Thanksgiving By the Sea

Is it seriously almost Christmas? Holy cow I am behind on my blog posts! I will do a quick recap of Thanksgiving, and then it’s on to the holiday posts!

We made the 4 hour trek down to my Mom and Pops’ house for Thanksgiving, even though we’re also visiting for Christmas. My brother, his girlfriend, and their kids will be there for Christmas, as well as my inlaws! It’s going to make for a very busy holiday. So we decided we wanted a visit where we got my parents to ourselves, and time for Piglet to get some one on one time with his grandparents.

It was such a quiet and relaxing stay. I love that we always get a date night whenever we visit, guaranteed. It felt great to get out of the house again with Match! I always fall a little more in love with him when we get those moments together.walksdatenight

Piglet had a blast on the farm.



We visited with the goats, and went riding on the four wheeler. Don’t let his little serious face fool you. He LOVED riding the four wheeler with PopPop.


I even managed to bribe my parents into taking some great family photos with us. Usually they whine and complain about it, but this time they were game. I set up the tripod and somehow we even got Piglet to smile for the camera without anyone on the other side making funny faces!


This one is going on our Christmas card. I adore this picture of us. I can’t believe how big our little boy is getting!

DSC_0751 (2)

We also caught up with MissPhD and her fiance (yay! that’s right she’s engaged! Oh, and she met him on Match, just like us!) We hadn’t met her fiance before, and we instantly liked him. We’re so excited for MissPhD finally getting her happy ending.


The day before we left, we made a trip over to the train museum. Piglet loved getting to check out all the choo-choos.


Our visit would not have been complete without a trip to the beach. Piglet loved playing in the sand.


It was a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and I’m so thankful that we live close enough to make the drive for a long weekend. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

Flag Football with the Fam

This past Saturday, Match, Piglet and I went to see my nephew play football. It is hard to believe that he’s old enough for the full contact sport. I snapped this shot of his team on the field, but inappropriate pants lady really steals the photo doesn’t she? What on earth made her think that was appropriate for a kid’s football game?

inappropriate pants lady

Piglet also stole the show with his impromptu dance party in the bleachers. I’ve never seen him dance that way, and it was simultaneously hilarious and embarrassing. I guess it’s time for me to stop my zumba dancing in front of him!


After the game, Piglet had to give his cousin a hug. He didn’t want to let go. It was the sweetest thing.


Then we headed back to my brother’s house for some flag football. It was so cute watching all the kid’s play-especially Match, the biggest kid of them all.




I love football season, and I love living close to my family! I had a blast playing with the kids, even though Match was very liberal with the no tackling rule. I’m still sore! When’s the last time you played football?

Date Night Out and My Parents Visit

Labor day weekend my parents finally made the 4 hour drive to visit. Have I mentioned that even though we have lived here since December, they still hadn’t visited?! I’m glad they were finally able to make it work.



Piglet was so excited to have his Gamma and PopPop here. He did a lot of showing off, and was loving the grandparent time.


Match and I took advantage and finally had a date night! First one since Christmas! I wish I could say we lived it up and had a wild night, but we’re lame. We did go out to a nice dinner, followed by the most incredible dessert at a new restaurant in town. We came home and took Monkey on a long night walk; something we can never do without a sitter. It was nice being able to check out the stars and just be together. Sometimes in the chaos and excitement of raising a toddler, it’s easy to forget about our spouse, and find that time to enjoy each other’s company. I’m looking forward to our next date night!


Here we are getting ready to leave. Piglet kept asking if he could go on the date too.




Sunday my brother and his new girlfriend joined us for a family dinner. He surprised us all by bringing my niece and nephew. We didn’t think he’d get to have the kids for the weekend, but his ex let him. Piglet was so happy, and my mom was practically in tears.


She finally had us all under one roof! We got the chance to get to know my brother’s girlfriend better, and I have to say she’s pretty cool. I hope this one works out for him. My brother is a great guy and he deserves a nice woman in his life.


Piglet had so much fun playing with his cousins. They ran around the yard playing lacrosse and entertaining each other. Have I mentioned how much I love having them so close by? Just an hour instead of 10 from each other now!


