4 Years-The Fruit & Flower Anniversary

Today marks four years since Match and I said, “I Do.” Since then Match has gone through the academy, been a Sheriff Deputy, I became a stay at home spouse, we became homeowners, we got pregnant and had our sweet angel baby Roo, we suffered through grief, and we came out the other side with our sweet boy Piglet. Match changed agencies and is now a police officer instead of a deputy, and I became a stay at home mom. It’s incredible to think that all of these big life moments happened in just four short years.


Match is working tonight, but it’s his Friday, and we are planning on celebrating throughout the weekend. Geeky and her hubby are going to babysit Piglet so we can get some much needed couple time. I cannot wait to spend the weekend with my love. Here’s to another year of loving you sweetie!

Match’s Swearing In Ceremony

Match’s swearing in ceremony for our city police department was today. I made the epic fail of forgetting our good camera. The only camera my in-laws had was their Iphone, so all of the photos of me pinning Match’s badge, and of him hugging me, and giving me this amazing spontaneous kiss on stage are all completely blurry. See?


I’m super bummed that I don’t have a photo to remember it. Regardless, it’s one of those moments that will stick with me forever. Me whispering how proud I am of him, and him pulling me in for an embrace that said it all.

Here are some photos that did turn out, even though they’re slightly grainy. Doesn’t he look good in blue? Piglet was super excited about Daddy’s new uniform, and all of his “toys” to play with. Good thing the radio wasn’t on!




We got the chance to meet many of Match’s new coworkers, as well as the chief of police. He personally introduced himself to me, and said how happy he is to have Match on board, and welcomed me into the family.


Being a part of a smaller force really does feel like family. At Match’s previous job, the agency was huge, and it was easy to get lost in the crowd. Here they put family first, and the warm reception as well as the chief’s speech, really emphasized that. It is an honor for us to be a part of this community, and I am so excited for Match and this new chapter of our lives.


My Family is Back!

It’s crazy to think that Match has been back for almost a week now. We’ve been so busy with family time that I didn’t get time to blog. His flight got in late Monday night, and Tuesday morning I went to Zumba while he took on daddy duty. He tried the whole I’m tired from traveling ploy, and I just said, “Oh yeah? I’m tired from being a single parent for 5 days! Boom!” Hehehe. But seriously, he was happy to help out, and couldn’t wait to spend time with his little man. He’s been extra helpful to me this past week, and he made sure to tell me over and over again how grateful he is for all that I do. Damn straight 😉

Tuesday night we went out for a family date. Piglet did a great job at the sushi restaurant we love. I can’t believe how much he’s grown since the last time we went there. Last time he could barely fit in the high chair, and look at him now!


The past few days have been full of piggy back rides, play time in the park, snuggles, and lots of cuddle time with Daddy. Match missed his little boy so much, and Piglet was over the moon to have Dada back. One night this past week while doing his bedtime routine, Match was hugging Piglet, and I swear Piglet said, “My dada.” Holy cuteness!!


I loved my bonding time with my little monster, but there is nothing like having my family back together. We’re at the tail end of Match’s work week, and I can’t wait for more family bonding time. In other awesome news, Match heard back from our city’s police department! They are moving forward, and they said they will have set up a meeting in the next couple of weeks to give him his written conditional offer. We still have a couple of hoops to jump through, but it’s moving forward, and we are so excited!

The Challenges of Being a LEO Family

Today I am simultaneously happy and sad. I apologize in advance for the long rant, but I need to get this off my chest.  Match had his final interview with our local police department, and I’m thrilled to announce that he was given a verbal job offer! They still have to present him to the city council for approval, but the chief is hoping to get him hired on by April 1st. This is absolutely the best news for our family, and for Match’s career as an officer. When we were first house hunting, and fell in love with our town, we talked about him one day working for the department. We always thought it wouldn’t happen for at least another 10 years, but here we are!

The sad part is how Match’s family reacted to the news. His mother didn’t even try to be excited or happy for him. The first thing she asked was, “So what does this mean for your sister’s wedding?” He tried to explain that since everything is in limbo, he can’t up and leave for a destination wedding in Mexico. He has to be available for the final stages of the hiring process, not to mention putting in his two weeks notice to his current department, plus all the mental job preparation needed for starting field training. He tried to explain this to her, just as he had months ago when his sister first mentioned wanting a destination wedding. He had warned her then that the odds that he could come would be slim to none, but that he would try. His mother knew all of this, and still her only response was, “Well I’m glad it worked out the way you wanted it to.” As if he wanted to miss his sister’s wedding, and cause drama with the family. Anyone who knows my husband at all, knows that he is a people pleaser. He has spent his entire life letting his mom walk all over him, even resisted joining the military because his parents were adamantly opposed. It was a decision he regrets to this day.

