Snow Days

February seems to be the month that we get snow in the Oregon valley. We didn’t get very many days, but what we did get was fun. I love how snow makes everything look magical.

When we had mid-week snow, I was sick with a cold. So when school was canceled, it was the perfect excuse to stay home with my boy and enjoy the snow. Piglet had a playdate with his two best friends from kindergarten. It was so nice letting the boys run off and play while I rested.

This past Friday and Saturday we got our real snowfall. I went out with some friends from work, and downtown was basically deserted. I had a great evening with these ladies, where we asked each other loaded questions and got to know one another better. On Saturday, with my cold finally gone, I ventured out with my boys and really enjoyed the magic of snow.

A friend of mine has some property just outside of town, and he let us go up there and play in the snow. We sledded down the hill and threw snowballs at each other. Playing on that property made me wish we could afford to move to the country. I love our little house and our neighborhood friends, but sometimes I wish we had a little more nature right outside our door.

At home, our chickens thought the snow was pretty weird. Scamper is going through a molt right now, so she’s so ugly she’s cute.

Do you get snow in the winter? Do you love it? I’m sure my East coast readers are rolling their eyes at our small amount of snow!

Celebrating Match’s 35th Birthday

It’s crazy to think that Match and I have celebrated 10 birthdays together. We met when we were just babies, only 24! I made a promise to myself on my last birthday that we’d always try to get out of town for each other’s birthdays, and I’ve kept that promise so far. For Match’s birthday the first weekend of this month, we went back to Bend, to the magical resort where we spent our Thanksgiving.

Once again, the resort was wonderful. This time we had a one bedroom, but it was still so spacious and had amazing views of the forest. We were all rocking colds, but I’d rather be sick with a cold at a resort with beautiful heated hot tubs than at home! We still managed to enjoy ourselves and all the amenities, though we did skip ice skating.

We decided to sweat it out at the on-site gym, and since it’s not a regulated gym, we snuck Piglet in with us. It was so cute watching him work out, and I love that we’re setting a good example for him. He loves to work on his muscles with us!

We made it into town this time, and enjoyed dinner at 10 Barrel Brewing. The only disappointing part about this trip was the lack of snow. Fortunately for us, we got a couple of snow days the following week. I can’t wait for our next trip to the resort. Maybe this summer so we can see what kind of fun summer activities there are to do in Bend.

My Month So Far in Photos

Physical Therapy: This bed, aka the torture chamber, has been where I’ve spent far too much time. I hurt my knee a few months ago, and I’m finally getting treatment. All I can say is, ow.

Piglet has been watching MasterChef Jr. and now he has the cooking bug. I love when he gets in the mood to help us cook. Our little sous chef!

Family nights. Now that Match is no longer working at the long distance job site, we finally have time together as a family on a regular basis. It has been SOOOOO nice having him back.

New Year’s Resolutions-2019

Today we did our tradition of cleaning house, and putting away all of our Christmas decorations. We went on a crisp winter walk while Piglet rode his bike. We talked about our resolutions for the new year and what we’d like to do this year .

Here are our resolutions from last year:

Piglet’s resolutions were:

  1. To visit someone on a trip
  2. To whine less
  3. To work on not interrupting

Match’s resolutions were:

  1. To swear less
  2. To work on his temper and to be happier

My resolutions were:

  1. To get back to my driver’s license weight
  2. To nag less
  3. To take a fun family trip

I have to say overall I think we did great. I did 2 out of 3 on my resolutions, (just did not get that weight off) Piglet did 2 out of 3 (he needs to work on his whining a little bit more, but otherwise, he’s been great!) and Match has had a way better attitude overall, and seems so much happier than years past, but he still swears quite a bit at work, but he’s gotten much better at home.

This year, we’ve made the following resolutions:

Piglet’s resolutions are:

  • Go to bed early (I love that he came up with this on his own! Ha!)
  • Learn to cook more
  • Whine less
  • Learn to play guitar

Match’s resolutions are:

  • Swear less
  • Drink less
  • Get top of class for 2nd year in a row

My resolutions are:

  • Get back to that driver’s license weight (I swear this is going to happen this year)
  • Sing a song with a band or at a gig
  • Write a children’s book for Piglet

New Year’s Eve-Kid’s Bash

This year we hosted a New Year’s Eve kid’s bash. It was a great time, and I hope we do it again next year! We did everything early, and Piglet was in bed by 8pm. It was awesome! We did a balloon drop, which I plan on making a yearly tradition. The kids loved it!

Happy New Year, my lovely readers. Here’s to going into my 11th year of blogging. I am grateful for you all, and for this little space of the internet to call my own. Here’s to a new year, and new adventures!