TTUT: Puppy Tummy Cuddles

Todd Zarnecki: Who is it?
Sheldon: Your doom!
Raj: Don’t say “Your doom”. Who opens the door for their doom?
Sheldon: Good point. [to the door] Basket of puppies.

The Big Bang Theory

Today I’m checking in with two fellow dog lovers: Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

I had a less than exciting weekend. Having to take it easy  per doctor’s orders meant a huge butt print in my couch and way too much computer/tv time. So this Tuesday I wanted to talk about my first baby, my fur baby Monkey.

You can’t say dogs aren’t intuitive. I think he knows about Roo.

Look at Monkey snuggling up to my belly.

I can’t wait to see how he’ll react when I start showing. He’s going to be such a good big brother.

Match’s 28th Birthday Party

Turk: I’m not telling Isabella she’s got a vagina until she’s 18!
Kim: That’s gonna be an awkward birthday party.
Turk: Do not tell my daughter she has a vagina! I’m serious! [Points threateningly at Elliot, J.D. and Kim] Hm? Hm?! Hmmm?!?
J.D.: It may have already come up. –Scrubs

We had a nice mellow birthday party for Match’s 28th birthday.

We invited a bunch of Match’s coworkers and everyone got along great. I finally got a chance to meet the girl Deputy that Walking Couple and the other deputy wife were so worked up about. It was just like we all suspected, this Lady Deputy was absolutely harmless! She was sweet and funny, and she brought along her boyfriend, whom she’s been with for years. I didn’t feel threatened by her in the slightest.

I can’t say the same for the other deputy wife, Miss Insecure. She showed up dressed to the nines. She was completely over the top dressed up for a casual house party. I was pretty sure it was all for Lady Deputy, to make sure she knew what was up. She threw her daggers all night with her eyes, and huddled in the corner at one point with Walking Buddy gossiping. Sassy and I just rolled our eyes and ignored the whole thing. After Miss Insecure and her hubby left, the party was a lot more fun. Walking Buddy relaxed and had a great time.

Neighbor Girl made a rare appearance. I haven’t seen her since our housewarming party, even though they live just 6 minutes away. I hadn’t told her about Roo yet, so I made this big deal of wanting to take her on a house tour and show her all the updates we’ve done. I brought her into the nursery and pointed out the baby socks and framed ultrasound photo. She got really excited and then said, “Guess what? I’m pregnant too!” Not only is she preggers, but we’re about a week apart! What are the odds? We were both so excited to have someone else going through the exact same stages of pregnancy. She apologized for being MIA but after finding out she was afraid to hang out for fear of telling me too early. I know that feeling all too well.

All in all it was a great, relaxed night with good friends. I can’t wait to get together with everyone again.

9(8)? Weeks

Rachel: I can’t see it!
Ross: You-you just said that you did!
Rachel: I know, I lied! I didn’t want her to think I was a terrible mother! I can’t even see my own baby!
Ross: Oh sure, come here! (Sits her up) Sure you can! Uh, look come here look, (rolls the machine closer) it’s-it’s-it’s, it’s right there (Points).
Rachel: Oh. Oh, it’s beautiful. I see it now.
Ross: Do you really?
Rachel: No, I don’t see it!
Ross: Come on! Come on! Here, okay-okay, you see this? (Points) This tiny thing that looks like a peanut?
Rachel: Yeah.
Ross: Sweetie that’s it.
Rachel: That’s it? Well I saw that! Ohh-ohh-oh, thank you.
Ross: You’re welcome.
Rachel: Wow! I can’t believe that’s our baby.
Ross: Yeah, that’s our baby. –Friends

How Far Along:8 or 9 weeks (2 months people!) I really hate the week thing, but I’m facing facts, it’s just how they do it in gestation land. The doctor kept changing the dates on me, but according to my ovulation, I’m pretty sure it’s 9 weeks.
Size of Baby:  grape
Weight Gain: So far I’ve gain about 3 pounds. I’m hoping this is fairly normal. I think most of the weight gain is in my boobies, which is fine by me (and Match!)
Movement: this early it’s just gas. The room clearing kind. Oh pregnancy is just so glamorous.
Cravings: pepperoncinis on saltines with string cheese. It’s odd but really tasty. Also spicy cheezits.
Food Aversions: seafood, and certain food smells. I don’t know til I get a whiff, and then it’s like get that the HELL away from me or else!
Symptoms: so very very tired. It hits me at around 4pm and then it’s like a wall. WHAM! I have to lie down, close my eyes and take a cat nap. I also tend to get really nauseated right around this time. It goes away after I nap or if I take a walk. I’ve been lucky enough not to throw up yet, and I hope to be one of the lucky few who never does.

What’s on my mind: While I did luck out dodging the vomiting bullet, I haven’t been so lucky with the spotting. I know a lot of women spot during early pregnancy, but that doesn’t make it any less scary. At 5 weeks I had to go to the doctor for an early ultrasound with the medical computersdue to spotting. The doc found the little embryo and said all was well. A week later a panicked email to the doctor reassured me that once again the spotting wasn’t something to stress about. I was a nervous wreck as we waited for our first “official” appointment to check for a heartbeat.

But there it was at 7 (8?) weeks, this little flick flick flick on the screen. It was the most beautiful flicker I’ve ever seen. Then he hooked up the doppler and we were able to “hear” the heartbeat. Thump thump thump. I grabbed Match’s hands and we both just sat there with tears in our eyes. Hello little Roo.

