Pity Party and the Flakey Hens

Mac: Veronica?
Veronica: I’m fine.
Mac: I know. We know. But it’s okay if you’re not.
Veronica: I’m fine. Seriously. I just told the two of you because I thought you should know. I’m not looking for a pity party.
Wallace: That’s good, ’cause I always get stuck blowing up the pity balloons. –Veronica Mars

I woke up yesterday morning and I had a voice message from Monica. For some reason I just had a feeling it would be bad news. Sure enough it turns out that she wasn’t feeling well and had to cancel the hen party for that night. I’m just so sad because I just talked to her the previous day and she said we were on. That was before I’d gone to the store and bought a bunch of snack foods and dinner. Before I’d made cupcakes and decorated my house. Before I’d hand painted the hen party sign and put all that time and effort into it. What a waste.

I know it’s not her fault that she got sick. I know how stressful planning a wedding can be and she definitely needs her rest. We’ll get to celebrate plenty next week. I’m more disappointed and frustrated with Tahoe Girl, who was also supposed to come over. When she found out that Monica was sick, she flaked on me too! I called her up and asked if I could bring my cupcakes to her place in SF and maybe we could go out on our own. Instead she said she was going to head home for an early father’s day visit with her parents. I had the feeling that I was just being blown off and I won’t lie, it stung a bit.

I’m also sad because I don’t have close friends around here that I could call up and have come over to celebrate with me anyways. If we were still living in our old place, I could have called a few friends over to help me eat the cupcakes and maybe go out dancing.

On a good note I’m getting some much needed R&R time. The relaxing time would be a whole lot better if Match were home to snuggle up on the couch with me. I am getting some house work done and watching the Prince and Me on TV, with a glass of wine. It’s definitely not a bad night, just a bit lonely.

I sometimes wish you, my bloggy friends lived closer. How much fun would it have been to get together, pig out on penis cupcakes and wine and then go out for a night of silliness? I’m officially ready to go to my first bloggy meet up. Name the time and place girls. I’m there!

Speaking of bloggy friends, I wrote a guest post for the lovely Miss E over at Adventures of Starting Over. It’s about my wedding day jitters and hopefully you’ll get a laugh out of it.

Friday Confessional- 10 Year Reunion & a Hen Party

Lawyer: Now Charles, your Uncle Jack Bass is your closest living relative and, as such, has been named as your legal guardian. Are you comfortable with this?
Chuck: (to Jack) Curfew?
Jack: None.
Chuck: Girls sleeping over?
Jack: Yes, please.
Chuck: I’ll allow it. –Gossip Girl


I confess…

That I still haven’t written my post on my 10 year reunion. So much has happened this week and I haven’t been near a real computer or had much time. Plus I’ve been exhausted. This has been one busy summer! Here are just a few confessions from my weekend blast from the past.

I confess…

That I didn’t expect much from my reunion and was pleasantly surprised. We had so much fun hanging out and I forgot just how great our class of 2001 really was. There were no cliques and everyone mingled with everyone.

I confess…

That I may have inappropriately yelled out that one of our old classmates had gotten “REALLY HOT!”. I then went on to say that I was a married woman so it was completely ok to say. I wasn’t even drunk that night!

I confess…

That my parents accidentally locked me out of the house on Friday. I did come home at 3am so maybe they were saying I’d broken curfew? 😉

I confess…

That while at the bonfire I kept it classy with a styrofoam cup full of champagne, which I delightfully kept calling champag-nay. In a hick accent. Repeatedly.

I confess…

That there were no bathrooms at this bonfire and I was worried I would pee on my leg, but I squatted like a champ. I did seem to find the need to tell everyone at the bonfire how great I was at squatting like a champ.

I confess…

That I’m probably still not going to get around to blogging about the rest of my epic reunion until next week since I’m currently decorating for Monica’s Hen Party. I’m hosting it and I’m so excited. I’ve already baked up cupcakes and decorated them with little penises. The hen party sign has been painted.

The audio and video cables have been hooked up to the laptop which will be playing an embarrassing photo slideshow of the bride to be when she walks through the door. The banners have been hung and I have signed us up for the dance club’s guest list. Taxi number is preprogrammed into my phone. We are ready!

Token Gay Couples Wedding and Winning

I just danced with a wonderfully large woman. And three other girls made eyes at me over the buffet. Oh, I’m not saying it’s something I wanna pursue, but it’s nice to know I have options. -Mrs. Green, Friends

Saturday was the long awaited wedding of our good friend Token Gay Couple. Some may not agree with a gay wedding, but I’m a firm believer that everyone should be allowed to be happy, and to know TGC is to know these two were meant for each other.

