I Heart the Internet

Needles: I never thought I’d say this, kid.
Damien: What’s that?
Needles: God damn, I love the Internet.-Rescue Me

I know sometimes people say that the internet ruins relationships, and has made us less social as a society. But for me, the ability to be able to chat online with my blog friends has expanded my circle of friends in so many ways. I have friends all over the country because of the internet, and that makes me so happy.

More importantly, I was able to find my soulmate online. If it weren’t for the internet, I may have never met Match. We instantly connected after our first chat, and knew we had to meet.

I’m not sure what I would without this blog of mine. I love that it’s a place I can bare my soul, but also a place I can connect with friends. My lovely readers, you have no idea what a positive impact you’ve had on my life. I hope one day to meet some of you, and I’m truly grateful that I have you in my life, even if it may be my online life. You mean the world to me, and I heart you all!

I Miss Karaoke

It’s been such a long time since I last sang karaoke. I think it might have been while Match was still in academy. Going on almost 2 years now! I used to sing 3 nights a week while I was in college. The first night I met Match in person I was singing at a karaoke bar. I wish there were better outlets for singing, because I really don’t feel like going to a bar, especially while pregnant. Maybe I should go check out reliable mixers studios where they let you record your own music. If I could just get my butt in gear and learn to play guitar, then I could record my own songs. It’s on my bucket list…someday!

I’m Going to be a Teacher (Sort of)!

Tony: [reading his fortune cookie message] Love is for the lucky and the brave. Why is that for me?
Danny: Hey man, asking your high school music teacher out qualifies as brave in my book. –NCIS

You know how I recently started going back to church? I’ve been enjoying my time there so much. I feel so welcome and everyone is so positive and uplifting-exactly what I need. Well you know how I have talked about possibly wanting to go back to school to get my teaching credential? Well my church needs teachers for their youth program, and they are willing to train me! I’m really excited about the opportunity. My first teacher’s meeting is next Sunday, and I’ll get to know the other teachers, what the curriculum will be, and what’s expected of me. I’m going to be teaching the pre-k to first grade kids. Pretty much the most adorable age ever!

I think this will be a great way to decide whether this is something I want to pursue. I can’t wait to start singing songs and teaching music to the kiddos too. I may have to get my hands on an old school keyboard and learn to play music. I’ll be Maybe after I have my kids I’ll want to teach full time. Or become a music teacher. Or who knows, subbing might be the perfect part time career for me. Or I may be just happy volunteering at my church as a youth education teacher. Either way, I have a really good feeling about this!

Musical Motivation

Every year I say I will learn to play the guitar, but every year that passes I don’t do much more than tune it once in awhile, and then let it gather dust again. I have a few family members that are incredibly gifted guitar players. They have fancy Bigsby Vibratos and really nice guitars. They make their own music and can read music with ease. I guess I’m missing that particular musical gene. I can carry a tune when I sing, but instruments are a mystery to me. Hopefully I can find some time this summer to learn a song. Maybe I should wait for the rainy season when social plans slow down…

To Do List Progress: The Project Bug

Lois: And when I do, we are all gonna clean up this disaster of a closet. It’s gonna be our new family project.
Hal: We’ve never finished our last family project.
Lois: Because it’s in here under two tons of crap! –Malcolm in the Middle

I’ve got the project bug big time this week. All I’ve wanted to do is work on my various crafts that are part of my 2012 To Do List. I have this slight crafting A.D.D. though, where I’ll start a couple of different projects, and they’ll all be partially finished around the house. So I’m trying to be better about finishing one project before starting on another.

#46. Make at least one homemade canvas print from one of my photos: This didn’t turn out perfect, but I think it looks pretty cool. I picked a photo from our recent Tahoe trip.

I still wish I could have actually got the print to transfer, rather than just modge podge it onto the canvas, but it works. If you look super close you can see the seams and the bubbles. But the room is in doesn’t have great lighting, so hopefully it’s not too noticeable.


I eventually want to add two more canvas prints to that wall. I just need to decide which photos to use.

#47. Sew bucilla stocking for Roo: I’ve been working diligently on Roo’s stocking. As you can see, there are a LOT of parts.

This is how it looked when I started. I’ve already finished the border and most of the snowman. It takes a long time to do each individual part.


As soon as I finish the stocking, it’s on to the window seat project in Roo’s room. I’m SO excited to get working on the nursery. So what are you working on?