4 Things You Need To Buy Ready For Your New Arrival!


Having a baby is a very exciting time for a couple. You can’t wait to meet your little one and finding out all about the new little person. However, it can be an expensive time with everything you need to buy for the baby. Here are four crucial things you need to buy before the big arrival to make sure it goes as smoothly as possibly when you bring your baby home.



A stroller is a necessity to buy for your baby for when it arrives. There are so many to look at, and it might be worth waiting to find out what gender your little one is going to be at your 20-week scan before purchasing one you like. Make sure that it lays flat to keep your baby safe while it is so little. You need to research and visit several shops before purchasing a stroller for your baby. As discussed here, you need to make sure that it’s easy to dismantle for when you are visiting friends or putting in the car. Some moms go for prams as this has more space for the baby, but it can be heavier and more inconvenient to dismantle when you go out. I love that our stroller had the option to click in the car seat when he was little. It was so convenient!


Car Seat


As you will be leaving the hospital for the first time, your partner may have brought the car along to take you and your baby home comfortably. Therefore, you will need a car seat to be able to take your child home safely. Again, it is worth researching about car seats that are available before making a purchase. I painstakingly researched every type of car seat out there, and read countless reviews. You can buy some car seats which double up as a carrier, which is useful for carrying your baby around, and perfect for getting them to sleep. As I said, ours had the option to click into the stroller, and we could also take it to restaurants, which was so nice when he’d actually sleep through the meal.





Once you get your baby home from the hospital, they will need somewhere to sleep. Buying a crib is an exciting part of having a baby. You should take a look at cots from Cuckooland.com as there are so many about that you can choose from. Often you can buy cots as part of a bedroom set which comes with a wardrobe, and a changing unit for your little one. However, if you are buying on a budget, you could get a second hand one, but then you should still buy a new mattress for your baby. Make sure you buy some good quality sheets to keep your child comfortable.





People will be buying your baby lots of clothes but buying your little one lots of all-in-one suits is essential. They will go through them quicker than you can imagine. You should also buy plenty of vests and some extra layers to keep them warm in colder months. It’s worth stocking up in larger sized clothes as you will get a lot of newborn clothes when your baby comes. It’s also worth buying an infant hat for when the babies born. Most likely someone will buy one for you. 
And whatever you do, don’t forget to buy diapers! Your baby will go through at least ten a day when they are first born. Some supermarket brands have been named even better than more expensive brands so make sure you research first before buying lots. I also recommend not buying too many newborn sizes, as your baby might be too big. In our case, Piglet was too small, and we ended up having to get a package of preemies. You never know til your little one arrives! 


You will worry about all the small stuff, but don’t forget to relax and enjoy this peace before the chaos that is having a baby. It’s a whirlwind of exhaustion and utter joy all rolled into one, and one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever have.

Piglet’s Best Buddy

Piglet’s new daycare has been an incredible blessing. We are so grateful for the change! He went from tantrum throwing and daily tears to singing songs and bringing home adorable crafts. He’s acclimated really well, and we are so glad we made the decision to switch his care. The only drawback is how much he’s missed his best buddy T.


Luckily I exchanged numbers with T’s mama, so we’ve been able to meet up for playdates. Watching these two play is too cute for words.


The wrestle, they joke around. They act like brothers.


We’ve had two playdates, and then yesterday he celebrated T’s 3rd birthday. Again with the cuteness!


I wish Piglet could see his buddy more, but I know he will make connections at his new daycare. And hopefully we will continue our playdates with T. I think our boys will make sure of that!


March and the Month of Changes

March has come in like a lion for our household. We started off the month with Piglet switching to a new daycare. It was a hard decision, but one I’m so happy that we made. He is already thriving at the new care, we are saving money, but more importantly, he seems to be getting more education and more attention than he did at his previous care. The owner also posts Facebook updates, so I get to see his sweet little face and a glimpse of what he’s up to all day while I’m at work. It makes that time away from him just a tad easier.


Another big change is that Match got a new job! His last job was a temporary position, and it was a 45 minute commute one way. We had really hoped he would get the full time position, but life had other plans. As they say, when one door closes, another opens. Match got a job right here in town! No more commute, and the job an entry level woodworker, allowing Match more creativity. I’m excited that he’s learning how to work more with wood, which will equal pretty furniture for me. 😉

Another big change that happened is we have started house hunting again. We put in an offer on a cute little house, and it was just accepted! Of course it’s not ours til it passes inspection, financing goes through, etc. But it is very promising, and come this summer, this sweet little house might be ours! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to blow up Pinterest with all my ideas for what to do with this home.



Piglet Meets Elsa

Last Saturday I had the best time with Piglet. Match went to Portland to have lunch with his sister, so Piglet and I had the day together, just the two of us. We spent the early afternoon at our favorite park, sliding down slides and having way too much fun together. I love those special one on one times we get to share.



Then I took him to our local toy store, where they had a special guest, Queen Elsa! The toy store didn’t charge a dime for us to meet her, and they even took professional photos. Piglet was beyond excited. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Look at that face! Is he not the sweetest little bug?


We got there after the rush, and there was no one else in line, so he got to have a whole conversation with her.


Here he is telling her all about his Olaf shirt.


It was such a special day, and I’m so glad we live in a community that does fun and free events like this!

2016 So Far

Life has been busy as usual with two working parents and a rambunctious toddler. My spare time is spent soaking up quiet moments after work with my little one.


We also signed Piglet up for tumbling classes this year. Every Saturday we get to watch him do forward rolls, wall stands, balance beam, tunnel crawling, and the bar. His instructor says he’s a natural. He loves it!


Our friends Wine Couple and their kiddo are also in the class, so the boys are having fun spending time together.

Match just celebrated his 32nd birthday on Wednesday. Piglet and I had fun making him a cute card.


“No ifs, ands or butts about it, hands down you’re the best dada!” Is that not just the cutest booty print ever?

We went over to Adventure Couple’s house for a belated celebration dinner.


I love watching the kiddos play together.


My favorite part was their hide and seek game. Piglet loves to hide and then shout “here I am!” and pop his little head up. It’s hilarious!


I’m looking forward to what this year will bring. Piglet’s 3rd birthday is just a few months away (WOW!). I keep hoping that we’ll be spending his birthday in a home of our own by then. If not this year, definitely next. I’m optimistic about the future, and this year feels like a year of big changes. Bring it on 2016, we are ready!