TTUT-10 Things to Smile About in July

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

Today for TTUT I’m linking up for:

1. Fun times on the 4th of July and our first overnight trip with Piglet made me smile.
2. Signing with Piglet and watching him grin when we sign I Love You makes me smile
3. Monica & Chandler getting to meet our little guy, and moving just an hour away from us!

4. My aunt coming to visit from Arizona and meeting her grand nephew.
P1080648 P1080672
5. Lunch meetups with my Bestie Geeky. We met up and took Piglet for a walk and then lunch in the park. P1080644She also bought him this adorable Woody outfit while she and her husband were on a trip to New York. It’s so cute!! 

6. Piglet turning 2 months old, and growing up so healthy and strong. Taking him to the potty and the funny little looks he gets on his face when we practice EC make me smile! picture
7. Our decision to go to Oregon. I struggled with my parents and vented my frustrations here. They’ve since made more of an effort to Skype, and are really trying to connect with Piglet from a distance. Match has some vacation time in early August, and we decided that a trip to Oregon would be a welcome relief from the heat. Piglet is so little still, and he sleeps really well in the car. I’ve been taking note of  advice on traveling with littles, and I think we’ll do ok, especially if we take our time, and maybe leave in the night. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest. My parents are finally going to meet my baby! 
8. Match withdrawing his application from the dangerous city police job. We discussed it at length and ultimately it just wasn’t the right fit for our family. He has an application with the town we live in, and also one just 15 minutes away. Keep your fingers crossed he gets hired on with one of them!
9. This man makes me smile so big. Having him offer to watch Piglet so that I can go to the gym and have some mommy time today was amazing. I love that I didn’t have to ask, and that he was all about having some quality father/son time with Piglet. Have I mentioned how much I love that man? IMAG0857 IMAG0858
10.  My beautiful family-these two are my world, and I am so grateful every month, every day, every moment that I have them!P1080699

TTUT-It’s So Damn Hot!

It’s so damn hot! Milk was a bad choice! -Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

  • It’s! It’s been in the 100’s every day, with no relief this week. I am not a fan of the heat, and this weather has just been bananas! forecast
  • We have to get up early to get our morning walks in, to beat the heat. Even heading out before 8am we’re still sweating by the time we get home. 80 degrees at 8am is just wrong.
  • The power went out on Saturday, during the hottest part of the day, and was out for 2.5 hours!! Piglet did pretty well, but he needed to nurse a lot more. I ended up putting an ice pack behind my neck just so I could handle cuddling him in the heat. Let’s hope the power company doesn’t let that happen again. Thank god for our new windows or else I’m pretty sure we would have had to hide out in the car with the ac blasting.
  • We have an active week ahead of us, that started out with a busy day Monday, with visits from Monica, Chandler, and then Walking Couple. Monica and Chandler are finally home!! I’m so excited. They came over to meet Piglet, and he completely showboated for them. He was all coos, giggles and grins for his Auntie and Uncle! P1080444
  • Walking Buddy and her brood also came over later on to meet the little man. WB is 7 months pregnant with her 3rd boy. This picture is a glimpse into her future! She definitely has her work cut out for her. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about the idea of 2 kids one day, let alone 3 rambunctious boys!
  • P1080455We are heading to the in-laws for the holiday to spend some time pool side. I’m sad that Piglet is a little too young for the pool. But the weather is supposed to be in the high 80s instead of the 100’s like it is here, so it will be a welcome relief. It will be our first overnight trip with Piglet, and even though it’s only 1.5 hours away, I’m pretty sure we’re going to pack the car to the brim.
  • We’re also going to stop by for a party at Tahoe Girl’s parents house on the 4th. Piglet is going to have a busy week! I think our little social butterfly is up to the challenge.
  • Hope everyone has a great week! For those of you in cooler weather, send some of it our way, PLEASE!

TTUT-Game Night With the Group

Leonard: Oh, before I forget, Saturday I’m planning a little Dungeons and Dragons night with the guys.
Penny: Really? That’s how you’re gonna spend your Saturday night?
Leonard: Oh, come on, I hardly ever get a chance to play anymore.
Penny: Oh, you poor thing. Is having a real-life girlfriend who has sex with you getting in the way of your board games?
Leonard: Little bit, yeah. -The Big Bang Theory

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

This past Saturday I had a chance to hang out with the group! It’s been such a long time since we all got together. I think last summer to be exact! Monica is here visiting from Scotland, going to job interviews for after she graduates from vet school. She’ll be home for good (along with Chandler!) in just 4 months, and I can’t wait to have her back in the states full time! She’s visited me twice on this visit, and stayed over last Wednesday. I felt lucky that she took time during her limited trip to hang with me.

