TTUT-Piglet’s Baby Shower

Jerry: Explain to me how this baby shower thing works.
Elaine: What do you wanna know?
Jerry: Well, I mean, does it ever erupt into a drunken orgy of violence?
Elaine: Rarely. -Seinfeld

with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn

I can’t believe I only posted once last week. It’s been such a busy past few days, prepping the house and getting everything ready. It took me a full day to recoop from the baby shower. It was such an awesome day. I felt so loved and so blessed to have such amazing family and friends there to celebrate our little guy. Prepare for picture overload! Tahoe Girl brought her nice digital SLR and spent the day being my photographer. My hostess, Geeky, outdid herself with the decorations.

owl baby shower:









owl theme baby shower:

My beautiful hostess Geeky! She did such a great job. Everyone had fun with the games, and she kept things running smoothly. She’s a pro!

owl baby shower:

Tomboy showed up as a complete surprise. She’s currently in graduate school in Oregon, and she had just visited us the week before. I didn’t even know she was still in the state. It was such a great surprise!


Chandler’s Older Bro’s Wife and I, showcasing our baby bumps. I still can’t get over the fact that she’s due just 28 days after me, also with a boy! The next generation of The Group in the making!


Just a few of The Group ladies. Tomboy, OB Wife, me and Tahoe Girl

onesie decorating:

I loved the onesie decorating station. If I hadn’t been so busy socializing, I would have made one myself. Hopefully I get a chance before Piglet arrives. My guests had great senses of humor while decorating these!


About to open gifts, after I stuff my face with this cupcake.


This was part of the crib bedding set. The bumper is actually going to line the window seat in the nursery, not the crib, since it’s not that safe. I can’t wait to put it all up. Stay tuned for a nursery reveal in a few weeks!


Me and my MIL. If you look closely, the onesie says “I Was Worth the Wait” and it made me bawl. As you all know, this little guy has been a long time coming. It was a very sweet gift. She also got us our digital monitor (score!) because she knows how nervous we’re going to be as new parents. But the best gift? That would have to be an audio book that she recorded, along with my FIL of them reading Good Night Moon to Piglet. There was not one dry eye in the room when I opened that one.


I know it’s a terrible picture of me, but it captured the moment. When I showed it to Match, he started crying too. Such an awesome gift. Now I need to see if my parents can send one too, so he can listen to both sets of grandparents reading to him!


I had to share this picture because I love the look on my face. I think Piglet kicked really hard when that picture was taken, and I thought I was going to pee myself!


Finally resting my poor swollen tootsies, and visiting with Mrs. Makeup. It was so sweet of her to make the drive! I love that we’ve been friends our entire lives pretty much. I’ve known her since kindergarten. Hard to believe we’re both mommies now!


Good Girl brought one of the twins, and he was having all kinds of fun.


Thanking Geeky for doing such a great job. It really was the best day!


 Me at the end of the day. I was exhausted but so happy. What a perfect way to celebrate our rainbow baby. I felt so much love, and there were a few times throughout the day that I could feel Roo’s presence with me. I like to think that she was happy too.

Halloween 2012

Tracy: Oh check this out! My key to the city of Gary, Indiana” . Mmmm, look at this! My gold record from my novelty party song![“Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” Music video]Tracy[singing, dressed up as a Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary. Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves. -30 Rock

Our Halloween party was a blast!! The day started out super scary, with my own personal Halloween nightmare. I overdid it on prepping the house for the party the night before, and I woke up to tons of bleeding and blood clots. I had an appointment with the midwife for bloodwork that day anyways, so they were able to give me an ultrasound. Little Peanut is just fine, nice strong heartbeat, and the midwife said I just need to be better about taking it easy.

Match and my friends were all so understanding and didn’t let me do any of the clean up. They are all so good to me and little Piglet! Prepare for a photo bomb as I take you through the night. Let’s start with the decorations. I love the way they turned out.

and let’s not forget the food

Match helped me make the rice crispy eyeballs and ghosts. They turned out so cute! Miss Ph.D is so afraid of spiders she couldn’t eat the spider deviled eggs. 😉

And now without further adieu, I give you our costumes:

The pictures started out innocently enough, but quickly went inappropriate. