Halloween ’16 PJ Masks

Happy Halloween, from the PJ Mask crew. Yes, mom and dad’s costumes are a bit thrown together, but Piglet loved that we dressed up as his favorite characters. I feel like we’re sort of a Pinterest fail. I ran out of time so the masks were very sloppy.


We threw a toddler trick or treating party with a few of our friends, and it was such a fun night. I loved seeing all the kiddos in costumes, and they were so cute running from door to door yelling Trick or Treat! I loved the party, and watching the kiddos play.






What a great night with friends. Happy Halloween, everyone, from our Catboy to you!



Piglet’s 3rd Birthday

Last Friday, our little boy turned 3 years old.  The day before his birthday, I brought cupcakes to his daycare. They all sang him happy birthday and he got to sit in the special birthday boy spot.


My parents drove up for the weekend, and Piglet got to have a special day, just him and Gramma. They took his new red wagon from my MIL and spent the day at the park. I love that they got to have quality one on one time together.



Saturday was the big birthday party. We were supposed to have it at the park across the street, but we got rained out. So we switched gears and moved the party to our house.



I was secretly excited because it’s the first time we’ve had company since moving. It was cozy, but the layout of our new place was perfect for guests. Piglet had a great time with his friends. He only had a couple of threenager meltdowns, and luckily they were over quickly. My parents, older brother, youngest brother, and my aunt all came. We had all of Piglet’s friends there too, except for Adventure Family who couldn’t make it.



It was a very fun day for our special little boy. I am still reeling over his age. How is he already three? Three so far has been a big challenge, but for all the whining and tantrums, there are also so many heart melting sweet moments, like how he races over for “huggies and kissies” and when he spontaneously tells us he loves us.

Happy birthday, wild Wyatt. 3 years ago you made our family complete. We are so lucky to be your parents. You are such a silly, kind, intelligent and happy little boy. You are most definitely our sunshine. We love you to the moon and back!

Top Mementos to Keep From Your Wedding Day


It’s been over five years now since our wedding day. It was an incredible day that I’ll never forget, and I still love looking back on it in any way I can. I wrote lots of blog posts in the run-up and aftermath of the wedding. But apart from those, I have a number of other keepsakes tucked away to reminisce over. I’ll always have the memories in my head. But I think it’s important to have some objects to prompt those memories. Sometimes something triggers a memory you had almost forgotten, and you’re reminded again. If you’re about to get married, here are some of the things I recommend you keep.

Some Stationery

Do you have a stationary obsession? I’m not ashamed to admit I like a pretty note paper or a good pen! Planning my wedding stationery was fun, especially because it was some of the first choices I made. I recommend ordering a couple of extra invites for yourself. Fill it out to yourself for a bit of fun! If you buy wedding invites by Paper Themes, you can get some free samples first and customize your invitations. There are other items you can put away too. They range from save-the-date cards to place setting cards and wedding day programs. Stationery should last forever if you keep it somewhere dry and safe.

Wedding Smells

Did you know your sense of smell is strongly linked to your memory? I bet you have a scent or two that takes you right back to your childhood. If you can take something yummy smelling away from your wedding day, you’ll be able to send yourself right back there whenever you want. Maybe you had a special wedding fragrance made, either for yourself or the venue. You can keep a bottle of it and take a whiff whenever you want. Or you might press and dry a flower from your bouquet to smell.


This one’s a no-brainer! You have to have some lovely photos from the day that you can frame or keep in an album to look at when you want. I recommend having a mix of professional photos and some from your friends and family. Don’t let your guests spend all day snapping, but make sure they each get a shot or two. They often manage to catch a magical moment that the photographer misses.


Whatever you use to decorate your venue, keeping a couple of little items will give you something to remember the day. You might take a flower, a candle, a paper lantern, or something else you love from the day. Another decoration you should definitely put away somewhere is the cake topper. If you have one, make sure you grab it at the end of the day.

You can do lots of things with your wedding mementos. Put them in a box, frame them or even create some art.

Piglet’s 2nd Birthday-Choo Choo, He’s 2!