Most of the group was able to get together, except for Match, Chandler, and Tomboy. Chandler’s Older Brother and his wife were there, who is also pregnant! She’s only a month behind me, and also having a boy!

We played this great game called Cards Against Humanity. If you haven’t played it, think a very, very perverted version of Apples to Apples. You have to answer the questions or complete the statement on the black card with one of the cards in your deck, and then the person reading picks the best one. Here’s an example I found online. I wish I’d taken pictures of ours. We couldn’t stop laughing. I almost pulled a Shawn and peed my pants a few times! 😉


I think the coolest part of the night for me was that Piglet was kicking up a storm, harder than he’s ever kicked before. I think it’s because we were laughing so much, and he wanted to enjoy the party too. Tahoe Girl and Token were not shy about touching the belly and they got to feel him kick right away! It was really sweet.

I know The Group doesn’t hang out as much as we used to, but when we have nights like this I’m reminded of just how much fun we can have. I think it’s encouraging that we’re all settling down, and we could have a fun night that didn’t involve tons of drinking. It was just good ol’ fashioned perverted humor at it’s finest!


 Token Gay Couple, Tahoe Couple, me, Monica, Older Bro & Wife


 This last picture was taken right after Tahoe Guy farted. Well, he claims that the chair made a farting noise. Either way we were all cracking up. I love how Older Bro’s Wife had absolutely no idea what was going on.


We had such a great night, and I hope to repeat it again this summer when Chandler and Monica come home. I also need to get my own copy of Cards Against Humanity. Have you played this game?


TTUT-Tahoe Girl’s Grad Party

Christine: Ritchie, we have talked about this. You’re eight years old. We live in Los Angeles. You have to learn how to swim.
Ritchie: Why?
Christine: Because, honey, you can’t keep going to pool parties telling people you’re having your period. –The New Adventures of Old Christine

 with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

Saturday was Tahoe Girl’s graduation pool party. She graduated from business school with her master’s degree, and we all got together to celebrate. Match actually had the time off and I was looking forward to watching him have fun. He was complaining a little bit on the way over about how he didn’t think he was capable of relaxing and having fun. I told him to not condemn a party before we even got there, but I promised we’d leave early and that for once, I would be the DD.
When we walked in the backyard, we saw that the party was in full swing, but it was definitely right up Match’s alley. He’s a sucker for outdoor games, and there was a game of beanbags going on. Tahoe Girl’s dad actually built his own, and Match is going to build a set for our yard. I would love that or a flat washers game set, which is the same idea, just a little smaller. TG’s dad also made a beer pong table, with cutouts for the cups. Match, Mr. I don’t want to party, didn’t leave the beanbag/beer pong area for hours! 🙂

I can’t tell you how great it was to watch Match having fun and letting loose for once. His job is so stressful, and he can get wound up pretty tight. It was refreshing to see him enjoying himself. He was the first one in the pool too.

He motivated me to go in, even though I was so self conscious. It’s only been 6 weeks since I gave birth, so my body is still a bit of a war zone. But I shook it off and had fun goofing off in the pool with my sweetie.

I spent a lot of time hanging out with my ladies.

We only seem to get together a lot in the summers, but when we do we have fun. All of the weirdness I had felt at the wedding was gone. I think it helped that I was DD. I’m really not emotionally ready to be drunk yet. I had fun visiting with the girls and watching the boys be complete goofballs. Sometimes it’s more fun people watching. The lack of hangover alone is worth it. 🙂

Friend Bonding

A Man must fight for his good and true friend.-Heat GuyJ

Yesterday Monica came to stay with me for a night. It was the first time the two of us have spent any one on one time together. We had a great time visiting. I took her out for lunch in my new Jeep. We just got the title loans New Jersey. I love driving it around, and it was fun showing her around our town.

That night she took me to the nearby college town to visit Lil Sis. We had a really mellow night bar hopping and people watching. When we got back we curled up on the couch with a bottle of wine and talked until about 2am. It was one of those nights of good solid friend bonding, and I loved it. I am really going to miss her when she goes back to Scotland.