The Duplex is Halloween Ready

I still haven’t gotten around to posting a tour of our duplex rental yet. I think it’s because I haven’t quite organized everything quite the way I want. You know I’ll finally get it just how I want it and we’ll move again. Sigh. So for now here’s a small tour of the downstairs and entry way, all decked out for Halloween. I had a lot of fun this year, especially with Piglet so into the holiday. He was my little helper getting the house ready.


We hung the bats from the ceiling again, and Piglet said we needed some on the walls too.


I made Piglet a tree for the corner of his play area out of some packing materials I had lying around. I wish I’d had just a bit more to make the branches longer, but it’s still sort of cute.


In the kitchen we made a ghost footprint craft, and I used my Harry Potter jar labels.


On the mantel, I put up all of our Halloween photos from the past few years.


PS if I owned this house you know I’d be spray painting that ugly gold fireplace black. Sometimes I get tempted to do it anyways.


We hung the pirate ship, and my haunted house painting. Piglet loves looking up at his ship, and it casts a really cool shadow on the wall.

We also made a couple of toilet paper bats for the bathroom.


I decorated the front door using two paper plates and a black crayon.


It was such a simple craft but it’s also my favorite part of the decorations. It makes me smile whenever I look at the front door. Piglet calls it his “Monster House”.


Our pumpkins are outside, and every day Piglet has to hug his baby pumpkin. I also made a witch’s broom out of sticks we found on our walk.

I love decorating! I wish I could do this for a living! Are you ready for Halloween?


Happy Birthday Easter Bunny!

Piglet had such a fun Easter, and Match and I had even more fun watching him. From the morning, when he sang happy birthday to the Easter Bunny while opening his gifts from his Gamma, to the adorable egg hunt that followed.


I am so excited that we finally have a decent sized yard again. Piglet had so much fun looking for his eggs. This video captured the cuteness perfectly. He tells himself “Good job” at the beginning, and then goes on to count the eggs, and talk about his buch-et. Oh how I love this child!


Happy birthday Easter bunny! Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful Easter as well.