Christmas Tour-2016

“It’s my favorite time of year!” says Piglet’s Christmas Thomas as it chugs along the track. I couldn’t agree more! I love decorating for the holidays.


Being the first Christmas at our new home, I wanted to make sure it was special. Here are a few of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Piglet helped me with these bathroom carolers, that he calls “Whistle Singers”. I love how the one on the left is a reluctant singer.

In the kitchen, I framed my favorite Elf quote. Match calls me his little Elf, because I have a slight sugar addiction.

We also added a splash of decor to Piglet’s room. We hung snowflakes and little Christmas trees around the track. I added lights to the train for a festive touch. Next year maybe I’ll add lights all the way around the track.

I made my own ornament wreath out of leftover ornaments and garland

We also made sure to bring back the Olaf door for Piglet.

I love how magical everything is. I am so excited that we’re having Christmas at home this year. Thanks for stopping by for our Christmas tour. I’d love to see your houses! Send me a link so I can visit.

Christmas Parade and Christmas Tree Farm

The day after Thanksgiving, our town has its annual light parade and Christmas tree lighting. We met up with my work buddy and his family for hot cocoa and to watch the parade.


Piglet had so much fun watching it. I loved watching his little face light up with wonder.


That Saturday, we went to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. It was a chilly morning, and we had to bundle up. dsc_1080

Every year I think about getting a pre-lit, artificial tree. They look so easy to set up, and they are so low maintenance. But then I remember that we would miss out on this experience. There’s something so special about picking out just the right tree.




We were able to warm up in the barn with cider and hot cocoa while they bundled up our tree. The farm dog cozied up to Match. I could see us getting a golden retriever someday, if we ever get a house in the country.


After we got our tree, Piglet and I got to decorating. He was so excited to put the special ornaments on the tree.



I’ll show you the fully decorated tree in my Christmas tour post. But I will say it’s my favorite tree yet! Do you have Christmas traditions you do with your family to start off the Christmas season?


Christmas at the Duplex

Last year we moved in the middle of December, so I didn’t get to truly deck the halls like I wanted. We didn’t get a tree, and we didn’t have a fireplace, so the stockings had to be hung from the window (not nearly as cute as the fireplace). This year we have a fireplace and a mantel, which makes this Christmas elf very happy.


This year we still don’t have a ton of room for a large tree, but we could at least have one. I actually love how sweet and simple it is. Piglet loved that he got to put the star on top with Daddy.


We took a break from Christmas decorating to read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I love that Match snapped this picture. It was such a sweet and heartwarming moment with my little one.


Here’s the tree all finished.


Santa also delivered a gift for Piglet early this year. It’s a special Christmas Thomas the train set, which we hoped would go around the tree. When it arrived, we realized it was way too big, and that Piglet would probably knock the tree down playing with it. So it is currently taking up our living room. It’s pretty cute to watch, and Piglet loves it so much.


We hung up our snowflakes again, and I added a little flair to our kitchen. I always wish I could deck things out even more. Maybe when we buy a home again.



I went to a wreath decorating party with Fliz. It was a fun little get together, but it was clear that the ladies were way more experienced at making wreaths. It was my first attempt, and it’s a little thin.


I also saw a fun idea on Pinterest to make an Olaf for the inside of the front door. Piglet loves it!


I love all the Christmas decorations, and I’m trying to soak up every minute of Christmas cheer. I can’t believe that we only have 5 days left til Christmas!

Piglet Meets Santa

On the first weekend of December, we took Piglet to meet Santa. I feel like I failed as a mother for not introducing him to Santa when he was a baby. I don’t have that classic baby crying in Santa’s arms photo. I also sort of love that when he first met Santa, he understood a bit more about him. He has seen some Christmas movies, and he has that little boy imagination. I wondered how he would react when he actually met him in person.

First, he was so excited that Santa was at a converted train depot. While we waited in line, a little Christmas elf passed out popcorn to the kids. We brought along our friend Fliz, Piglet’s favorite “Auntie”. They had fun waiting in line together.



Then it was time to meet the big guy. Piglet marched right up to him and introduced himself and shook Santa’s hand. It was so darn cute! I love that he’s this tiny little gentleman. When he came back, I asked him if he told Santa what he wanted for Christmas and he said, “No I just said hi my name is Wyatt.” I love that he’s not at the “gimme gimme” stage. He was just happy to meet him!



After meeting Santa, we got to go for a carriage ride! Did I mention that all of this was free? It was put on by the local winery. I love where we live! Piglet was so into the carriage ride, and kept telling us over and over, “we’re riding in a carriage!”





I love this stage, and how magical everything is through Piglet’s eyes. I hope he never loses that sense of Christmas magic.

Thanksgiving Decor

You all know how I love this time of year. From October through January my house is decorated for the different holidays. It’s so fun bringing out classic crafts, and making new ones. DSC_0520

This year we hung up our leaves again, and I also decided to keep the “spooky” tree up, because it tied in pretty well with the fall leaves.


I had fun making some signs to hang up around the house. I think next year I’ll try to do an image transfer on wood, but this works for now.


I did a pencil tracing of Match’s, Piglet’s, and my hand to use for decoration. I think it’s my favorite of the decorations I have up.


Have you decorated for Thanksgiving?