Easter 2018

My parents came to visit for the weekend! It was a short and sweet visit filled with an Easter egg hunt at my brother’s house and dinner out with just us.

Piglet was so cute chasing for eggs! I love the pure excitement on his face.


My niece and nephew are so good about playing with him. They made sure to share their eggs too.

Happy Easter, happy spring! Bring on the nice weather!

Thanksgiving by the Sea, ’17

We had a lovely Thanksgiving on the coast, in my hometown, at my childhood home. It was drama-free and relaxing. We celebrated with just my parents, Match and our little Piglet.

We went for walks on the farm

Match, my Pops and I got to do some target shooting

We also went to Shore Acres to once again see the Christmas lights. Some of you may remember this is where Match proposed, so it’s a very special place for us. I loved watching Piglet’s face when he looked at all the lights!

That night we went out for a little date night. We met up with some old friends of mine from high school. It was a nice little weekend on the coast.

I’m so thankful for our life up here in Oregon. I’m thankful that Match has a job he loves, and that I do as well. I’m thankful that Piglet is thriving with his daycare, and I’m so thankful it’s walking distance from my work. I’m thankful for our little house, and our family, and friends that have become our family. I’m also thankful for you, my readers, even though I don’t blog like I used to. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Santa Rosa Fires

Some of my long-time readers (are any of you still out there?) may know that I used to live in Northern California. My dad’s side of the family is from there,  I was born there, and it’s where I spent my college years and beyond. Match was born and raised there, and the majority of his family still lives there and the surrounding area. It’s where Match and I met, and where we fell in love. It’s where we were married.

And now it’s being ravaged by fires. The fires are so heartbreaking, and so close to our former and home away from home. Match’s aunt and uncle lost their beautiful home on the hill. The home where we had so many family gatherings and played bocce. It was a home his uncle helped to design, and they had put their heart and soul into it, as we all do with our homes.

Match’s parents were lucky enough to keep their home, losing only their shed, but their entire neighborhood was destroyed, except one other home behind theirs. It was far too close for comfort, and we were so grateful they were visiting all of us up here in Oregon when the fires started.

My great aunt and uncle also lost their home of over 20+ years. It is so devastating for them, as I know they didn’t have much. Thank god they were safe.

And then there is Couple Family. Some of my readers may remember Couple Wife, my dear friend who helped me so many times, and has always been a wonderful friend. Her husband grew up with Match and they’ve known each other their whole lives. They lost their home and everything in it, including their beloved family kitten. They barely made it out before the fire struck their home, and my heart aches for their loss. This is all that is left of their home.

All of our family and friends are alive, and for that we are so, so grateful. I know everything else is just things, or just a place, but so many memories were made there. I’m praying the fires stop soon, and our loved ones can start the healing process. All of our displaced family and friends who had to evacuate will get to go home, and the ones who lost so much can start to rebuild. It will take years before things will look remotely the same.

Things like this make you hold your family closer, and be grateful for all that we have. It has made us come up with a plan in case of emergency, and a list of the irreplaceable things we would take with us if we had minutes to get out.

Thinking of all those affected by this fire. We love you, Sonoma County, and I hope this nightmare is over soon.

Goodbye My Furbaby

Today we said goodbye to our furbaby, Oscar, or as I called him on the blog, Monkey. I had him for fourteen long years, all through college, through my awkward dating years, and finally when I met the love of my life.

He was a crazy, sometimes pain in the butt, too smart for his own good, kind, silly, and wonderful doggie. I will never forget how he comforted us when we were grieving for Roo, how he let me sob into his fur. Or how he made me feel safe all those nights when Match worked as a cop, and kept the loneliness at bay.

He was always so good with Piglet, always standing guard over him, never snapping or growling as I feared he might with a new baby.  He wanted nothing more than a treat and a pat on the head. I know he’s out there running on that great big farm in the sky.

Good boy, Oski. We love you.

My First Turkey

Happy belated Thanksgiving! It was a crazy, busy holiday, as they always are. This year we hosted at our new home. This seems to be our pattern-we buy a house, and then we host Thanksgiving. I love hosting! Here’s me and my cousin’s girlfriend, all cheerful in the kitchen.


We invited my cousins, aunt, uncle, brother and his fiancee over for the holiday. My aunt was going to cook the turkey. At the last minute, my uncle came down with the flu so they had to stay home. She sent the turkey along with my cousin, and said I could do it. I was nervous but kind of excited about it! I asked my brother’s fiancee if she would help me with the turkey, since it was my first.  I never heard back from her, and since she’s a flake, I went ahead and made the turkey according to some advice from another friend who was there. I didn’t think anything of it, and when they strolled in just a few hours before dinner, she went off on me for not letting her make the turkey. In my home. Where I was hosting Thanksgiving. It was crazy weird.

I said I was very sorry for the misunderstanding, and that I never asked for her to cook it, just to help, and that she was welcome to sit back and relax. Mind you, they were the last ones there, so by no means were they early. Apparently, in her world, they were “hours” too early, and she proceeded to pout. The.entire.day. Like a teenage girl. She sulked in a chair, not talking to anyone, except to grunt hello, and then kept disappearing into another room. It was super awkward.

They left early, after she made rude remarks to me, after I profusely thanked her for the side dishes she brought. She didn’t once thank me for hosting, for opening my home to her. Everyone was pretty horrified that this new person to the family would be such a raging bitch. I even took my brother aside and asked him if he could talk to her, and get her to lighten up. He jumped to her defense, and the next day, even told me I owed her an apology. I’m like, um…pretty sure she owed all of us an apology for being super rude.

The minute she left, we all breathed a collected sigh of relief, and managed to have a fun evening of playing cards against humanity.


I’m so sad about the silly, needless drama with my future sister-in-law. I have serious doubts about her as a person, (there are so many other issues, drug abuse being high on the list, which explains her irrational anger) but I’m mostly disappointed in my brother, that he would allow this person to come into my house and treat me like garbage, especially over a misunderstanding. I was nothing but nice to her, and apparently that wasn’t enough. I guess it wouldn’t be a holiday event without some sort of drama.

But it was still a nice holiday, and I’m so thankful for everything we have. The visit with my cousins was amazing, and I’m so glad to be getting to know them as adults. Our friends C&M came over too, and I love how close we’ve gotten to them. They were comic relief for me while dealing with the brother’s fiancee drama. C dubbed her “turkey penis” and now it’s our inside joke.


But most of all I’m thankful for my boys, and this lovely life we’ve made together. Piglet told us about his thankful tree that they made at daycare. I asked him what he was thankful for, and he said, “I’m thankful for you and daddy. ” I love that sweet boy!