Leaving On a Jet Plane!

Piglet and I are all packed, and we are ready to board our plane and fly to Arizona tomorrow. Match has to work, so I will be solo parenting this adventure. I’m nervous as all hell, and as Match said a few times tonight, downright hormonal, but hey, this is a big damn deal! I’m not much of a traveler, and I almost always travel by car, so this is all very unsettling for me. I hate that we can’t bring whatever we want, and that I’m limited to what we can carry. I’ve jam packed my bags with probably far more than I’ll need for this 5 day venture.

I think if any baby can handle it, it’s Mr. Piglet.That kid is so mellow, and I hope he stays that way for the flight.


I am going to miss the hell out of Match. We are heading to see my dad, my step mom, my aunt, and my grandparents. I’m hoping that I get some down time, with all those relatives to play pass the baby. I just wish Match could be there with us and get some time to relax. In other news, he’s finally completed backgrounds, so now we’re just waiting on pins and needles for the next step in the hiring process with his potential new job with our local police department. Fingers, toes and ankles crossed he gets it!

Piglet and I will be flying into San Diego, which is only 1.5 hours flight, but then we have a 2.5 hour car ride, ugh. It’s going to be a long day of traveling for this mama, but we’ve managed a trip to Oregon when he was just 3 months old, so I think we can do this. Of course we had Match’s help then. At least Piglet isn’t a newborn, and we’re old pros with the whole nursing thing. Hopefully this trip will be a fun little adventure for us! Wish us luck!!

Belly Progress-6 Months Post Partum

One of my goals this year was to lose the baby weight I gained from my pregnancy with both Roo and Piglet. I managed to get back down to my goal weight after Roo, but I had less to lose. This time around it was harder, not only because I had the weight of a 37 week pregnancy rather than 19 weeks, but also because of the c-section. I couldn’t get back to my normal routine as quickly as I wanted to. Oh, and I had a baby to look after and was running on no sleep. The last thing on my mind was exercising. Go figure huh? 😉 Here’s a look at my body transformation while carrying Piglet. It’s crazy to me that I used to carry that big ol’ basketball around! I don’t have any pictures from the day I went into labor, but it was four days after that last picture was taken. I’m pretty sure the belly was even bigger.



After 6 months of hard work, I’m so excited to see that scale show that I just have one more pound to lose! I still have a month to lose that final pound (and maybe 4 more to get to my ideal weight). I’m not going to focus too much on the scale though. I’m focusing on getting back into healthy eating habits, and working out, and feeling good in my skin again. It feels so good to have my strength back. I love working out with my husband. We get the endorphins flowing and the pheromones stirred up 😉 Piglet is old enough for the gym daycare now, and I’m hoping to try it out soon. I know it will be good for him to have some time with other kids, and it will be good for me to get a little me time. I think I’ll be a better mom for it



I am still having trouble tightening my lower abdominals and getting rid of the pooch, but I know it will take time. I still have puffiness around the incision site, and I’ve always struggled with a belly pooch. Part of it is just getting older as well. I’ve been doing pilates and focusing on tightening my core, and I hope by Piglet’s first birthday to be back to where I was.

I cannot believe I posted bare belly pictures, but I think they show my progress better than the tank tops. I also want to say I didn’t write this post to toot my own horn, but mostly to motivate myself. I still have work to do, but I can look at my body and say I’m ok with what I see. I also need to be able to look at these posts for encouragement when and if we get pregnant again. I need to remind myself that I can get my body back if I work hard and feel good about myself.


30th Birthday-Girl’s Day With Geeky

Joey: [To Rachel] Look, turning thirty is not that big a deal.

Ross: Oh really? Is that how you felt when you turned thirty?

[Flashback to Joey’s thirtieth birthday]

Joey: Why God, why?! We had a deal. Let the others grow old, not me! -Friends

 For my 30th birthday, I had originally dreamed up big plans of going on a group camping trip with a bunch of friends. Then reality set in, and I realized that camping with a 4 month old just didn’t sound that relaxing to me. So instead, I opted to spend the day with my best gal pal Geeky. She came over and took me out to lunch, and my friends from church came over to watch Piglet. It was the first time I’ve left him for that long, and his first time with babysitters. It felt so freeing to be able to leave the house without a diaper bag!


