Christmas ’17

Merry Christmas, everyone! How was your Christmas? We had our second Christmas at our home, and also the second that we haven’t spent it with family. It was just a quiet Christmas at home with our little family of 3.

Christmas weekend started off with me having Friday off from work. Piglet and I spent the day relaxing. We had Kempo in the morning, then we baked up a bunch of cookies all day. We had Happy Hour with friends in the afternoon.

Saturday morning was Piglet’s belt test for Kempo. He has been doing an amazing job at Kempo, and shown a lot of focus for a 4 year old. There are times where he goofs off in class and it makes us cringe as parents, but most of the time he does great. The belt test he just blew us away with his focus. 1 whole hour of following directions, having to stay quiet and calm, and having to remember all the moves. I was practically in tears when the belt ceremony came. He was so proud of himself, and us of him!

We celebrated with a sushi dinner. That boy loves his sushi!

Christmas eve we opened presents with Grandy and Grumps over Skype. We spent the rest of the day playing with the games they bought us. We also made sure to leave out cookies and hot cocoa for Santa.

The anticipated Christmas morning finally arrived, and Piglet was once again so cute. He was such a good boy about not waking up too early. He has this habit of coming into our room around 5ish in the morning to cuddle. Then he usually wiggles around until we give up and wake up around 6. This Christmas, he snuggled up with us, and tried to sleep in, until I had mercy on him and woke up at 7:30. I managed to scurry out there first and make sure the lights were on and the fire was lit. It all looked so magical.

Santa brought Piglet a couple of great presents, including Legos that he desperately wanted. Santa also made sure to make our choo choo loving boy his very own Train lego.

Match outdid himself and genuinely surprised me this Christmas. Tickets to a comedy show in Portland! I have been begging him to go to stand up comedy with me for almost a decade, and he finally did it! I was floored. I know this photo looks staged, but Match snapped it right when I opened his card.

We had our traditional chocolate croissants for breakfast, and then spent a lazy morning hanging around the house. In the afternoon, we had our neighbor friends over for a playdate. They’re a wonderful family with two of the sweetest little girls. Piglet was so happy to hang out with friends after being out of daycare for an extended weekend.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends.

A Garage May Not Sound Luxurious, But…

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When someone says the word garage, it doesn’t really provoke excitement, does it? After all, it tends to be a space whereby we simply throw in the things we don’t use a lot. However, while a garage may not sound luxurious, it can do wonders for your home. This is in terms of functionality, as well as boosting the value of your property too.

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that a garage has a lot more to offer than most people give it credit for. After all, there is no rule that says a garage has to be used for storage and storage alone, is there? There are plenty of innovative uses for garages, as you will see at For example, you could create an outdoor office or workspace from your garage. This will make it feel like you are leaving home to go to work in the morning, which can cause your productivity levels to increase considerably. This is a great solution for anyone that works from home. You could also turn your garage into another living area. Plus, even if you do stick with the traditional storage option, who’s to say your garage can’t look great and enhance the overall appeal of your home?

The functionality of a garage is not the only factor to consider. You also need to think about the impact this will have on the value of your property, and it’s assured to be a positive one. A garage could add up to 20 per cent to the value of your property. Of course, this all depends on what you are using the garage for, how big it is, and the style of it. Nonetheless, the potential is clearly huge. Space is at a premium today, and this is one of the most important factors people consider when looking for a home.

Needless to say, garages are often used to house vehicles as well. This can also drive up the value of your property, especially if you live in a space where parking isn’t widely available. Plus, the added security of having your car locked within a confined space can put your mind at ease. This could also be a moneymaking venture. You could rent out your car parking space inside your garage to any professionals that are working nearby. Find out more here: This is ideal for anyone that lives in a busy city and is looking for a way to generate more income.

As you can see, there is a lot more to adding a garage than may meet the eye. This can boost the functionality of your property in many different ways. After all, a garage does not have to be used for storage only. It could be an outside office or converted into a living area. Plus, no matter what you decide to use the garage for, it will most certainly drive up the value of your property overall.


