Taking Off the Rose Colored Glasses

Lily: I could totally let you down. Has that thought not occurred to you?
Marshall: Not even for one second. Not having a baby would suck, but the idea of you letting me down, that’s impossible.-How I Met Your Mother

My good bloggy friend IA recently wrote a post about how so many of us bloggers need to remember to get real in our posts and to take off the rose colored glasses. You guys know that normally I tell it like it is on this blog, aka my diary. But lately I’ve definitely been guilty of having the rose colored glasses. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m unbelievably happy about the new house, and everything is going fine with me and Match.

But there has been something weighing on my mind for months now, and I haven’t come clean about it with you all. Now that we’re all settled in our home it’s become harder to avoid the subject too, especially among family. At our housewarming, when we’d give the tours of the house, all anyone would say was, “So when are you going to fill this house with BABIES?” It’s a harmless question, and perfectly natural to ask two happily married people who just moved into a 4 bedroom house.

But it’s not such a harmless question to two people who have wanted little else for the past few months. Make that a whopping nine months. It was 9  months ago that on the ride home from Easter Sunday with the in-laws that Match jokingly said, “I wanna put a baby in you.” To which I laughed, oh yeah, and what if I said yes? To which he said, “No really, I’m dead serious.” That’s when we sat down and talked about starting our family.

We were so naive. We were that couple that thought it would be a first time’s a charm type of thing. I hated (still do) the word “Trying” when talking about pregnancy. I hate the idea of having to work towards something that should be so natural and easy. At first I lied to myself and said it was fine. That even though I’ve been off the pill since ’09 and Match and I have been less than careful well before “trying” that it didn’t mean anything. That we needed for Match to graduate from academy, and we still had so much to do. But then each month after that would go by and the ache in my chest would get a little bigger. I have always been a swallow my emotions and tough it up kind of person. Then we started house hunting and I focused all of my energy on that instead. Then we kept getting outbid on every house we put an offer on. Once again it felt like we were constantly getting our hopes up, only to be disappointed in the end.

It doesn’t help that everywhere I look it seems like someone else is announcing a pregnancy. I think we’re just getting to that age in our lives where it’s the natural progression. The holidays don’t help. Everywhere I go I’m reminded of children.

I will never forget the day Match broke down in tears of frustration one particularly rough evening, after yet another no came from the Realtor, and another month of “symptoms” from me turned out to all be in our my head. “I can’t give you a house, I can’t give you a baby. I feel like a failure.” I think I died a little inside that day.

But now we’re halfway there. We finally got the house. We’ve settled in, and we’re ready. We’ve even picked out the room for baby.

The rocking chair is in place; all the baby books we’ve collected over the years to read to our little one are under the window seat. I have a hard time going into that room because it’s too painful for me.

If you’re reading this and you have advice, I ask you to read the following article from thebump.com before giving it, especially if you’ve never struggled with trying to get pregnant. I have been guilty of saying many things on this list, and now that I’m in their shoes, I can’t tell you how much I wish I could take back what I’ve said.

I’m not writing this to get sympathy comments. I know so many people out there have had far harder and longer infertility struggles. But I’m just putting it out there because I need to get this off my chest. I need to be able to look back on this blog and read this to my future children. To show them just how much they were wanted. How their mommy and daddy would give anything to have their laughter fill up our home.


Talk to Us Tuesday-DIY: A Lil Spray Paint and a Lot of Love

Lorelai: Maybe they spray painted the grass when they spray painted the trees because there’s autumnal foilage and then there’s autumnal foilage. It’s over the top people!
Christopher:Do you think they piped in this crisp fall smell? –Gilmore Girls

With the lovely bloggers: Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

I wanted to post a few before and after shots of some work I did on our house. First up are the light fixtures we swapped out above the garage. We got the replacements for $20 each, and they are so pretty.

We were going to hold off on replacing the porch light, which was bigger, and the matching fixture was $70, which seemed pretty high. So I decided that I would see what a can of 99 cent spray paint would do.

I think it made a world of difference, and you can’t beat that price. I also painted our doorbell to match, because it was an ugly cream color. Eventually we’ll replace the light, but I think this works just fine for now.

Then I got the idea to paint our fireplace doors. I had to get a special high heat paint made for fireplaces, but it was still only around 6 bucks. The smell was terrible, and I’m pretty sure  I killed a few brain cells, but I love how it turned out.

Eventually I plan to repaint the bricks white, but I want to wait until we decide on a wall color. I’m thinking either a dark earthy red or a mocha brown. I’m leaning more towards the brown. I think it will make the lcd dlp projector

tv blend in better.

Here are a few pictures of what we’ve done to some of the other rooms in the house. It’s so nice to feel settled in.

The guest room aka Impulsive Addict’s room.

family room

formal living room/dining room

There are still quite a few projects we want to do, but I’m amazed at all that we’ve managed to do in under two weeks. I knew I would love owning a home, but this has been better than anything I could have hoped for.