We enjoyed a yummy lunch of tapas and drinks. I had all of one drink and I felt wasted for the next hour! I’m such a cheap date. It felt good to let my hair down, and I loved spending one on one time with Geeky. We talked about just about everything, and how excited she is that she and her hubby have made the decision to start a family. I am so happy for them, and I cannot wait to help plan her future baby shower!

After lunch we wandered over to a fun little boutique and did some shopping. Of course I ended up buying things for Piglet. I missed him!! It made my heart happy to see that when we got back, Piglet was smiling and seemed perfectly content with his babysitters. It makes me feel good about future me time, and a lot less guilty.

Geeky got to spend some quality time with her godson when we got back, and he of course hammed it up for her. It was a low key, mellow way to ring in my 30s.



My 20s were all about crazy parties and all kinds of shenanigans. Now I’m happy with some good food and great company. Unlike many people out there, 30 is not a number I’ve feared. I’ve actually been looking forward to this milestone birthday for quite awhile. I think my grandma put it best when she said that I’m entering the wonder years. I’m old enough to be comfortable with who I am, but not so old that my body is failing me. I have quality friendships, not just fair weather flighty friends. I live in a lovely home (not a tiny, messy apartment like in my 20s) with my wonderful husband and our amazing son. I am so happy with life in this moment, and I am looking forward to where this decade takes me. So hello 30s. I’m so glad you’re here!

Post Partum Frustration

Forget the bra that holds her breasts a little higher than they are on their own these days. And the panties, the ones that hide the scar from my c-section. This is it. Hi, Carlos. I’m Edie. I might not be the woman that you thought I was under all of that but I’m real, and I’m here. And I’m asking for a chance.-Desperate Housewives

For all you ladies out there who had to have c-sections: how did you deal with the postpartum recovery? I’m so frustrated by my limitations. I realize that it’s only been 3.5 weeks since delivery, but I HATE that I can’t do my normal activities. I know with vaginal delivery the recovery time is so much shorter. I have been walking, and that’s about the extent of what I can do. Even lightly sweeping the house makes me sore and achy. If we take too long of a walk I’m tired, and the one time I tried walking Monkey and Piglet by myself I paid for it later with a very sore incision area and abdomen.

I’m also really freaked out by my scar, and the “shelf” of puffy skin that is hanging out over the incision site. I know it’s still healing, and some swelling will go down, but I can’t help but worry that it will be permanent. Luckily for me my husband tells me every day that I’m beautiful and that I look great. I know that every battle scar and piece of flab is worth it to have my gorgeous son here. But it would definitely help if I could at least work out again, and get my endorphins flowing. I am an active person, and being a couch potato just isn’t for me. I’m looking forward to next Thursday, and so hopeful that my Dr. clears me for more activity besides lifting Piglet and being a human dairy cow. 😉

In happier news, our little guy continues to grow and plump up daily. I’m amazed by how much he changes every day. Some of you asked how well Monkey is doing with this new arrival. He ignores the baby for the most part, and does a good job of avoiding him when he’s on his play mat. Today he wanted some loves while Piglet enjoyed some diaper free time on the floor. As soon as he starts solid foods, he and Monkey will be the best of friends!



I Could Be a Party Planner

My wedding planner is a passive-aggressive nitwit who has the audacity to question my taste in music. Bob Seger is not “so over.”-The O.C.

I have a lot of free time on my hands right now. I know that’s not going to last once Piglet gets here. I also know that eventually he (and hopefully a future sibling) will end up in school, and I will once again have free time. It makes me daydream about what I’d like my future career to be.

I absolutely love planning parties and events. I think it would be really fun to be a party and event planner someday. I’d order event supplies and concession machines, help people plan their perfect event. I think weddings would be fun, even if I had to deal with a bridezilla or two. I just love all the little details that go into a party, from the favors, to the specialty drinks, to the decorations.

I think another fun thing about party planning would be hopefully working with larger budgets that I do for my own parties. I usually try to do everything for little to no cost, which means they’re not quite as cool as they could be. To have a budget to work with would be a dream come true! I think I would have way too much fun planning themed parties, events, the perfect wedding, you name it! And I’d get to be a part of someone’s special day. How cool would that be?

Do you ever daydream about starting a new career? If so, what would it be?