Thanksgiving by the Sea, ’17

We had a lovely Thanksgiving on the coast, in my hometown, at my childhood home. It was drama-free and relaxing. We celebrated with just my parents, Match and our little Piglet.

We went for walks on the farm

Match, my Pops and I got to do some target shooting

We also went to Shore Acres to once again see the Christmas lights. Some of you may remember this is where Match proposed, so it’s a very special place for us. I loved watching Piglet’s face when he looked at all the lights!

That night we went out for a little date night. We met up with some old friends of mine from high school. It was a nice little weekend on the coast.

I’m so thankful for our life up here in Oregon. I’m thankful that Match has a job he loves, and that I do as well. I’m thankful that Piglet is thriving with his daycare, and I’m so thankful it’s walking distance from my work. I’m thankful for our little house, and our family, and friends that have become our family. I’m also thankful for you, my readers, even though I don’t blog like I used to. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

5 Proven and Tested Techniques to Consistently Get a Girl

5 Ways to Consistently Get a Girl’s Phone Number

Today I am so excited because I have a great post from Alex Wise from Loveawake free dating site. He is a recognized expert on love, marriage, and relationships. He loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people to bring their dreams into reality. I hope you will enjoy the reading as I did.

Hair Transplant Vs Hair Replacement

Remember back when I was a teenager and how completely nervous and anxiety struck I was with the thought of going up to a cute girl and ask her for her number. The lack of self confidence eventually dissipated when I matured and found out I was indeed AWESOME haha.

But nevertheless asking for a girl’s number can be very nerve wrecking for most guys. There’s always the fear of what if she says no. What if she gives me a fake number. What if she just completely ignores me. What if this, what if that.

I remember when I got my first phone number from a girl. Oh how sweet that was. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was nervous. Sweaty palms and everything. I was even nervous when I had to attempt to text my first text message to her. She didn’t reply lol.

Oh well. Since then it’s been hundreds of numbers and I don’t even really go for girl’s numbers anymore, unless there’s no other way around it for me and her to see each other again.

But I’ve learned a lot since the first step that I toke and I’m here to share the most potent mindsets and tips to help you consistently get the girl’s number:

1. Let’s hang out

Most girls are all up for meeting new people. So sharing contact details for a future meeting is cool with them. Just don’t frame it as a “Date” which is completely outdated now and you would probably freak her out if you used it. Now we just “hangout”. Which eases the pressure a bit. During your conversation with her, she should know what’s up and you’re not trying to be just friends. If she gets surprised by your advances than you probably wasn’t aggressive enough or showed enough intent.

So when you’re talking to a girl for at least 5min, tell her she is cool because of xyz quality and that you guys should “hangout”, take your phone out and give it to her. She knows what to do next.

2. Always go for the number no matter what

No matter how the conversation goes. Always go for the number. It doesn’t matter if the conversation is going down hill you just go for it. You never know who’s going to reply to your text or phone calls. I’ve talked to girls who I and her had such an amazing connection but nothing happened afterwards. Then I’ve had rather boring conversations with girls who lead to second dates and intimate times. The point is you never know what’s going to happen. Just get the number and take if from there. Don’t psych yourself out of it, let her decide if she wants to meet you again or not. 

3. Seeding a future date

Seeding a future date in the middle of the conversation will give her a reason to give you her number. It makes it easier for her to rationalize giving her number to some guy she just met.