We got ready in the morning, said a rushed goodbye to Match’s parents, then headed over to Tahoe Girl’s parent’s house to finish getting ready with the rest of the group. We were laughing because it was like prom all over again. The girls were all crammed into the bathroom primping while the boys sat around in the living room watching sports.

The minute I got there I made a beeline to the room where Monica was getting ready. I hadn’t seen her since New Year’s eve so we were both really excited to hang out. There were also friends from Santa Cruz that Match hadn’t seen since his college days. The girls helped makeup and hair clueless me get glamorous. We decided that almost all the girls wanted curls. It was pretty adorable that we all matched. Tomboy was in the wedding party and she, along with Token’s little sis, wore tuxes. She looked so cute!

Kind of a funny fun fact: out of our group, Token Gay Couple, the least traditional of all the couples, are the only couple so far to get married in a church. The ceremony was actually very traditional in many ways. It was sweet and simple and I cried the entire time. I rarely cry sad tears but I’m a sucker for happy moments. When Token said his vows, and the way the two gazed at each other…it was just pure love.

I like to think Match and I clean up nice. How cute is he in his purple shirt?

All the boys took this picture, without prompting from any of us girls. They took this same picture back at our wedding last year, and they announced that the butt pose is a new wedding tradition. I love it!

Then we piled into our cars and headed to the reception site. We staked out our table that was directly in front of the bar.  I made friends with the bartenders right away. I think they got a kick out of this short, loud little spitfire hustling up to them and saying we’d be bbfs by the end of the night. They remembered my fondness for chardonnay and by the end of the night each time I’d wiggle my way to the bar my drink would be waiting for me.

Token GC had over 200 guests at their wedding, and as such they couldn’t afford a fancy hall. Their reception was at the local fairgrounds hall, and all of the decorations were homemade. The colors were a little bright and the main lights brighter, but once they dimmed the lights the effect was actually rather pretty. Plus it really didn’t matter where we were, we were all together. Oh, and the food was home cooked by their families and it was absolutely delicious.

There were a few cool and unique parts to their already unique wedding. One was when two of Token Gay Couple’s friends sang “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat.

The other was the piñata they had set up outside. Luckily the rain stopped about an hour into the reception and the kids were able to play with the piñata. And no one got hurt. I was half expecting a bat to the crotch moment but everyone’s junk stayed in tact.

The couple’s first dance was to Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”. It was a perfect song for the two of them, and they were so sweet to watch.

They had the mother/groom dance, with the song “Baby Mine” from Dumbo. Again, I bawled like crazy. I mean, how can you not hear that song and not remember little dumbo being rocked by his mama through her little prison cell? Ahhhh it was such a precious moment. Everyone cried happy tears.

Then there was dancing. Oh how we danced. My guns were blazing.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding where practically every guest was on the dance floor. The DJ was fantastic and the songs had everyone moving. He played shout and the whole crowd got into it.

We danced until the wee hours of the night. Tahoe Guy said I won because in every picture I have a ridiculous smile on my face, and as the night went on, my hair got more and more wild.


I insisted that he was the real winner, because as the night went on Tahoe Guy’s pictures became crazier and crazier. That’s him in the blue, getting lowww. 

The couple also had the money dance. For those not familiar, you line up and you give the groom (bride in most cases) money to dance with them. Of course our group came up with a very creative way to give Token his money. They had coins and he became a human slot machine. Hilarity ensued!

Like I said, I believe we have a clear winner here. 🙂 ding ding ding!

Match was definitely my little good conscious on my shoulder, making me drink water and saying famous quotes like, “You’re going to regret that shot.” Which I of course did.

At the end of the night we all squished together and sang Don’t Stop Believing at the top of our lungs. We also got really touchy feely, as our group is known to do.

End of the night. Notice how everyone looks just a bit disheveled. Shirts unbuttoned, hair askew. Me with that telltale drunken grin. It was a great time. We finished off the night at Tahoe Girl’s parents house where I got even more drunk in the hot tub and played a crazy drinking game called Thumper. The last thing I remember was being curled up in the guest room at my in-laws, yelling to my MIL that “I’m INEBRIATED!” while laughing hysterically. She said, “Why yes, yes you are.”

