Christmas ’17

Merry Christmas, everyone! How was your Christmas? We had our second Christmas at our home, and also the second that we haven’t spent it with family. It was just a quiet Christmas at home with our little family of 3.

Christmas weekend started off with me having Friday off from work. Piglet and I spent the day relaxing. We had Kempo in the morning, then we baked up a bunch of cookies all day. We had Happy Hour with friends in the afternoon.

Saturday morning was Piglet’s belt test for Kempo. He has been doing an amazing job at Kempo, and shown a lot of focus for a 4 year old. There are times where he goofs off in class and it makes us cringe as parents, but most of the time he does great. The belt test he just blew us away with his focus. 1 whole hour of following directions, having to stay quiet and calm, and having to remember all the moves. I was practically in tears when the belt ceremony came. He was so proud of himself, and us of him!

We celebrated with a sushi dinner. That boy loves his sushi!

Christmas eve we opened presents with Grandy and Grumps over Skype. We spent the rest of the day playing with the games they bought us. We also made sure to leave out cookies and hot cocoa for Santa.

The anticipated Christmas morning finally arrived, and Piglet was once again so cute. He was such a good boy about not waking up too early. He has this habit of coming into our room around 5ish in the morning to cuddle. Then he usually wiggles around until we give up and wake up around 6. This Christmas, he snuggled up with us, and tried to sleep in, until I had mercy on him and woke up at 7:30. I managed to scurry out there first and make sure the lights were on and the fire was lit. It all looked so magical.

Santa brought Piglet a couple of great presents, including Legos that he desperately wanted. Santa also made sure to make our choo choo loving boy his very own Train lego.

Match outdid himself and genuinely surprised me this Christmas. Tickets to a comedy show in Portland! I have been begging him to go to stand up comedy with me for almost a decade, and he finally did it! I was floored. I know this photo looks staged, but Match snapped it right when I opened his card.

We had our traditional chocolate croissants for breakfast, and then spent a lazy morning hanging around the house. In the afternoon, we had our neighbor friends over for a playdate. They’re a wonderful family with two of the sweetest little girls. Piglet was so happy to hang out with friends after being out of daycare for an extended weekend.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends.

It’s A Nice Day For A… Winter Wedding

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The fall is upon us and those of us with kids are nestling in that interstice between getting over the crazy back to school rush and contemplating pumpkin carving designs. The grey drizzly weather can lead us to feel mournful and while many of us have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to there are some for whom this is a sad time of year. For the recently betrothed however, this time could be the lead up to something very special and exciting indeed. While many spend countless hours daydreaming about their perfect wedding, few are aware of the myriad benefits of getting married in the winter. Winter is, after all as magical a time as summer in different ways, and while the sun may not be on your side, there are plenty of other benefits.


Amazing photo ops


Snow and ice are always magical to behold through the lens of a talented photographer and enlisting the skills of a capple shutterbug like Vittore Buzzi photographer can lend your wedding album an ethereal Disney-esque magic that summer weddings frankly struggle to touch. When dazzled friends look through your wedding album, they won’t remember the cold, they’ll just remember the beauty of the occasion.


It’s less stressful


While there’s obviously an element of stress to wedding planning, those who get married in warmer months tend to experience it more intensely. Weddings that take place in the summer, fall or spring, are far more dependent on fair weather whereas winter weddings take unhelpful weather as a given and plan around the weather accordingly, making them far less febrile in the lead up to their big day.


Better venue availability and rates


Great venues tend to fill up really quickly in the fairer months, leading couples to make difficult compromises on their preferred wedding day or even postponing their big day for another year. Venues and vendors tend to pack weddings together and jack up the price in the hopes of making enough of a profit to see them through the slower months. Conversely, those who get married in winter not only have a better choice of dates, but also enjoy a more personal and less rushed service as well as attractively reduced seasonal rates.


Travel and accommodation tend to be cheaper


When you have friends and family coming from far and wide to be a part of your big day, it’s a huge ask to expect them to pay the seasonally jacked-up prices that beset the summer when the kids are out of school and summer vacations begin in earnest. Winter weddings are much more manageable for guests because they generally mean cheaper flights and hotel accommodation so there’s much less chance of someone you dearly love not being able to make it because of exorbitant travel costs.


Less chance of wedding fatigue


Come on, admit it. At least once you’ve rolled your eyes at the proliferation of weddings that occur every ‘wedding season’. Attending one wedding after another can not only be exhausting, it can be a serious strain on your finances. Resultantly, each wedding has a little less sparkle than the one before. This is not a problem for those who opt for a winter wedding.


6 Ways to Make Your Bachelorette Party a Real Success

Are you about to plan a big bachelorette party for a friend of yours who’s getting married? If so, you’re going to need to make sure that you don’t get anything wrong as you get the plans in place. Below, you will find 6 unique ways to ensure the bachelorette party you’re putting in place will be a real success. You want the bride to love it, so read on now.


