Piglet is TWO!

Today was Piglet’s actual 2nd birthday, and sadly Mommy and Daddy had to work. I eased some of my mama guilt by sending him to school with cupcakes to share with his little friends. His teacher told us that he kept telling everyone that his “birthday is coming up” even though it’s today.

DSC_0241 (2)

It is amazing how much he has changed this past year. From those wobbly first steps to his full on running, hopping, jumping off furniture, and even marching. He is a fast moving, busy little boy!

One of the biggest milestones we’ve noticed this year has to be his verbal skills. He speaks in full sentences now, and is not afraid to tell us what he wants. “Mama come back here right NOW!” is one of favorite lines. He also likes to start sentences with “I want”. He has started using I instead of me, and doesn’t always talk in the third person, though he will occasionally say, “Wyatt go outside” instead of “I go outside”. He can sing his alphabet, count to 20, say the days of the week, and he just learned the months of the year. He has knack for memorizing, and “reads” us his favorite books that he has memorized. Some of them I haven’t even memorized!

Apparently he also knows the names of all the kids at his school, and all the teachers. Match says he’s like a little politician, making sure to say goodbye to everyone by name, and strutting around the room waving to everyone. His shyness is long gone!

DSC_0227 (2)

Piglet has also started using his imagination, telling us stories he makes up, or having his toys “talk” in different little voices. I love to just sit and watch him play. He has also started acting scared of things at night, telling us that there’s a “dinosaur coming” at bedtime, and then he jumps into our arms and wraps his little legs around us, hanging on for dear life. He always half giggles when he does it, so I think it’s partly an excuse for cuddles.

I feel we are getting closer and closer to being done with diapers. There are a lot of nights where he wakes up dry, and days where we barely use any diapers. There are still plenty of accidents, but I’m hoping this summer when I have some time off we can finish up the training and make the leap to all day undies.


Every day Piglet seems to be growing and changing, and he’s always learning new words. He’s an opinionated toddler, and he definitely has his difficult moments, but overall he is a mellow, happy go lucky kiddo.

Dear Piglet,

These past few months have been hard with Mommy and Daddy working a lot, but you’ve taken it all in stride. My heart aches that I couldn’t be with you all day on your birthday, but you still came home from school with a great attitude.  Thank you for being such a great kid. We marvel at how we got so lucky when we had you. Two years ago you made us the happiest parents, and every day you give us a reason to smile. We love you to the moon and back!

DSC_0253 (2)

Piglet’s 2nd Birthday-Choo Choo, He’s 2!

Today was Piglet’s 2nd birthday party, and the theme was his obession: choo choo trains!

Once again Daddy got creative, this time making him a cardboard choo choo train he could climb inside! I added some paint and details, but the credit definitely goes to Match for making this awesome train.

DSC_0172 (2)

We used black masking tape to add a train track to the sidewalk, and I made a few railroad signs.


I would have liked to do more, but with my full time work schedule right now, I just ran out of time. I am definitely missing the days of being a stay at home mommy! With the limited time we did have, I’m happy with how it all turned out.



My mother-in-law sent Piglet an adorable conductor’s costume that was perfect for the party. I couldn’t get him to keep his hat on the whole time, but I managed to snap a few pictures with it on.




The kids had a lot of fun playing on the train, and playing with Piglet’s train table.

PicMonkey Collage

Monkey had fun with the train too! The look on my neice’s face is priceless!


Our new dining table was perfect for cupcake time. I loved seeing all the kids sitting on the bench seats together.




It was so nice getting to celebrate Piglet’s birthday with my brother, his kids, and Match’s sister and husband. Not to mention my childhood friends and their kids. The party was on the smaller side, and it gave us time to enjoy it a lot more. I loved the intimate feel of the party, and that while it was busy, it wasn’t the insanity that is a first birthday party.  Piglet went to bed all smiles and chattering about his fun birthday party. His actual birthday is this coming Wednesday, and I plan on sending him to daycare with cupcakes. I can’t believe my little boy is going to be 2 years old!