It was my first gay wedding, and it was FABULOUS! I’m so happy for Token Gay Couple and I’m so pumped for Monica and Chandler’s wedding in just a few short weeks!

We Want to Know Wednesday-Friendship Philosophy

Robin: So if it weren’t for you, Ted and I would still be dating?
Lily: OR you would have stayed together far too long, had an incredibly bitter breakup and not even remain friends and [teary eyed, to Robin] you and I would never have become best friends.
Robin: You don’t even have to say that. [Hugs Lily] –How I Met Your Mother


I’m playing along with a little q & a in the first ever We Want to Know Wednesday. Click on the button to join in the fun!


So here we go:

1. Do you make friends easily?
I make friends in line at the grocery store. Making new friends comes really easily for me, but I guess they are more acquaintances than actual friends. It has been harder to make friends the last few years though. It was so much easier in college. At my last job I worked alone 90% of the time. Now that I’m not working it may actually be easier. Especially if I can sign up for some classes. The older I get the more I’m realizing that I don’t want just acquaintances either, I want real quality friendships, and they are harder to come by.

2. What 3 qualities are a MUST in a friend?
#1 honesty-if I can’t trust you then we can’t be friends. #2 sense of humor-if we’re hanging out and we’re not laughing something is very wrong. #3. Dedicated-I have had friendships fizzle because I felt like the only one putting in any effort. Friendships are relationships too and they can’t just be one sided.

3. What makes YOU a good friend?
I’d like to think I have all of the above qualities I mentioned. Sometimes I’m brutally honest but most people appreciate that. I am also the kind of friend who goes all out. Birthday, wedding, whatever it is. I will make the extra effort and do something special. I love making presents for my friends and spending quality time together. even if that quality time is chatting on the phone, texting or online. Just making the time you know?

4. Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life? Yes? Tell us about the meet up. No? Who would you love to meet?
No I have never met a bloggy friend in real life but I am getting braver. Remember when I used to not post my face? Now I post pictures and I even posted a video blog. I’ve come a long way people. So I wouldn’t say never. I feel closer to some of my favorite bloggers and I feel like I know you already. Meeting up would be a lot of fun, and I don’t doubt that one day I will grow girl balls and actually do it!

5. Who is your best friend? Tell us about them.
I know it’s cheesy, but Match is my best friend. When we first met we sat down together and it felt like we had known each other our whole lives. There is no one I’d rather spend time with and I love how silly we are together.

I’ve been in relationships where my partner wasn’t my best friend and that is so not the case with us. We tell each other everything. Sometimes we stay up late at night just gabbing in bed for hours. I love that about us. I mean, who wouldn’t love this guy?

I have a good number of close friends that aren’t bestows but they are great people. Couple Wife is my go to for a gossip fest. Geeky and I are getting closer too. Monica, Tomboy and Tahoe Girl are all great girls and I’m so happy that we’re friends. Old Married Wife and I have drifted, but we are still pals. PHD Girl and I have been friends since 2nd grade, and even though she’s on the East Coast I like to think we’ll always stay in touch. There are also the new friends I’ve made through Match’s job, Sassy and Good Girl. I’m hoping to make closer connections with them as time goes by.

My whole life I’ve always had an easier time being friends with guys, such as Ex Best Friend (he’s not my ex friend, just my ex, it’s a long story). I just realized we’ve been friends for almost 7 years now. There’s also Chandler, who kept me company all of those weekends when Match had to work nights and I was bored to tears. I value their friendships but I make sure Match is always #1. The older I get the more I am enjoying couple friendships rather than the one on one platonic boy/girl friendships. I think as a single person that’s fine, but I realize if you’re going to be best friends with the opposite sex, it really is best if it’s your significant other. Saves me a lot of drama and unnecessary jealousy!

I am also extremely close to my mom, even though she lives in Oregon. I don’t talk about her often on the blog but we talk at least once a week if not more. She’s the first person (besides Match) that I tell about anything exciting or newsworthy in our lives. Except any argument that I have with Match. She gave me the best advice a long time ago when it comes to relationships. “You keep your relationship to yourselves. If you come to me to vent, you’ll get over it the next day but I will hold a grudge against him because you’re my baby girl.” If there were ever any real issues of course I could tell her, but she’s so right. Plus her and my Pops love him so much they’d probably just side with him anyways. 😉 I’m lucky that we have such a close relationship. It wasn’t always perfect and we don’t do very well if we’re together for long stretches of time, but I am very lucky to have a mom that I can count as a friend.

