Improving Your Communication Skills Step By Step



Improving your communication skills step by step does require a little work, but it’s always more than worth it. If you have the patience and the willingness to be a little bumbling and awkward in the first few attempts, you can dramatically increase your ability to improve your interpersonal relationships with a wide range of people. Here’s how:


Comfort Zone


We can all talk to our family members. It’s easy. We have likely been speaking to them since we learned how to talk. For this reason, it’s important to go out of your comfort zone. Talking to your mother on the phone is nice and should often be done, but sometimes engaging in conversation with strangers is much more instructive. So, why not? Strike up small talk with shop clerks, bartenders who aren’t busy, and your hairdresser.


Talk to people at bars that appeal to you, and speak to that person at the office you have been gently smiling to when passing for the last year. Simply walk up and say ‘hey.’ It’s that easy. See where the conversation goes from there. Past giving you a list of things to say and ask, or providing you with a quality chat line guide, experience can be one of the best things to do. Even if you make a fool of yourself for the first one hundred people, you will gain something from each interaction.


No More Miss. Nice Girl


It’s important to know that dialogue is not all about trying to win the affection of other people. It’s to contribute to a discourse which keeps you both interested. If the other person is not responsive, interested or come across as rude, there’s no need to continue. There’s also no need to become hostile. Having a backbone means having the ability to see that they might be having a bad day, or to simply withdraw from their presence. That doesn’t make you a bad person in the slightest, just someone who values their time. Don’t waste your time trying to talk to people who don’t care about the interaction. You can usually assess this through body language, the content and energy behind their speech, as well as a host of other instinctual factors. Respect your time, and you start respecting the time of other people.




Good conversation is 20% speaking and 80% listening. You’ll see that this works because people often lighten up when they see that you’re willing to exercise them this courtesy. They will often return it. However, you’ll be able to assess relatively quickly if someone isn’t interested in letting you speak, as the conversation will become tainted and feel a little strange. Again, if this happens and you’re not interested in the topic of conversation, don’t be afraid to withdraw from the entire ordeal.


With these tips in mind, your conversations will likely become much more interesting and wholesome. Not only will you have the confidence to engage, but also the self-respect to understand what is and isn’t a conversation worth your time.


Good luck!


The Enriching Power of Writing

For a lot of people, successful writing is synonymous with famous authors, such as J.K. Rowling, or even the poet and freelance technical writer Millicent Borges Accardi. But success doesn’t systematically mean wealth. You can use the power of writing in a variety of missions and circumstances, and even if it doesn’t increase your income, it will still be enriching. How does this work? You’re about to find out how words can change your world for the better.

Who doesn’t love to receive a letter?  

A confidence boost

Not everyone is born confident. In fact, a lot of people struggle so with self-confidence and self-worth that they feel stuck in a dark place. You can learn to bring some confidence back into your life. It’s a long process, and you naturally need to find a positive force to guide you. But leaving encouraging messages to yourself, and even writing down notes to get used to the power of positive thinking can help you to conquer your issues. You can keep a bullet journal in which you populate a happy vibes page which things for which you are grateful and positive affirmations. Writing it down is a way of helping your brain to learn new thinking processes.

Unify your family

When was the last time you sent a letter to a friend or a relative? Since the apparition of mobile phones, letters and postcards have fallen out of love, which is a pity because everyone loves to receive something thoughtful in the post. To encourage yourself to write letters instead of sending group messages, you can start with buying great personalized stationery which you can even customize to the names and address of your family. It’s a fantastic idea to revive all family ties that you’ve left undisturbed for years. Do you remember that old aunt who lives in a rural area or your cousins you haven’t seen since your wedding? Grab your pen and start writing.

Inspire others

Have you heard the story of the father who writes children’s books for his daughter, because the little girl was disappointed that none of the characters looked like her? A little girl asked her father why nobody in the books she liked looked like her, and whether it means she couldn’t become a hero herself. Her father decided to respond by creating sweet storybooks that portray a character that looked just like his daughter so that the little girl could also have a fictional role model.


Calm your nerves

The process of writing can be extremely soothing too. If you’ve never tried calligraphy, you might want to discover the art of drawing letters. Watching professional calligraphers can be immensely satisfying and therapeutic in itself, but for many, it’s the combination of precision and beauty that brings peace to the mind. If you’re not sure how to start, watch the short film, Ink by Ryan Couldrey, which focuses on the word “ink” written by hand by a talented calligrapher. Hear the sound as the tip scratches the paper delicately and feel your worries flow with the ink.