It was a great weekend and it went by way too quickly. I can’t wait for the next family get together. Hopefully this Christmas, if not sooner. How did you spend your labor day weekend?

My Baby Cousin’s Graduation

I am the second oldest cousin on my mom’s side of the family, with my brother being the eldest. Including the two of us, there are 9 of us in our generation. A couple weekends ago, my baby cousin graduated high school, and we had the perfect excuse for a mini family reunion. It’s hard to believe that he’s old enough to be a graduate! I still think of him as Piglet’s age. I know we’re not supposed to have favorites, but he is mine. He’s always been the sweetest kid, and family means the world to him.


I’m so excited that he’s going to PSU in the fall. We are just a short drive away, and I’ve already promised him home cooked meals in exchange for babysitting. He is so good with Piglet, and Piglet thinks he’s the greatest.


Piglet had the time of his life at my Auntie and Uncle’s house. My Uncle is my mom’s youngest brother, and also my favorite. His wife is one of those awesome aunts who plays with kids, throwing water balloons and blowing bubbles the whole time.


When my brother and I were kids, we’d get to make special trips to come stay with them for weekends. They always made a special effort to be at our games, and all the important events in our lives. I remember when I was a teenager, telling my Aunt that I wanted a marriage like the one they had, full of love and laughter. I’m happy to say that I have that now!


My brother got all teary eyed while toasting to Baby Cuz, telling him that his parents were amazing people, and that is one of the reasons he turned out so great, and that we all owe a lot to them.


The only bummer of the weekend was that Match got a little bit of sun poisoning, and couldn’t stay out with us that night. My parents had offered to babysit, but he was feeling sick, so he stayed behind at the house rental with Piglet, and told me to go out with my family and have fun. It was such a great time, and I just wish Match could have been a part of it. I appreciated that he didn’t mind me still going, and I got some much needed quality time with my family. We were also able to snap this family photo of me and my brother and our parents. I think the last time we had a picture of the four of us was my brother’s high school graduation!


We had an awesome time together, and I just wished we could have stayed one more day. We all promised to get together more, and I really hope we get to do that. Piglet is so much like Baby Cuz, in that family makes him so happy, and I don’t want him to ever lose that. Now that we’re all in the same state, hopefully we make a better effort to get together more.

The Goodbyes

Guys, I finally have internet. I have been without it since we moved in on the 10th. It was finally installed two days ago, and I’m just a tad behind. I’ve missed catching up with you all, and I intend to read and catch up with everyone soon!

I will be posting about the new place, and Christmas, but first I need to post about the goodbyes. We had a great last play date with my younger brothers and their kids. We met up at Scandia and played in the tunnels. Piglet actually learned the word tunnel that day, and wouldn’t stop saying it. He also learned “ball pit” and now every time he sees more than a few balls together at once, he screams “ball pit!” at the top of his lungs.



I can’t think of a better way for these boys to say goodbye than one last rough housing/wrestling/wiggly good time. I am going to miss those boys so much. My youngest brother also stopped by for a visit, and I got the chance to meet and get to know his girlfriend and her two kiddos too. Guess what, more boys! They were sweeties, and all the boys had a blast playing together. My youngest brother actually lives in Oregon, just about two hours from where we moved. My older brother is only 40 minutes away, and the second youngest is the one who lives in California. He’s actually job hunting in Oregon, so there’s a big possibility that we’ll all finally live in the same state for once. I really hope they move here. Piglet loves hanging out with his cousins, and I know we’re really going to miss them.


We also had to say our hardest goodbye, which was to my best friend Geeky and her husband. We met them for lunch and they got to spend some quality time with Piglet before leaving.


I did my best not to fall apart, and the tears didn’t start til we were actually leaving. It’s so bittersweet-I am so happy about the move, but I wish there was a way to be in two places at once.


Geeky is pregnant, and I’m over the moon excited for her. I want to be there for every step of her adventure, like she was for me. It won’t be the same long distance, but I’m going to do my best. She is going to be such an amazing mom, and I am so happy she’s finally getting her baby. I’m not going to share her story with you, I will just say that it has been a long time coming, and I couldn’t be happier for her. I just wish I could be by her side to watch her belly grow. Thank god for skype! Miss you already bestie!