Happy Birthday Dada


Tuesday was Match’s birthday, and Piglet was so excited! We made him a birthday card, wrapped up his present, and sang him happy birthday. I have to share this video with you of him begging Daddy to open his gift.

Of course he wouldn’t sing Happy Birthday for the camera, but he was belting it out loudly before I started recording. I bought Match a set of coveralls for his new job as a carman. He wasn’t a huge fan of the color, so we exchanged it for the black. I have to say, they’re pretty adorable on him! I just hope he doesn’t get his tushy grabbed too much while he’s trying to work. 😉

DSC_0732 (2)DSC_0734 (2)

We took Match to “Man Disneyland”, better known as Cabella’s. He wandered the store while Piglet and I checked out the super cool fish tank, animal exhibit and played a few games.


After Cabella’s, we took Match to dinner at a local burger joint. Piglet had fun waving at everyone who walked by, and even saw a friend from his preschool. We had a nice mellow birthday, and I think it was just what he wanted.

Lunch With Old Friends

This past Sunday we had a long overdue double date with Old Married Couple. It was so good to see them again! Some of you might remember I recently blogged about reconnecting with them. IMAG6105We had lunch and then took Piglet to play at a nearby park. It felt like old times again, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to reconnect with this sweet couple. I’ve missed them, and it feels good to be back in each other’s lives. They loved getting to know Piglet, and I was proud of him for being on his best behavior at lunch. He only threw half of his food, and he showed off his new word, “pleezzzz”. 🙂

We had a wonderful day, and I am looking forward to more get togethers. Hopefully soon!


Piglet’s First Football Game

First, quick update on my FIL: He’s HOME! We’re headed there tomorrow to spend the night and visit. He has a long road to complete recovery, but the point is, he’s home, and he’s doing much better. Thank you all for the support and prayers.

So, last Friday, before we found out about my FIL’s stroke, Match and I took Piglet to his first football game. Our next door neighbor’s daughter is in the color guard, and they always go to every game. Their daughter has also babysat for Piglet in the past, so we thought we’d come show some support. I’m a sucker for high school football, and we were so excited to introduce Piglet to the sport. It was a gamble because it was way past his bedtime, but as always, he was a trooper!

He was so excited as we walked to the football field. This is his, wow, I get to stay up way past my bedtime face.



What do you mean I can’t go out there and play with them?


He had a great time watching the cheerleaders, the game, and dancing along to the music.

footballI can’t wait for the next home game!


4 Years-The Fruit & Flower Anniversary

Today marks four years since Match and I said, “I Do.” Since then Match has gone through the academy, been a Sheriff Deputy, I became a stay at home spouse, we became homeowners, we got pregnant and had our sweet angel baby Roo, we suffered through grief, and we came out the other side with our sweet boy Piglet. Match changed agencies and is now a police officer instead of a deputy, and I became a stay at home mom. It’s incredible to think that all of these big life moments happened in just four short years.


Match is working tonight, but it’s his Friday, and we are planning on celebrating throughout the weekend. Geeky and her hubby are going to babysit Piglet so we can get some much needed couple time. I cannot wait to spend the weekend with my love. Here’s to another year of loving you sweetie!

Match’s Swearing In Ceremony

Match’s swearing in ceremony for our city police department was today. I made the epic fail of forgetting our good camera. The only camera my in-laws had was their Iphone, so all of the photos of me pinning Match’s badge, and of him hugging me, and giving me this amazing spontaneous kiss on stage are all completely blurry. See?


I’m super bummed that I don’t have a photo to remember it. Regardless, it’s one of those moments that will stick with me forever. Me whispering how proud I am of him, and him pulling me in for an embrace that said it all.

Here are some photos that did turn out, even though they’re slightly grainy. Doesn’t he look good in blue? Piglet was super excited about Daddy’s new uniform, and all of his “toys” to play with. Good thing the radio wasn’t on!




We got the chance to meet many of Match’s new coworkers, as well as the chief of police. He personally introduced himself to me, and said how happy he is to have Match on board, and welcomed me into the family.


Being a part of a smaller force really does feel like family. At Match’s previous job, the agency was huge, and it was easy to get lost in the crowd. Here they put family first, and the warm reception as well as the chief’s speech, really emphasized that. It is an honor for us to be a part of this community, and I am so excited for Match and this new chapter of our lives.