Weekend Update

Barney: Open your brain tank bro, cuz here comes some premium 91 octane knowledge. There’s three rules of cheating: 1. It’s not cheating if you’re not the one who’s married. 2. It’s not cheating if her name has two adjacent vowels. 3. And it’s not cheating if she’s from a different area code. You’re fine on all three counts.
Ted: How do you know she’s from a different area code?
Barney: She’s 516. She might dress like she’s 718 and act like she’s 212, but trust me she’s 516. Oh, and her husband letting her out alone on St. Patty’s Day? If that dude’s not 973, I’m 307…Wyoming. –How I Met Your Mother

I know I was supposed to post a rewind weekend, but I’m getting ready to clean the house for a party we’re having tonight and I don’t have time to delve into the dramas of my high school years. I’ll try to get to it tomorrow, but if I can’t, next weekend teenage Date Girl, acne products, and late 90s music will return. Today I just wanted to quickly catch you all up on what’s been going on with me this past week. Continue reading Weekend Update

Wedding Dress Shopping-Round 1

[Trying on wedding dresses] Oh, this dress is totally going to get me laid on my wedding night. -Lily, How I Met Your Mother

Yesterday Outdoor Girl and Couple Wife came with me for my first wedding dress shopping experience. I’ve never even gone wedding dress shopping with friends much less myself. I haven’t mentioned this before but I’m pretty modest, at least around girls. I know weird right? But I’m not the kind of girl who can pee in front of my girlfriends or change in front of each other. It’s weird but it’s a thing with me. So when I realized I would have to be getting undressed in front of a complete stranger while she wrestled me into chiffon I knew I was stepping into my own personal hell. Continue reading Wedding Dress Shopping-Round 1

My True Gym Buddy

Berg: Ashley, what are you doing here?
Ashley: Well, it’s a women’s gym, so obviously I was in the back having a pillow fight in my panties. –Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place

I’ve been really enjoying hanging out with Outdoor Girl. I’ve wanted a gym buddy or girl friend I can be active with, and she definitely is. We have been IMG00070going on weekly walks, and now she’s started going to the gym with me. It’s great to have a friend to motivate me when I don’t feel like working out.
Sunday we got together for our weekly walk, and then she helped me dye my hair. I went a shade darker than last time. What do you think? Don’t mind the fact that it’s a complete mess today. Just look at the color!  I love how they put so many vitamins for hair in the dyes now. My hair feels all soft and smooth. I was glad she was there to help me with it, because I am seriously clumsy and girl challenged. I would have gotten hair dye all over my face, I just know it!

We’re going to the gym again tonight, and I’m hoping to get on a regular workout schedule. Match is good about going with me, but it’s nice to have someone that does all of the same exercises as me. Match goes off and does his weights, but I need a cardio buddy! Plus the time flies when you work out with a friend. I love that Outdoor Girl actually works hard when we work out too, unlike Drama Chick who would want to do 20 minutes of easy bike pedaling and then call it a day! What about you all? Do you prefer to work out with a buddy or solo?