TTUT-Momma Needs Her Sugar

It’s bad guys. Momma needs her sugar. -Lily, How I Met Your Mother

Today I’m checking in with the ever fabulous: Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

What’s going on in my world:

Not a whole lot lately, other than crafting crafting crafting. I’m almost done with the stocking. Then I can get started on the mural for Roo’s room. YAY.

I’ll give you a sneak peak at the growth chart I want to do. I’m going to paint it in an espresso brown, and then where there’s yellow, I’ll make that either blue or pink, depending on what Roo turns out to be. Oh and I would never let my Roo climb up on the bed like that. That picture freaks me out.

My hubby sure knows the way to a pregnant lady’s heart. I woke up to find these on the counter yesterday.

He gets his full four days off this week. He’s been working tons of overtime and I MISS him. Yesterday we just lounged around the house and relaxed. Tonight we’re heading to Sonoma for a double date with Geeky and her Fireguy. Now that my morning sickness has disappeared I’m SO excited for some good food and great company. 🙂

In Roo news:

We have our detailed ultrasound on March 6th. It feels so far away. I’m so excited to see our little baby. Then we have our checkup on the 7th. I’m hoping the doc will take me off pelvic rest. TMI guys but it’s been way too long. Momma needs her sugar!

Clipix-A Fun Way to Bookmark the Web

With Roo on the way, my crafty bug has shifted into overdrive. I’m constantly searching the web for new craft ideas. I’ve recently found a fun way to bookmark the web: clipix. You can bookmark different ideas to your clipboards. I’ve already got a lot of fun crafting ideas for when Roo is  a toddler. 

One feature that sets Clipix apart from other sites out there is their privacy feature. You can set your boards to be viewable only to yourself, to just friends, or to everyone. I think this is a great idea, especially if you’re bookmarking gift ideas that you might not want your friends to see, in case the gift is for them! 

You can create boards for crafts, for remodeling your home, books to read, you name it. There is also an iPhone app for clipping on the go. You can reclip clips, post comments on other clips, and then share your favorite clips on Twitter or Facebook. 

Check out the Youtube video for more information on Clipix, and then come join in the fun! 

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Make My Monday-One Word

Today I’m linking up with Jess and Kelly for:Mommy’s Sippy Cup

  • What is one word to describe you? Goofball
  • One word to describe your life? Amazing
  • One word to describe your love? Is this my love for someone, or my love as in my husband? If husband, I’d say incredible.
  • One word to describe your body? GROWING! 
  • One word to describe your cooking? Experimental
  • One word to describe your career? Freelance! 
  • One word to describe your hobby? Crafty
  • One word to describe your style? Comfortable
  • One word to describe your blog? Diary
  • One word to describe your home? Cozy

To Do List Progress: The Project Bug

Lois: And when I do, we are all gonna clean up this disaster of a closet. It’s gonna be our new family project.
Hal: We’ve never finished our last family project.
Lois: Because it’s in here under two tons of crap! –Malcolm in the Middle

I’ve got the project bug big time this week. All I’ve wanted to do is work on my various crafts that are part of my 2012 To Do List. I have this slight crafting A.D.D. though, where I’ll start a couple of different projects, and they’ll all be partially finished around the house. So I’m trying to be better about finishing one project before starting on another.

#46. Make at least one homemade canvas print from one of my photos: This didn’t turn out perfect, but I think it looks pretty cool. I picked a photo from our recent Tahoe trip.

I still wish I could have actually got the print to transfer, rather than just modge podge it onto the canvas, but it works. If you look super close you can see the seams and the bubbles. But the room is in doesn’t have great lighting, so hopefully it’s not too noticeable.


I eventually want to add two more canvas prints to that wall. I just need to decide which photos to use.

#47. Sew bucilla stocking for Roo: I’ve been working diligently on Roo’s stocking. As you can see, there are a LOT of parts.

This is how it looked when I started. I’ve already finished the border and most of the snowman. It takes a long time to do each individual part.


As soon as I finish the stocking, it’s on to the window seat project in Roo’s room. I’m SO excited to get working on the nursery. So what are you working on?


TTUT-Valentine’s Day

Locke: I heard you have lost your wedding ring.
Sun: Yes. I have been looking for it everywhere.
Locke: You know, I have once lost something valuable to me. Luckily, I found it later.
Sun: How?
Locke: By finding it the way everything gets found.
Sun: (Staring at Locke)
Locke: I stopped looking. –LOST

  • Valentine’s Breakfast= awesome. Buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream were heavenly! Thankfully I also kept them down. Roo’s been giving me a little bit of morning sickness lately.

  • Our long walk on Skagg’s Island was wonderful. We saw wild birds, and Match’s favorite: abandoned buildings

  • Realizing after the long walk that Match lost his wedding ring= very sad. We thought about going back, but we knew it would be impossible to find. It’d be like searching for American silver eagles in a big jar of coins. Plus the ring was really loose, and he needed a new one.
  • The irony of losing the wedding ring on Valentine’s Day was not lost on us. Sigh.
  • Quick stop by Kay’s and they still had the same ring he had before.
  • It had to be special ordered and won’t arrive for 30 days. 🙁 Match felt so bad, but I kept telling him it’s nobody’s fault. In a way its a good thing since the old one was so loose and it was only a matter of time before he lost it.
  • We had a day full of great quality time and this evening we have plans for takeout and a movie on the couch. All in all a great day with just a little hiccup.