Happy Birthday Easter Bunny!

Piglet had such a fun Easter, and Match and I had even more fun watching him. From the morning, when he sang happy birthday to the Easter Bunny while opening his gifts from his Gamma, to the adorable egg hunt that followed.


I am so excited that we finally have a decent sized yard again. Piglet had so much fun looking for his eggs. This video captured the cuteness perfectly. He tells himself “Good job” at the beginning, and then goes on to count the eggs, and talk about his buch-et. Oh how I love this child!


Happy birthday Easter bunny! Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful Easter as well.

10 Things to Smile About-March ’15

1. My new job-it keeps me hopping, but I am really enjoying the work and interacting with the kids and staff. My favorite part of the day is when some of the kids give me hugs as they leave the computer lab.

2. Piglet in his overalls, hanging with Kinderfriend’s daughter. We met up for a volunteer creek cleanup day, and those two were so adorable together. Piglet definitely has a crush!


3. Night time snuggles with my little man. Being away at work all week has me cherishing every minute at home with my little guy. His latest adorable habit has been singing to his bunny before bed.


4. Celebrating this big guy’s 9th birthday. I can’t believe my oldest nephew is already 9. Last year before DOUBLE digits. Time flies!


5. Finding a new rental house made me smile! It is such a relief to have a place, and a place we can really see ourselves in for a long time. We found an awesome rental that has plenty of room and a decent sized backyard for Piglet and Monkey to play in. I will post pictures once we’re all unpacked and organized. I am so so excited about it. The best part? It’s only minutes from my work!

6. The race car shopping cart at the grocery store. It made Piglet’s day! I actually look forward to our next grocery shopping outing just to watch him light up when he gets to “drive the race car all dayyyy” as he put it. So stinking cute.


8. Spring break!  I got to spend the week with my little man, and also enjoyed Match’s days off. Unfortunately most of the time was spent being very busy packing and moving, but I was grateful I had the week off to do it. Piglet and I enjoyed a nice classy meal of floor sushi while moving. Watching this kid eat sushi always makes me smile.


9. A fireplace! Our new house has a fireplace, and it is awesome. Match and I managed to find time after the craziness of the move to kick back and enjoy it on Monday.


10. Precious family time. I feel like this month has been so crazy and full of way too much stuff. I’m trying to sit back and enjoy the quiet moments where it’s just the three of us reading stories or being silly around the house, or going on a walk. Now that we’re moved, and another big change Match is making (more on that later!) I’m hopeful we will find more time for those sweet moments.

New Job

Well, I got the job! Pretty much minutes after writing that post I got the job. I hadn’t even published it yet, but I didn’t feel like re-writing it, so you guys got to read a boring post about my anxiety while I waited. I’ve already been in to sign paperwork, and I got my official key card badge.


I have so many mixed emotions, but mostly I am excited to get back out there. Sure I will be working with computers, which I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with. But I also get to work with kids, which I love! The holidays and hopefully summer time off will also be a huge plus. I’m so very grateful for all of this.

There are going to be some major adjustments on the home front, at least for me. Match and I basically have opposite schedules. He works graveyard shift Weds (half day) then Thurs-Sat all night. That means we get one day together a week. It also means that Match gets to stay at home with Piglet, and we don’t have to put him in daycare full time. This makes me soooo happy, and I know Match is going to enjoy having that one-on-one time with his little man. I am going to miss both my men so much!


As a way of easing my mom guilt, I bought Piglet a special backpack and lunchbox to take to preschool. He was thrilled! He runs to the coatrack and says “Thomas backpack!” It definitely helps knowing that Piglet loves his preschool.

Things are about to get incredibly busy around here, and I don’t know what that means for the blog. But I’m going to do my best to keep up with it (and all of your blogs my dearies. I miss you!)

So wish me luck. I pre-wrote this, and today is my first day. I’m a huge kiss up, so of course I baked cookies. I hope they like me. I hope I can remember how to do this. I hope that my kid doesn’t miss me too much. Or worse yet, that he doesn’t miss me at all!