Post It Note Tuesday-Background Investigator

Debbie: At my last job, the background check wasn’t nearly as extensive…
Sam: You have a button on your phone, a crash button.
Debbie: Hmm?
Sam: You have a crash button which will bring the Secret Service in instantly and turn your office into a live microphone which will be broadcast all over the building. It’s the button you push if someone’s trying to take the Oval Office. This isn’t your last job. –The West Wing

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New Girlfriends and Ladies Night Out

“Girl talk.”
“I didn’t know you were even rigged for girl talk.”
“We can all do it.” –Cryptonomicon

Last night I went out with a group of new girlfriends for some long overdue girls time. These last few weeks have been pretty rough on me and I’ve been really missing having close girlfriends. Couple Wife had introduced me to these girls and I’ve hung out with them a handful of times but always in big groups. Monday I hung out with one of the girls one on one when she invited me to be her guest to a kick-boxing class. We hit it off right away and discovered we have a lot in common. I’ve nicknamed her Geeky because she loves all the geek things I love, like the Twilight Sage, Harry Potter, and Star Trek. It’s also ironic because she’s a gorgeous girl, very hip and you’d never suspect that she’s a geek. Continue reading New Girlfriends and Ladies Night Out