: How excited I am to meet our little man. I keep wondering what his little face looks like. Does he look more like daddy? Does he have a full head of hair? Will he be colicky or will he be a peaceful baby? Will I be a good mama? I am just so ready for that next step. I know we have a few more weeks ahead of us, and I really hope they fly by. I’ve been pregnant for a very long time, especially when you factor in my last pregnancy. We are so so ready to meet and cuddle our son!



TTUT-Maternity Photo Shoot

[Ross baby-talks to Rachel’s belly.]
Phoebe: How can you let him talk to your crotch like that?
Rachel: He’s talking to the baby.
Phoebe: Oh! Okay! Okay, ’cause when — when he said “I can’t wait to hear your first words,” I thought, “There’s a trick!” -Friends

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

We had our maternity photo session with Couple Wife last Monday. The pictures turned out absolutely perfect. It is so hard to choose which ones I like best. I love them all! I will probably be sprinkling them into posts from now until Piglet gets here. Get ready for picture overload!

maternity photos:

The last time Match and I did a photo session was our wedding day. I was reminded of why I chose this man as my partner in life. I think Couple Wife did an amazing job of capturing the essence of us as a couple. This tattoo shot is a perfect example.

couples tattoo:

Taking these maternity pictures just made me fall in love with him all over again. I couldn’t help thinking of where we were almost 3 years ago to today. All we’ve been through, all we’ve accomplished, all we’ve survived.
angel baby:

I love that Couple Wife made sure we honored Roo, and included her in the photo session. This picture brings tears to my eyes whenever I look at it.

maternity photo shoot:

maternity photos:

maternity photo:

maternity photo:

There were so many moments during the session that I had to blink back tears of joy. After more than 2 long years, we are finally getting our family. Our baby boy will be here soon. I was overwhelmed with emotion.

watermark10 daddy and me boots:

It didn’t help that CW kept taking such adorable pictures. Matching father/son cowboy boots? Stop it! The kid boots belong to her kids, and they are future hand me downs for Piglet when they outgrow them. I can already picture him strutting around the house in his boots, trying to be like daddy.

baby cowboy:

I love how CW would just keep snapping photos and let us just be us. I love how she caught the pure happiness on our faces as we felt Piglet kick during this picture.  I cannot wait for him to see these photos someday. I can’t wait for him to see the love between his parents, and the love we have for him.

maternity photo:




TTUT-Nursery Reveal!

Ross: [talking about the baby’s name] Wait a minute, why is Susan’s name in it?
Susan: It’s my baby, too.
Ross:Funny, I don’t remember you making any sperm! -Friends

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

So I was going to have Couple Wife take our maternity pictures in our nursery yesterday. Then we realized the forecast for our town was in the NINETIES (Bleck!) and decided that sweaty pictures weren’t really what we were going for. We ended up doing maternity pictures where Couple Wife lives, in our old hometown, where the temps were much cooler. So the professional looking shots of the nursery will just have to wait until Piglet is born and we do his newborn photos. Without further adieu, I give you Piglet’s nursery!

forest nursery:

forest nursery:

forest nursery:
If you look close there may be a name hint here. 😉

angel baby:
Roo’s ultrasound, hand and foot prints are on the top shelf, and Piglet’s ultrasound is on the lower shelf.

glider under nursery tree :
Where I will be spending many of my upcoming nights!

nursery bookshelf:
We can’t wait to read to Piglet. He already has quite the library!

forest friends bedding:

nursery closet:
There is so much I’d like to change about the closet, but it works for now. Taking the doors off was a huge help. Now I can get to all those cute little outfits in a hurry.

baby shoes:
Little shoes! I think baby shoes are my favorite.

nursery window seat:
I used the bumper that came with the crib set as a backrest for the window seat. I love that there is a little Roo and a little Piglet in the room. Makes my heart happy.

So there is Piglet’s nursery, all set up and ready for his arrival. We can’t wait for him to be here!

Last but not least, here’s a sneak peek from the maternity photo shoot yesterday. They turned out amazing, and I am going to have so much trouble choosing my favorite!

maternity photo: