Historic Jacksonville and Quality Family Time

If I have learned anything from my Sims family: When a child doesn’t see his father enough he starts to jump up and down, then his mood level will drop until he pees himself. -Liz, 30 Rock

It was so hard to come home from vacation. I felt like I needed another week to visit with my family. Some of my aunts and uncles I saw a year ago, and some I hadn’t seen in almost two. As always, Match fit right in, and it was as if he’d been one of us all along.

Our cottage was amazing. It was exactly like the picture, and the patio was beautiful.

We wished we had one day just the two of us to actually enjoy relaxing out there. Continue reading Historic Jacksonville and Quality Family Time

The Broom Ceremony

Listen to what the world is telling you and take the leap. -Lily, How I Met Your Mother

The last night of our vacation, my family was gathered around in my Uncle’s backyard at the outdoor fire. Everyone was laughing and talking and you could feel the love and family togetherness. This was the perfect moment for my mom to announce that she had a surprise for me and Match.

She gave us a package and inside was a broom. She then read a little history of the wedding custom of “jumping the broom“. She said she’s read about it before and it’s always touched her. So right then and there, with my whole mother’s side of the family there to witness, Match and I jumped the broom.

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Road Trip and a Much Needed Getaway

[Ted’s prepared to embark on the road trip to Gazola’s with Marshall]
Ted: I am ready to hit the road. I got baby wipes, I got a ridie of jerky, and I’ve got [puts bag on chair] six cans of Tantrum. Well, four – the one burned through the can and the other one I drank already. RAAAH [rips throw pillow apart and tosses it away]…TANTRUM!    –How I Met Your Mother

Match and I are hitting the road tonight! We’re driving 6.5 hours to Oregon to see one of my cousins graduate from high school. It also happens to be our 2 year anniversary on Saturday so I sprung for a cottage for us to stay in tomorrow and Saturday night. We’ll squeeze in a romantic getaway in between the family visiting. We’re packing a nice bottle of bubbly, some wine, and I think I may pack some lingerie to wear.  Match and I haven’t been able to spend very much time together these past few months, and I’m so excited we’re able to get away together this weekend.

Check out this photo of the cottage I found us. I hope the real deal lives up to the picture!

Tonight we’re going to drive up halfway and stay somewhere cheap. That way we can get the most out of our short weekend getaway. My OCDness is having a rough time with the whole “winging it” thing and not having every leg of the trip planned out. I am attempting to unwind and not be all, well, ME about the trip. I may even turn off my phone and not go online. I may.

Re-building a Relationship with my Father

I always said I was too busy. It’s all very “Cat’s in the Cradle.” I don’t want to get into it. -Chandler, Friends

First I just want to thank you all for the heartfelt comments. I know I haven’t told you all the entire story of my father and the drama with my step mom (here’s a little backstory if you’re interested), but from your comments I can tell you all know where I’m coming from. I want you all to know how much it means to me that I have your support. It means so much! Last night’s dinner actually went far better than I expected. Continue reading Re-building a Relationship with my Father

Changing the Wedding Date

Nate: Okay, so our wedding date would be when we met, so that makes us married for…

In unison

Sophie: Ten years.
Nate: Eight years.
Sophie: You don’t remember when we met?
Nate: Of course I do. I was just rounding.
Sophie: By subtracting two years? –Leverage

So we did the etiquette unthinkable. We changed the date after the save the dates were sent out. UGH. But I’m so glad we did. We decided to just go ahead and change it so we wouldn’t have to stress and wonder if Match got the job or not. I was even able to keep all my deposits because my venue, dj, and photographer all agreed to the new date. So now instead of having six months for til the wedding, we’ve bumped the date to September 3rd, which is less than 5 months away, EEPP!! Continue reading Changing the Wedding Date