Today was Piglet’s 2nd birthday party, and the theme was his obession: choo choo trains!

Once again Daddy got creative, this time making him a cardboard choo choo train he could climb inside! I added some paint and details, but the credit definitely goes to Match for making this awesome train.

DSC_0172 (2)

We used black masking tape to add a train track to the sidewalk, and I made a few railroad signs.


I would have liked to do more, but with my full time work schedule right now, I just ran out of time. I am definitely missing the days of being a stay at home mommy! With the limited time we did have, I’m happy with how it all turned out.



My mother-in-law sent Piglet an adorable conductor’s costume that was perfect for the party. I couldn’t get him to keep his hat on the whole time, but I managed to snap a few pictures with it on.




The kids had a lot of fun playing on the train, and playing with Piglet’s train table.

PicMonkey Collage

Monkey had fun with the train too! The look on my neice’s face is priceless!


Our new dining table was perfect for cupcake time. I loved seeing all the kids sitting on the bench seats together.




It was so nice getting to celebrate Piglet’s birthday with my brother, his kids, and Match’s sister and husband. Not to mention my childhood friends and their kids. The party was on the smaller side, and it gave us time to enjoy it a lot more. I loved the intimate feel of the party, and that while it was busy, it wasn’t the insanity that is a first birthday party.  Piglet went to bed all smiles and chattering about his fun birthday party. His actual birthday is this coming Wednesday, and I plan on sending him to daycare with cupcakes. I can’t believe my little boy is going to be 2 years old!


Little Blue Truck 1st Birthday


Piglet’s first birthday party was better than we could have hoped for. It was chaotic, loud, and so much fun. Piglet wouldn’t take more than a 20 minute afternoon nap, and we were so nervous that he’d be a fussy pants, but he was all smiles. We were so impressed with his ability to handle all the activity. It was like he couldn’t sleep beforehand because he just knew it was his party. He was too excited to sleep! The decorations all came together, and I’m so happy with how everything turned out.

We had the little blue truck and the dump truck, complete with felt animals that I hand stitched:

little blue truck & dump truck, www.dategirldiaries.com

little blue truck felt animals, www.dategirldiaries.com

There were blue frosted cupcakes, with homemade cupcake toppers:

Little Blue Truck Cupcake Toppers, www.dategirldiaries.com

I also made a chalkboard sign for Piglet. Guests said it was great because it answered questions they had about him!

www.dategirldiaries.com: chalkboard birthday sign, #littlebluetruckparty

The clothespin timeline was my favorite decoration piece. I love seeing how he’s changed throughout the year. Don’t mind the glare on the pictures. I am still learning how to take good photos!

www.dategirldiaries.com: clothespin timeline photo

Match was so helpful all day. He helped me put up streamers in the family room, and he cleaned up our patio and deck, and got everything guest ready. Then the guests started arriving, and it was party time!


Match got really into the theme, and even coordinated his outfit to go along with Piglet’s. I love that he is such a good sport!

Little Blue Truck Pinata, www.dategirldiaries.com: #diypinata #littlebluetruck

The kids had a great time with the pinata. Unfortunately, Match made it a little too sturdy, and we ended up having to put it on the ground and let them just whack it to death. Either way, the kids had fun and the adults were thoroughly entertained!

Piglet did not mess around when it came time for his cupcake. He had been waiting a whole year for a sweet treat, and he did not want to miss out!


DSC_0415 DSC_0418

The rest of the party was a blur of opening presents and visiting with guests. Piglet’s Godparents, Geeky and Fireguy, went all out with a Giraffe rider. It was the hit of the party!


We had friends come from out of town, and Match got to see some of his academy buddies. Between the three guys, they have had four sons since graduating from Law Enforcement Academy. Pretty crazy! All the guests seemed to have fun mingling and playing together. partyguests

We are so blessed to have so many people that love our little man. Onward to year #2!

little blue truck 1st birthday sign, www.dategirldiaries.com DSC_0501

little blue truck 1st birthday, www.dategirldiaries.com