Here are some examples:

” We should get coffee sometime, I know this sweet little café right down the corner”

” Do you like ice cream? We should go grab some Ben & Jerry’s sometime I know this little shop at xyz”

” I want to take you on a magical journey to Starbucks ”

To be honest it doesn’t really matter where you take her. Just give her a reason to see you again either it being a cool café or this awesome painting you have back at your place 😉

4. Leading and talking to her as a Man to a Woman

Lead the girl. Meaning leading her to that chair. Leading her to that bar. Leading the conversation and talk about topics you want to talk about. It’s crucial that you establish yourself as the leader. But also that you are a man and she is a woman. Now a days guys communicate like they are some sort of a sexual being without dicks. When you approach a woman there should be no doubt that you are the man and she is the woman. You are sexual off the bat. You know what’s up. She knows what’s up. She can either go with it or run away. You are not here to be her gay friend.

5. Don’t leave after you get the number

When you get the number don’t leave immediately unless she is in a hurry. This isn’t a mistake per say but if you stick around a little bit afterwards it kind of just helps cement the interaction and help make it solid. This will help your chances of her picking up the phone or replying to your text. Most guys just leaves afterwards making the girl feel that the number was all that he was after, not good. Talk with her a bit longer before you go, try and see if you can get her on a instant date, if she doesn’t have other plans.


Role-Reversal: Being The One To Pop The Question

Even in the modern world, it’s very uncommon for people to break with tradition when it comes to their wedding proposal. Despite other rituals being dropped in favor of new ideas, this area is one which a lot of people struggle to change, simply relying on their boyfriend to pop the question by themselves. Of course, though, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, you just need to find a way to get the job done yourself, and this post is here to help you out.

But, first, it’s time to think about tradition for just a little bit longer. A lot of women are hesitant about asking their other half to be their husband simply because it’s not how people have done it in the past. In reality, though, tradition is just a social construct, and your happiness is far more important. In a lot of cases, people are scared to ask their girlfriend for their hand in marriage, worried they will burst the bubble.

You don’t need tradition to guide you. If you want something, instead of waiting for the right circumstances, you should just take it. There are a few things left to consider when it comes to a proposal, and it’s important that you work hard to get them right. Below, you can find some examples of these to make it easier for you. Along with this, though, it could be worth doing some research on blogs and forums to make sure you’re not missing anything out.


  • The Location


The very first thing to think about is the location you’re going to use for your proposal. This will be somewhere you will remember for the rest of your life, impacting your memory of your early relationship massively. For this reason, it should be somewhere you both love, while also being somewhere new to you. The right location can make it much easier for you both to deal with the proposal. For instance, if you prefer to be private and don’t like to do things in front of people, finding somewhere off the beaten track could be perfect.


  • The Activity


Along with the location, it’s a good idea to give you and your partner something to do before your proposal. This will enhance the day even further, giving you more memories, and putting you both into a very good place for some fun. Looking for cool gifts for guys will help you to find options like experience days. With a couple of tickets, you could find you and your partner enjoying a once in a lifetime trip. There are very few better ways to provide an exciting backdrop to your big question.


  • The Feel


A lot of proposals throughout history have been ruined by people choosing an inopportune moment for their proposal. Before you take this bold step, you need to make sure the feel is right. The location and activity are all part of this, but you also have to do some assessment, making sure the time is right. After an argument, for example, is a very bad time to propose. Of course, though, you’ll know when it’s time.


  • The Moment Itself


Finally, it’s time to think about the moment itself. A lot of people spend hours and hours mentally rehearsing this part of their proposal, going over what they plan to say in their head. Of course, though, over preparing for something like this will only make it scarier. Instead, to avoid this, you should simply go with the flow. Make plans to ask the question, but don’t be specific with your timing or wording. If you act upon impulse, you will not only surprise your loved one but also yourself, making it all the more memorable.

A lot of people find it almost impossible to escape the norm when it comes to their proposal. But, like mentioned above, it doesn’t have to be this way. In the modern world, more and more people are changing the way they live. From the small aspects, like the devices they use, to the big things, like the people they see, the world is becoming a very diverse place. To have your part in this, doing something different for your marriage is a great idea.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to stop waiting for your boyfriend to pop the question. You could be on hold for years while he works up the courage to do this for you both, and this time will be wasted. Instead, take charge, ask the question, and get what you want.