Talk to Us Tuesday-Mr. & Mrs. Fixit

Charlie: Alan, you know the difference between you and me?
[Charlie falls through the deck]
Alan: Yeah! I wouldn’t fire the handyman before he finishes! –Two and a Half Men

With the ever fabulous duo: Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

So Tuesday passed me by, but since there are no rules, I’m writing up my TTUT on a Wednesday. Cause I CAN.

I haven’t had much computer time lately and I’m missing it and all of you! I’ve been so busy cleaning up and getting our house live-able, and also dealing with a few issues with the home. As you homeowners can attest to, the unexpected crop up when you buy a home.

The first was the guest bathroom toilet. Match flushed it and noticed the water had been turned off. When he turned it on, the tank kept filling…and filling. Luckily we turned it off before we had a flooding incident. So we spent his first day off elbow deep in the toilet tank. There was a plier fiasco, and I was the one who ended up getting the broken toilet float out of the tank. Hurray for small fingers! We high fived after surviving our first home improvement project together. Oh and notice he was using my tools. 🙂

The second, more significant issue that came up was when my beautiful washer and dryer were delivered to the house on Wednesday. Did I mention I scored these lovelies?

Got them for a black Friday deal, $1000 off regular price! I couldn’t wait to use them.

Unfortunately, the dryer’s electrical outlet didn’t work. When we checked the circuit breaker box, we discovered the dryer breaker was actually missing. So we waited on an electrician to come out and fix it which didn’t happen until Sunday. I was in desperate need of clothes. I was down to one tank with a cupless shelf bra grubby jeans. Not pretty! By the way it works beautifully. If anyone is in need of a new washer or dryer I highly recommend LG. They are amazing!

The other big fix it project we worked on was in that same guest bathroom. There used to be hideous shower doors that were covered in a layer of dirt. I hate shower doors, so we ripped them out.

Yes I have plumber’s crack. Now I’m a true handy girl! 😉

Here’s what it looked like the next day, after I’d painstakingly chipped away all the old caulking and grime and re-caulked the tub.

IA, your bathroom is all fixed up. You can come visit now!

Friday Daydreamin’-Sweet Dreams

Phoebe: I’m not sure about buying a mattress from Janice’s ex-husband. It’s like cheating on Chandler.
Monica: Not at these prices! –Friends

When I was little, I used to daydream about what my house would look like. I’d dress up in my mother’s dresses and wear my mother’s ring and play house. I used to daydream about my bedroom especially. I always wanted a sleigh bed, ever since I saw the movie The Santa Claus. Remember that kickass bed Scott Calvin falls asleep on?

As I got older I figured one day I would get a sleigh bed, but I thought it would take years of saving up to afford it. Well as luck would have it, our new town is not only an amazing place to live, but apparently their prices are incredible too. We went mattress shopping today and walked out with brand new pillows and free same day delivery of a top of the line mattress…and SLEIGH BED all for the price of what one mattress would normally cost.

I can’t wait to curl up on this beautiful bed tonight.

Especially next to this guy. 🙂 (He’s going to be so mad I posted this but I don’t care, it’s adorable)

Escrow Sucks

[Bart and Lisa have come up with a song to help Marge study for her realtor’s license and are singing it to Homer]
Bart, Lisa, and Marge: On the closing day, the escrow agents pay Taxes, liens and interest too, thanks to Fannie Mae
Bart: They back your bank
Homer: You’re all nuts. –The Simpsons

One of my readers once told me house hunting sucks, but house buying is wonderful. I would have to say that escrow also sucks. I had this beautiful post all written up for Friday, about how it was 11.11.11 and how it was a lucky day, and how it was so fitting that I would get the keys and close escrow on this lucky day. Well…my title company sucks the big one and even though our loan funded Thursday, in the morning, and our realtor and loan officer was sure we’d get the keys that day, we didn’t get possession of the house because title didn’t record it. Even though they had ALL DAY.  We get the keys Monday morning which is still exciting, but we could have had them yesterday. Which meant Match would have had work off and we would have had all weekend to get moved in. Instead we are stuck looking at this scene for another couple of days.

On a happier note, we decided to spring for movers. Match works all week and wouldn’t be able to help move until next week. We also seem to have a depressingly low number of friends willing to help us move. In fact only Sassy Guy said yes! And he lives the furthest away! So I said to hell with it, we’re getting movers so we can get it done on Tuesday. I think it’s worth the money, considering we’ll get a refund from our landlord for leaving early, since his daughter is moving in and is anxious to do so. Plus we don’t have to break our backs moving everything ourselves like we’ve done in the past.

I’ll be sad that Match won’t be there with me when I go pick up the keys, or the first time I walk in the home as the official owner. But he promised that when he does get there, he’s going to take me outside and then carry me over the threshold, proper married style!