A Day Out With the Girls

As specified by standards and practices, I am enjoying this hookah in a drug-free way. -Debbie, Sealab 2021

This past Sunday Couple Wife and Geeky came to visit me. They got me out of the house and out of my head for a few hours of girl time. Let me tell you-having a few hours where I could laugh, be silly, and not think solely about sad stuff was exactly what I needed.

We started off with sushi and sake at a restaurant downtown. Please don’t mind the bags under my eyes. I swear I’ve aged 10 years since the beginning of this month. I suppose that’s to be expected given the circumstance. I’m ready to feel normal again, and I know eventually my eyes will dry up.

The sake sparked some very inappropriate comments about how it was Asian men’s semen. This prompted CW to say, “If it tastes like that, maybe I married the wrong guy!” Oh lordy! Since we were on a roll with our inappropriateness, we decided to wander into the lingerie shop, Naughty or Nice. I didn’t realize there was a back part of the store, which was full of adult toys. All kinds of jokes and giggling ensued. You would think we were three teenage girls, not married women in our late 20s!

We had the most fun trying on wigs. Geeky looked amazing as a red headed vixen, and actually ended up buying hers. I loved the pixie wig, but couldn’t bring myself to drop $50 on something I’d rarely wear.

After our fun at the porn shop in disguise, we walked by a cigar shop. I decided to stop in and buy Match a cigar for being such a great husband. While we were browsing we noticed they also had a hookah bar. The girls had never smoked hookah, but I used to all the time in college. For those that haven’t tried it, it’s flavored tobacco that makes you light headed and slightly buzzed. It’s fun once in a blue moon but I couldn’t do it all the time. We were cracking up and being total dorks, blowing smoke out of our noses and being dragons as Geeky called it. It was a good thing we were the only people in the shop because we were being complete fools.

We laughed about how even though it was a girl’s day out, it was as if we’d had a guy’s day. We’d been drinking, visited a porn shop, and then a cigar lounge. What a completely random, but fun, afternoon!

When we got home the girls presented Match with a gift they’d bought him at the porn shop-a man thong. I always tell them how cute his butt is, so they bought him a pair of undies to accentuate his “ass-ets”. He was only mildly embarrassed. 🙂

I also bought him some boobie shaped soap since he hasn’t been allowed to touch mine for awhile. Once again lots of giggling from the girls. We had such a fun, lighthearted day and it was exactly what I needed.

Photo Challenge: 7-13

Paper Coterie April Photo Challenge: Days 7-13

#7. My Town:

It’s been forever since we’ve made a trip downtown. I am really looking forward to getting off rest and venturing into town and going for a creek walk, or checking out the Saturday market.

#8. My Sunday:

 This past Sunday was Easter, and Match had to work. So I didn’t snap a picture, because we didn’t do anything. Sad! Next year we will have our little Easter bunny and I’m sure the pictures will be plentiful!

#9. My True Love:

Match is absolutely my true love. You know what made me fall more in love with him? After watching The Hunger Games last weekend, he insisted on reading the book. I love that he takes an interest in the things I love. I mean seriously, how sexy is this?

#10. My Transportation:

This one was perfect this month because Match just bought me a new (to us) car! He calls it the “Baby Carriage”. 🙂 It’s a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I’m so happy with it! He also opted against a truck after seeing how short I am next to them. We’re going to get him a beater truck soon for all his projects. That man is too good to me. I love that he’s willing to compromise!

#11. My Space:

 When the weather is nice, the park across the street is my space. I love to come here with Monkey and watch him play. Do you see that playground in the background? I can’t wait to bring Roo there to play too. The best part is it’s just a few hundred feet from our front door!

#12. My Eyes:

I like my eyes, though I wish they were slightly bigger. When I smile they practically disappear. I love the color-I get them from my mom. They’re green in some lights, blue in others, with a little hint of brown. It’s the one feature of mine that I secretly hope Roo gets. I would be fine if the rest of Roo looked just like Match, but with my eye color. 🙂

#13. My Evening: 

My evenings when Match is at work are pretty dull. They consist of me me either propped up on the couch, or reclining in the man chair, working away on the computer and watching some TV, or reading a book. Don’t be too jealous of my super exciting life. I’m looking forward to the evenings that will be spent starring at the baby.

Show Us Your Find-Felt Animals

[to his girlfriend Lady] I think it’s time you learned the real me. Here we go. I’m not… like normal people. I don’t have superpowers, but I’m working on it. For instance, watch me move this pen. [stares at pen; it doesn’t move] It worked at home. I don’t know. Maybe my table’s slanted. Uh, anyway. Um, in my spare time, I also enjoy stuffing animals. Usually with other animals. For instance, a badger will hold five squirrels. A squirrel will hold most of a cat. A mouse will hold a shrew and a vole. You get it… the circle of life. I have broken the sound barrier, but you must never ask me how. I don’t believe in the moon. I think it’s just the back of the sun.-The Janitor, Scrubs

I haven’t actually done this yet, but I wanted to share it with you anyways. I’m stuck on this couch for the foreseeable future, so I thought I’d start up another sewing project. I’ve been wanting to sew animals to hang in Roo’s nursery tree. I found these patterns on etsy, and I am going to take a stab at it.

I’m still a complete beginner when it comes to sewing, so we’ll see how these turn out. Hopefully they’ll look like cuddly woodland creatures and not scary badly sewn nightmare animals. That’d just be cruel to hang in a baby room dontcha think?

April Photo Challenge: Days 4-6

Candace: Well, I can lift heavy objects, and I can levitate, and…and I can’t see my reflection in the mirror.
Ferb: Sounds like a vampire to me.Phineas and Ferb

I’m sticking with the April Challenge so far. Some of these are downright funny to me.

#4. my reflection:

It is so hard to take a serious picture when it looks like you just swallowed a basketball. Also I looked a hot mess because I had just woken up and was headed to the doctor for my Rhogam shot. Fun Fun!

Here’s a slightly more serious photo. I’m so amazed by how much my belly has popped! I feel a little silly about the camera being in the photo, but how else do I get my reflection without it?

#5. my favorite shoes:

Don’t laugh, but these are my absolute favorite shoes. They’re comfy, and I wear them all over the place. And yes, those are inserts for my poor little messed up feet. I wear them in every shoe I can!

#6. my morning

Lately it’s been so nice and sunny. I’ve been spending my mornings outside with my cereal, my ipad, and my pup. I may not be able to walk him right now, but I can still enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

Show Us Your Find-How I Stay Organized

Monica: We need to sort through the tickets as quickly as possible to see if we won. Does anybody have any ideas how to organize this? [abruptly] How about this – we divide them into six groups of forty, and the remaining ten can be read by whoever finishes their pile first.
Rachel: [raising her hand] I have another idea!
Monica: Sorry, idea time is over!-Friends

This is a find I’ve been meaning to share with you all for quite awhile. Back in January I was figuring out how to update my dry erase calendar. I hated the layout, and I didn’t have enough room for all my notes. Then I looked on pinterest and saw some great ideas for DIY dry erase boards like these:

All you need is a frame with glass (plastic will not work) and a large piece of white paper to get started. Now mine isn’t as pretty or fancy, but it works really well for us. I like that every month I can change up the color of the month, and add little drawings depending on the season. Click on the picture to see a larger view.

With my calendar, I picked green for Match’s appointments, and red for mine. Blue is for both, and purple is for holidays. I hung it up in the entry way, right where we grab our keys before leaving the house. I love that Match actually uses the calendar. It keeps us completely organized and it makes my little Virgo heart go pitter patter. 🙂

How do you keep your family organized?