My First Turkey

Happy belated Thanksgiving! It was a crazy, busy holiday, as they always are. This year we hosted at our new home. This seems to be our pattern-we buy a house, and then we host Thanksgiving. I love hosting! Here’s me and my cousin’s girlfriend, all cheerful in the kitchen.


We invited my cousins, aunt, uncle, brother and his fiancee over for the holiday. My aunt was going to cook the turkey. At the last minute, my uncle came down with the flu so they had to stay home. She sent the turkey along with my cousin, and said I could do it. I was nervous but kind of excited about it! I asked my brother’s fiancee if she would help me with the turkey, since it was my first.  I never heard back from her, and since she’s a flake, I went ahead and made the turkey according to some advice from another friend who was there. I didn’t think anything of it, and when they strolled in just a few hours before dinner, she went off on me for not letting her make the turkey. In my home. Where I was hosting Thanksgiving. It was crazy weird.

I said I was very sorry for the misunderstanding, and that I never asked for her to cook it, just to help, and that she was welcome to sit back and relax. Mind you, they were the last ones there, so by no means were they early. Apparently, in her world, they were “hours” too early, and she proceeded to pout. Like a teenage girl. She sulked in a chair, not talking to anyone, except to grunt hello, and then kept disappearing into another room. It was super awkward.

They left early, after she made rude remarks to me, after I profusely thanked her for the side dishes she brought. She didn’t once thank me for hosting, for opening my home to her. Everyone was pretty horrified that this new person to the family would be such a raging bitch. I even took my brother aside and asked him if he could talk to her, and get her to lighten up. He jumped to her defense, and the next day, even told me I owed her an apology. I’m like, um…pretty sure she owed all of us an apology for being super rude.

The minute she left, we all breathed a collected sigh of relief, and managed to have a fun evening of playing cards against humanity.


I’m so sad about the silly, needless drama with my future sister-in-law. I have serious doubts about her as a person, (there are so many other issues, drug abuse being high on the list, which explains her irrational anger) but I’m mostly disappointed in my brother, that he would allow this person to come into my house and treat me like garbage, especially over a misunderstanding. I was nothing but nice to her, and apparently that wasn’t enough. I guess it wouldn’t be a holiday event without some sort of drama.

But it was still a nice holiday, and I’m so thankful for everything we have. The visit with my cousins was amazing, and I’m so glad to be getting to know them as adults. Our friends C&M came over too, and I love how close we’ve gotten to them. They were comic relief for me while dealing with the brother’s fiancee drama. C dubbed her “turkey penis” and now it’s our inside joke.


But most of all I’m thankful for my boys, and this lovely life we’ve made together. Piglet told us about his thankful tree that they made at daycare. I asked him what he was thankful for, and he said, “I’m thankful for you and daddy. ” I love that sweet boy!


Piglet’s Adventure Weekend

Saturday was the first Saturday Match has had off in awhile. It was also the kickoff to my summer vacation. We decided to celebrate by surprising Piglet was a special day at the Oregon Railroad Heritage Museum. He was so excited!


We took a ride on a classic diesel engine. I’m still amazed that the ride only cost $5 and it was over 30 minutes long. It was so relaxing, and we had a great view of the waterfront.



After our day at the museum, we had a fun filled evening at our new friend’s home. They are an awesome couple with three rambunctious toddlers. I nicknamed their house Neverland, because it’s pretty much boy heaven.


It was almost like being with quadruplets, because the boys are all pretty close in age. Two are twins, then the other boy is just 2 weeks younger. They’re all about 6 months younger than Piglet, but because he’s petite, he looks their age. They had so much fun bbqing, roasting smores, and playing in the backyard tent. See what I mean by Neverland?


Sunday we did some chores around the house, but we still had fun playing. Then the 4th of July we had a low-key day. We spent the morning playing with his special model train, where he got to be a giant.


We played at the park, then BBQed in the afternoon, and our little nudist enjoyed some pool time. It was the perfect end to his adventure weekend.


10 Things to Smile About-March ’15

  1. My hubby getting a new job-as a woodworker, and bringing me home scrap wood. Oh the projects we will do!

2. Dinner at Fliz’s house, where Piglet decided to go full on naked baby.


3. Special time with this boy


4. Enjoying a week off from work and getting extra time at home. Yay for spring break!

5. Our home loan getting conditionally approved!! We move in next month. I am SO.EXCITED!

6. Celebrating my nephew’s 10th birthday


7. A spontaneous visit from my favorite Auntie and Uncle



8. A visit from my all grown up cousin and her BF


9. Trip to the zoo with the in-laws & Piglet


10. Easter egg hunt at the local college. I’ve never seen eggs disappear so fast!





Sibling Road Trip

This past weekend I piled into my car with two of my brothers and headed down to California for my Granny’s memorial service.


It was such an emotional weekend, full of tears, reminiscing, and bonding with my extended family. It was also the first time I’ve ever spent more than an evening away from Piglet. It was 3 long nights, and I missed him and Match terribly. I was grateful for the time with my family, and grateful that I was able to make the trip.


My Granny was such a beautiful woman, inside and out. She did so much for so many people, and she left behind an incredible legacy.


The silver lining of the trip was getting to see Geeky and her sweet baby. I missed her so very much.


It was so cathartic catching up with family, and we made tentative plans for a reunion. Geeky baby is turning one this summer, and I hope to make another trip this summer, this time with Piglet and Match.

My reunion with my boys was pretty epic. Piglet ran around in circles, practically exploding with energy. I love that little boy, and I don’t plan on spending that much time apart for a very long time.


Christmas Break Recap

Where to begin? Christmas break was such a busy time, and the 2 weeks flew by. It was a whirlwind of visiting families, and then Piglet and I having adventures before I had to go back to work.

We spent Christmas in my home town once again. My in-laws made the trip up north and rented a house on the beach, so we had both sets of parents to visit. It was nice, but I also felt completely split between the two houses. It was hard on Piglet too, who just wanted to play with his cousins the whole time. Part of me wonders if it would have been easier to just visit one family at a time. I also dealt with some frustrations with the SIL and MIL, but that’s to be expected during any family visit isn’t it? Still, it was nice to see all of the family, and for Piglet to have time with two sets of his grandparents.


The visit ended on a bad note when Match’s parents’ dog was hit by a car. Luckily he pulled through, but it was pretty touch and go for awhile. We are so grateful he’s going to make it.


The week after Christmas, Piglet and I went on an adventure in Portland. We got to ride the max with Old Married Wife, and we visited Old Married Hubby at his work as a Cider Master.


We also went on a hike in Portland’s nature preserve with Fliz, her mom, and her nephew. Piglet had such a blast running along the path with his buddy.


New Year’s Eve brought more sadness to my family. My Granny, who has been struggling with Parkinson’s, passed away on New Year’s Eve, just before the New Year. I am glad she is no longer suffering, but my heart is sad that she’s no longer with us.