The art of lettering

Do you think you can investigate the benefits of writing for yourself? From bringing your family together to investing in your own peace of mind, writing can transform your life.

Nine Ways You Can Inject Confidence In To Your Life Starting Right Now

Confidence is something that doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us. However, I find that something like confidence can actually be a learnt behaviour and less likely to be something that comes naturally. In fact. Many of the most confident people we probably come across in our daily lives are less likely to naturally be that way and more likely to have picked up a few tricks of the trade along the way. You often find that sometimes different events in your life can have a big impact on your confidence levels. Doing something great in work, progressing in your career or even feeling the love from a partner or your family. They can all boost your confidence. But what happens in those periods of your life where you are not getting that promotion or pay rise, when things are a little more tough than you would like them to be, what happens then? I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can inject some confidence into your life. Some of which you could start right now. I hope they help you to feel more confident in everyday 

Read self help books


There are some great books out there these days that can really help you to start feeling more confident. They all have different methods so it is a case of finding the best one for you. Not every self help book you will read will help, but they can certainly give you the tools to work on your own methods. Books like The Secret are really popular and use methods like visions boards and positive thought processes, whereas others like the one thing help you to prioritise your workload and feel confident in what you are doing. A quick look online will help you identify the best ones to try. Even if you read a few pages each evening or take on one point a day and try and change your behaviour and habits on a more gradual way, you will start to feel more at ease and more confident.

Dress to impress


Surprisingly, how you dress can have a huge impact on your confidence, and it is all about dressing for occasion. For example, when it comes to work, you need to consider some of the ways you come across. A big meeting or sales presentation means that dressing to impress or power dressing as it can be referred to can be a big way to boost your confidence. You instantly feel like you are playing the part and looking like you are on top of things can be half the battle. It can all be about physical appearance, and no one needs to know that underneath the exterior you are paddling to keep afloat and not really sure about what you are doing. Appearance is half the battle, and nailing it can give you an instant boost.


Change your hairstyle and physical appearance


On the subject of appearance and what you wear, you may want to start thinking about other aspects of your appearance that you can make changes to. Appearance in your hair, for starters, can instantly transform the way you look and even just a visit to the hairdressers can have you feeling fabulous. Whether you like the idea of looking for inspiration for the best bob haircuts or how to make more of your long locks. Again with physical appearance you can also consider things like makeup and how you present yourself. These two things can really help to boost your confidence and they can be really simple to make changes to. Just stick with what makes you feel good and what will help to enhance your actions. Be that in work or your daily routine and life.


It’s all in the scent


Sometimes it isn’t about the physical changes but the impact you have on others that can boost your confidence, and would you believe that your scent can be one of the easiest ways to do it. Sprtizing your favourite perfume or even just feeling confident when it comes to your personal hygiene such as cleanliness and even using a scented body lotion can really boost your confidence. Also your scent can be a conversation starter.


Think about self-care


The next thing to think about would be self-care. It might be in the simplest of forms where you just indulge in some time for yourself. This could be heading to bed earlier so you feel more awake and rejuvenated for the day, which can instantly give you that confidence boost of nailing it. It might be enjoying a nice warm bath to help you relax and unwind at night, or it could even be self-care in terms of taking a few moments to complete your skincare routine instead of rushing it. Self-care can also be a mental thing, and surprisingly taking care of your mental health can really help to boost your confidence levels as you become more intune with your thoughts and how you are acting. Self-care can also be about gratitude and filling yourself up by reminding you that there are some great things to feel happy about. Grateful for your health or your day, things that have happened and your family. Spending five minutes to be thankful can really help you to feel at ease and also confident in your life choices. It can make the world of difference.


Positive thinking can go a long way


Another thing to consider would the way you think. We may have already touched on this subject a little but actually it deserves a whole paragraph in its own right. Positive thinking is powerful. It can turn any situation around but just a few different thoughts and it can even help you to understand things differently. Positive thinking can feel very forced at first. It is about ensuring that every thought you have is  apositive one, even if you start to think negatively the idea is to turn that negative into something more positive. Once you start to do it more often you find that you will create new habits to replace odl negative ones, and you’ll end up naturally thinking more positive, which in turn will help you to look and feel more confident.