Then there are my blog friends. There are some of you that have been loyal readers for over 3 years now. I’ve followed along with your lives and I feel like if we’ve gotten to really know each other. You’ve been with me for all the big moments, and I’ve shared some awesome milestones with you too. I am so lucky for my bloggy friends. You know who you are and I just want you to know how much I appreciate our friendship.


New Year’s Eve Letdown

BARNEY; Give it a rest, Ted.
TED; Give what a rest?
BARNEY; Trying to turn this night into anything more than what it is which is New Year’s Eve, which is the single biggest letdown of the night every single year. –How I Met Your Mother

This past NYE was the first one where Match and I had real plans. We were going to  San Francisco to spend New year’s Eve with our friends-Tahoe Couple, Monica and Chandler, Tomboy and her man, and Chandler’s brother and girlfriend. The only two missing were Token Gay Couple.

The afternoon started off great. We left pretty early to avoid the crowds and we had a fun ride over. We decided to take the train instead of driving. Taking the train to the city is so much more relaxing than the stress of driving; battling traffic and searching everywhere for a parking space. We both agreed that’s the only way we want to travel to San Francisco in the future.

When we got to Tahoe Couple’s place everyone else was already there, except Tomboy and her man who arrived shortly after us. Everyone had been drinking for quite awhile, playing Kings and Assholes. The atmosphere wasn’t all that exciting though. The energy was just lacking that fun energy it had the week before for Tahoe Girl’s birthday. It was great to visit with Monica one last time before her trip home to Scotland a few days later; but we never really got to spend a lot of time together actually talking. Instead everyone was playing drinking games and no one was really talking to each other. When we go there, we thought that we’d be going out to some of the bars and doing some sight seeing, but Tahoe Girl said every place in town was charging a cover and they were too crowded. I could tell she was disappointed too.

To make the night worse, Match was a major buzzkill. I mean, I wasn’t in the mood for a house party either, but my motto has always been to make the best out of the situation you’re in. Everyone was there to drink, so live it up, take a shot and enjoy. Instead he kind of pouted and rolled his eyes every time I took a drink. Match and I aren’t the type of couple to fight in public and I didn’t like how obviously grumpy he was being. Monica even mentioned it to me, asking what his problem was. I finally took him aside and quietly talked to him about how he was feeling. We both apologized for being rude to each other and agreed that this was not the night we wanted to have. We decided we’d leave that night instead of sleeping over and that New Year’s day we’d do something fun. Match said he was sorry, kissed my forehead and said he’d try to lighten up.

Shortly after that we all (finally) left the apartment and headed to the waterfront for the fireworks. This was what we had pictured when planning a New Year’s eve in the city. People were out laughing and celebrating. There were noisemakers and party hats everywhere. When the fireworks started, we were so close it felt like we had 3D glasses on.

They were so beautiful-it was probably one of the best fireworks shows I’ve ever seen. As the fireworks started, Match gave me my New Year’s kiss and hugged me close.

Then I noticed that Tahoe Girl was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was fine. On the walk back she said that fireworks and the national anthem make her sentimental and she always cries when they go off. I had a feeling something else was bothering her but I didn’t push the issue.

On the walk back to their apartment, icy rain started POURING down on us. It was crazy because the fireworks had just ended when the rain started. At least it didn’t rain during the show! We ran back as fast as we could and thawed out a little bit back at the apartment. We ended the night with champagne and watched a little bit of Four Christmases. Then Match and I headed back out into the cold and made the five block walk to the train station. As we were running in the cold, ducking into alcoves to escape the rain and laughing, Match said that besides the fireworks, this was the most fun he’d had all night.

We talked about Tahoe Girl and the tears, and we both wonder if her and Tahoe Guy are having some trouble. He seems to be growing out of the drinking game stuff too, and Match pointed out he had been just as grumpy all night. Hopefully Tahoe Couple are fine and she really was just emotional over the fireworks.

Match promised me that next year we’d plan something else. We agreed that if we go back to San Francisco next year, we’ll have a better plan. I think the night would have been more fun if we’d gone out to bars, even just to people watch. Being stuck in the apartment felt like a waste of our trip out there. People don’t go to the city to attend house parties and do the same old thing you’d do on any Friday night. You go for the excitement and the big city atmosphere. I am looking forward to going back to SF, and double dating with Tahoe Couple. Next time we’ll just be sure we actually leave the apartment.