I’ve continued to spot since then, and I try to just remember that thump thump thump when I start to panic. I know stress doesn’t do any good. I have to say a big THANK YOU to my bloggy friends who I’ve emailed while stressing about these little spot episodes. You have all been so good to me. Thanks for being there! I cannot wait til that 12 week mark when I can breathe a whole lot easier.

*Update: The spotting got worse last night and early this morning I was put on pelvic rest. No heavy lifting, no vigorous exercise, and no sex. 🙁 Please think positive thoughts for my little Roo.

How We Told Our Friends

Malcolm: Mom, do you…do you like your parents?
Lois: It doesn’t matter how I feel about them. It’s not like I can trade them for someone else. You can’t pick your parents. You’re pretty much stuck with whoever you get.-Malcolm in the Middle

For months I’ve been thinking of fun ways to tell our friends when we finally got pregnant. We opted for different ways to tell each of our different friends. Sassy Couple found out right away since I wasn’t drinking on New Year’s Eve and she point blank guessed it! We told Walking Buddies when we were up in Tahoe together and I had to explain why I couldn’t go sledding or ice skating.

Remember a few weeks back when I blogged about Ranger Bob and getting lost on a hike with Geeky? Well that was the day I told her about Roo. So when we were lost, she just kept saying, OMG you’re PREGNANT! We have to find our way out of here! It was so cute how worried she was. She is going to be an awesome auntie.

We went out to dinner with Couple Friends and their babies and I casually mentioned that Match would be getting six weeks off this coming September. Then they looked at us, and looked at my bottle of sparkling water that was clearly not wine and they got it.

I told Monica and Chandler on skype much the same way we told our parents. It was fun to be able to get them in on a secret when they’re so far away and missing out on so much. We told them before we told many of our friends! Last week I told the rest of “The Group” including Tahoe Couple, Token Gay Guys and TomBoy via email with the picture below. They all freaked out because they’ll be aunties and uncles. We’re the first out of that group to have kids, so it marks the beginning of a new era. I promised them I would try not to change too much. 🙂

As for everyone else, we are still waiting to make the big announcement via Facebook. I have a lot of acquaintances on there, and we’re just not ready to tell everyone. I think we’ll wait for the 10 week mark. Instead of the typical sonogram picture, this is what we will be posting:

I just have to say this picture totally makes it look like I have a bigger bump than I do. I had just eaten Mexican food so it was definitely more of a food baby. It’s still pretty early so I’m not showing yet. But the boobie fairy has come to our house, much to Match’s delight. Oh we are SO those embarrassing parents already aren’t we?

TTUT-How We Told the Grandparents to Be

Dr. Leonard Green: What’s new with you?
Rachel: Um… I got TiVo!
Dr. Leonard Green: What’s TiVo?
Phoebe: It’s slang for pregnant. –Friends

Today I’m checking in with two hot mamas: Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

Match and I had this grand plan to not tell people about Roo until the doctor confirmed our pregnancy. Well that scheme lasted all of four days until we were both just about to burst. So we agreed that we would only tell our parents and siblings, and then wait for the doctor for everyone else.

I wanted to do something creative, and it was Match who came up with the idea. We took two old tshirts and some puff paint and got to creating.

Mine said Baby on Board with a little arrow pointing to my belly and Match insisted his should say Who’s Your Daddy? We were both wearing the shirts when we called our parents and had them use the Skype web conferencing services with us.

In typical Mom fashion, my mom couldn’t get her side of the video to work, so we could hear her but not see her. I guess the wording on our shirts appeared backwards on her screen, and I could hear her saying, “What’s your shirt say? It’s backwards. What’s that…baby?” Then she screamed at the top of her lungs when she realized what it said. I wish we could have seen her reaction, and I made sure to tease her for it. By the time she got her video working the moment was over, but I still got to see her and my Pops grinning. They’re both so excited to be grandparents for the third time (my brother has two toddlers).

Then it came time to tell the in-laws. This I was so excited for because they will be first time grandparents. They did get the video working right away, but they also had the problem with the image being backwards. My mother in-law was so cute because I think she was afraid it was a joke, or that she’d misread it because she said tentatively, “Are you…are you pregnant?” And then when I nodded and said yes, she clapped her hands and I could see tears in her eyes.

Here’s my mom still trying to figure out the Skype on the “darn computer” she calls it.

and here’s my overjoyed in-laws. I love that I was able to catch that reaction. I know the sunglasses make them look ridiculous, but I like to hide faces when I can. But you had to see that grin!

After we were done talking to our parents, we decided we’d better tell our siblings. This was mostly because my mother-in-law was so anxious for us to tell her daughter that I was afraid she would do it. She had a hard enough time when we said she couldn’t tell her sisters until our doctor’s visit. It’s been killing her these past few weeks, and I know exactly how she feels.

So for the siblings, they didn’t want to skype and neither my brother nor Match’s sis understood why we were pestering them. So I said I was emailing them a picture of the house and to call me as soon as they got it. This is the picture they got instead, and it had our phones blowing up quick!

We had such a blast telling our immediate family. I love that we were able to capture moments of it on camera. Ideally we would have been there in person, but this was the next best thing. The next morning both our moms had emailed us bubbly emails about how excited they were. They each have unique nicknames they want to be called, which I think is so cute. I loved telling the family in our own special way. Next up…how we told our friends!