  1. Set a Reasonable Budget


There needs to be a reasonable budget in place if you’re going to make a success of this party. You can find tips on how to do great things on a small budget at This will help you get this right.


  1. Arrive in Style


You want to make sure that you arrive in style at this party, and the same goes for everyone in the party group. It’s so much better than just turning up in a group of taxis. You can find Party bus rental here if you want to get to where you’re going as a big group. This can be better for organisational purposes.


  1. Choose a Few Fun Activities and Don’t Overcomplicate It


There are plenty of things that you can do to make this party fun. But there is one trap that shouldn’t fall into: you don’t want to overcomplicate things. If you try to fit too much into the schedule, you will find that it becomes too complicated, and you will have too much to you. Keep things as simple and as straightforward as they possibly can be.


  1. Break with Traditions


Breaking with traditions is not such a bad thing. Weddings are often closely tied to tradition, and that makes people think that they have to do certain things when planning a party such as this. But what matters most is the experience that the bride and the guests have. If it’s not traditional, that’s fine if the party is still enjoyed by everyone.


  1. Have a Backup Plan


It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in place if you’re going to plan a bachelorette party. When things go wrong, you don’t want to be stranded with nothing for the guests to do. The backup plan could be anything, and hopefully you’ll never have to use it. But it’s good to know that you have something to call upon if something bad goes wrong.


  1. Make the Bride Central and Personal to Her


Finally, you need to make sure that the bride is central to everything that you do. After all, it is her day and it should be about her. Don’t lose sight of that. And you should also try to make sure that you make the party personal to her, her interests and what she likes to do for fun. When you make it personal to her in some way, it shows you’ve really put thought into this.


The bachelorette party you’re organising will be one to remember for the bride and all the guests if you remember these simple pieces of advice.

Birthdays, Babysitters, and Brews

March has been quite the social month for us! We kicked off the first sunny spring day we’ve had in weeks with a epic trip to the park with a bunch of Piglet’s friends. It was like the most adorable biker gang ever!

We have had a couple of fun date nights now that we have a couple of regular babysitters. The first was in Portland, going to visit some high school friends of mine. She took us around town to different breweries to sample their brews. We will definitely be going back!

We also had a fun date night with Fliz, playing Cards Against Humanity, and then yesterday we had a working date day, helping her dismantle her deck.

Here’s Match pretending he was ordering me around while I worked. Truth is he worked his booty off too! I am excited for Fliz and her house addition project this spring.

Now that Piglet is in Preschool, I swear we have a birthday party to go to at least once every 2 weeks. Not that I’m complaining, because he loves them! But it does seem to busy up our weekends here lately. We had a birthday party at the local play house in town last weekend, a party today at the bowling and another birthday party this coming weekend.

We also just celebrated my oldest nephews birthday on Tuesday. This was even more special because it marked the first time I was able to see my niece, nephew and brother in 3 months. He finally broke up with his psycho fiancee. Get this readers, ol’ Turkey Penis is in JAIL! I knew she was bad news. My brother and I had a long talk and patched things up. He knew I was concerned for him, and coming from a place of love, he just didn’t want to see it at the time. Very grateful to have him back!

This coming weekend we have another birthday party to go to! Then, on April 8th, GEEKY IS COMING!!! OMG, OMG I’m so excited to have her and her family visit. It has been over a year since I last saw her. I could not be more excited. I just hope we get a break from all this rain so we can have a proper visit.

In the mist of all the excitement, work has been full on crazy pants. We are moving our office, and there’s tons of construction going on in the district. My poor boss seems to be a total stress case, and I for one just cannot wait til it’s summer. We’ll get a break from some of the drama, and more importantly, I’ll be up for that big promotion. Fingers crossed it happens!

Match also interviewed with a potential closer to home apprenticeship. I’ve got fingers, toes, arms, everything crossed that he gets it. His hour long commute is driving us all crazy, and I know he’s miserable. At least he loves the work, but it’d be so nice having him home more!

What’s new in your world, readers? How have you been?

Halloween Decor-2016 Edition

I had so much fun decorating for Halloween this year. I finally have my built ins, and this being the first Halloween in the new house, I had to make it special.

I made a countdown for Piglet, with a little ghost that he could move every day.

dsc_0758 dsc_0759

I went with a Harry Potter theme this year, and I plan on doing it next year too. I had a potions display, and made some Harry Potter themed book covers. I even made us wands from sticks we found on a walk. He’s super into Harry Potter now, which is a dream come true for me. I’m hoping next year we can dress up as a family of witches and wizards!







We hung up the pirate ship, and had the bats dangling from the ceiling again. Piglet loved watching them. I loved all of his cute artwork from school this year.

Happy Halloween!!