It isn’t crazy to talk to yourself


So many times we are told that taking to ourselves could be a sign of craziness. While having a full blown conversation with yourself could be quite questionable, there is something in talking to yourself and telling yourself the right messages. There is a difference between someone looking at themselves in the mirror and regularly repeating positive affirmations of how they want to feel or how they want something to go. Saying things like “you are worthy of this” “you are amazing” “you look fantastic” are absolutely fine. More people use this action to really affirm what they want out of life, and this can be directly associated with books and thought processes like the secret, which encourages you to tell the universe what you want and use the law of attraction to get it. After all, you are your biggest fan, and so telling yourself every once in awhile how awesome you are is no bad thing at all, and should definitely be encouraged if you are looking to boost your confidence.



Take compliments on board


Some people find it really difficult to take compliments from others. When someone tells you that you have done a good job you might instantly dismiss them and not accept it. However, compliments and praise are a great way to boost your confidence. The truth is, a compliment is an opinion about you formed by someone else. You have no control over that thought that they have had about you, so if they choose to think that you are amazing then accept that and own it. Compliments are hard to handle and they can embarrass you in some way, but don’t ever dismiss someone else’s opinion on yourself. This is where you can learn attributes and great things about you that you never even thought was a possibility.


Take on the criticism


Finally, just as much as you should take on the compliments you also need to be weary and take on the criticisms you recieve. Some people can’t accept criticism well, just like they can’t take a compliment and often this sort of behaviour goes hand in hand. Criticism should not be seen as a bad thing, in fact, it is a great way to help you improve on things and to only get better. Someone criticising you, and when it comes from a good place, genuinely means they are trying to help you succeed. I understand that some people though can also say criticism from a bad place, and while it is good to take on board some critique, it is also worth remembering that you can choose to decline other people’s opinions of you. The best advice is to no what is sincere and what isn’t.


I hope that these tips help you to inject some confidence in your life.


: 3 Things People Learn After Getting Back With a Former Lover

To many people, getting back with an ex-partner is seen as a taboo. It’s something you don’t do no matter how much you want it because there’s a good chance you’ll both end up hurting each other again–but how true is that statement?

On the other side of the fence, getting back with a former lover can actually prove to be a step in the right direction for both you and your ex. To help explain why it’s not such a bad thing and how it can actually improve your ability to form relationships in the future, here are three things that people learn after getting back with a former partner.

Source: Pexels


Giving Yourself Time to Mature Is Always a Good Thing


When we’re young, we typically think that we’re far smarter than we actually are. However, maturing and learning more about life and ourselves is a long process. It takes a lot of experience in order to truly understand how we feel and how to be a better person for our partner. Sometimes, a breakup gives us enough time to truly understand our feelings. Perhaps we realize what we had with our previous partner, perhaps the grass wasn’t greener on the other side after all, or perhaps no one understands you as well as your previous partner does.


Learning What Went Wrong


There are many guides such as Dan Bacon’s program that will help you get back together with your partner and they all focus on the same thing: identifying the issues that caused you to break up in the past and working out your differences. You and your former lover probably had issues that were affecting your relationship as a whole, but you probably never understood those issues or refused to talk about them in a meaningful way. It’s important to look back and learn just what went wrong so you can improve your relationships in the future.


How to Communicate Properly


One of the biggest causes of breakups is a lack of communication. As cliche as it might sound, it’s incredibly important that you and your partner are more open with each other so that there’s nothing hidden. Make sure you’re both transparent with each other and you’ll find that there are fewer doubts and issues that could potentially break you both up. Once you move past your previous issues and learn to respect each other through the way you communicate, you’ll find that it’s much easier to maintain a healthy relationship together.


Final Words


At the end of the day, getting back with a former lover can be an incredibly positive thing that changes your life for the better. It will help you understand the flaws you had, it will make you become more self-aware of your issues and you’ll find that you can become a better person overall. Of course, getting back with an ex isn’t for everyone and you’re the only person that can make or break that opportunity

Too Busy

Do you ever feel just way too busy to function? That’s how our weekdays are. With Piglet doing kempo, we have even less free time than we did before. I feel like we are in constant motion, and I just don’t have the down time I used to.

I wish I had a cleaning service, because my OCD hates how cluttered and messy our home becomes during the week, but there is just no time! When Match gets journeyman, I probably will get a cleaning person.

Monday was President’s day and I was able to get caught up on laundry, groceries and chores. Sometimes I really miss the stay at home life, but I do love my job, and I’m so grateful for my husband’s help. He cooks, cleans and does everything I do. I can’t tell you how good it is to have an equal partner. Otherwise I’m pretty sure i would go crazy!