I understand that she is sad he can’t make it to the wedding. We’re both sad that we can’t be there, but we’re also frustrated that she chose a destination wedding in the first place. While we understand that it’s her day, and she can do whatever she and her groom want, the bottom line is that a destination wedding is selfish, because so many people cannot attend. She knew about Match’s job, and that he was applying to other agencies, and yet she threw a fit when he said he would probably not be able to go to her wedding if she decided to have it in Mexico. Not only that, but we can’t afford for our family to go, not that I had any desire to do baby wrangling on a plane for 5 hours, plus deal with sleep deprivation and the possibility of getting the poops from the water, but I digress. We knew for months that Piglet and I would not be attending the wedding, even if Match could go, and we were pretty bummed about the whole thing. Match and I were looking forward to dancing at her wedding, and falling in love all over again, like we do at weddings.

Even so, with all of this warning, and with Match telling his sister that he was so sorry, that we would come visit with them at a different time, and take them out for dinner to celebrate their love, she still pouted, and so did the Mother-in-law, even more so. She just couldn’t see how Match couldn’t ask the new job for the time off. She forgets all the time that law enforcement isn’t like a regular job. You can’t just ask for time off and get it, especially when you’re a trainee. She forgets that we changed the date of our own wedding when he was accepted into the academy. If he couldn’t get his own wedding date off, what in God’s name makes her think he could do it for his sister’s wedding?

I’m deeply saddened by their lack of support, and their short sighted vision. Match tried discussing it with his dad, who just seemed apathetic about the whole thing. I’m so disappointed in my mother in law for being so immature, and not setting aside her disappointment long enough to be PROUD of her son. He has worked so hard to get here, and the least she could do was be happy for him and the life he has created. As much as we understand that weddings are important, it is ONE day. This is his career, and she has chosen career over family countless times, but can’t understand when he does it. This is the same woman who won’t take time out of her busy work schedule to visit her only grandson. Who makes excuse after excuse when it comes to spending time with him, and has been an absolute shit grandmother. I’m livid because she asks the world from her son, but she won’t budge in return. It is all I can do not to call her up and berate her for bursting Match’s happy bubble. He went from overjoyed to depressed in an instant, and said that he has no support from his family.

His parents have never been supportive of his career, and in fact tried to talk him out of it, just like they did with the military path when he was younger. This time, he chose his own path, but it definitely was not without resistance from them. As much as this career scares me at times, I feel that I’ve always been supportive, because that’s what you do for the people you love. You don’t force them to be the way you wish them to be.


Well, he has me, he has our son, and my parents are incredibly supportive of his career. His parents, his sister, they have never tried to understand what it means to be a law enforcement officer. What it means to miss out on holidays, deal with mandatory over time, constantly putting his life on the line, always being late home from work, and the incredible stress he is under on any given day.


All these things I wish to scream at her, but instead I pity her. Because by responding this way, she is just pushing herself further away from her son. She is already missing out on her grandson, and it’s clear she’s missing out on knowing her son as well. I hope that one day his family can forgive Match for not attending his sister’s wedding. I also hope they can one day come around to his career, and understand and respect what he’s chosen to do. It is a life full of sacrifice, and one that is not for everyone.


Happy 30th Match!

On Monday the 3rd, Match joined club 30. Piglet helped him open presents with great enthusiasm. d30We are still getting over this awful virus, and we didn’t have the energy to do much. We had Vietnamese take out from our favorite restaurant, and we spent the day lounging around. On our way to grab dinner, we stopped by the feed store to pick up Monkey’s food, and to show Piglet the baby chicks. He almost convinced us to take one home.


Today we were feeling a little more energetic, so we took Piglet to the park downtown.

IMAG2948 IMAG2962

We didn’t do much this week, but we spent a lot of quality time together as a family. It was a quiet way to ring in Match’s 30s, but a little bit symbolic of our life these days. More mellow than our 20s, but a lot happier. So here’s to our 30’s my love, may this be our best decade yet!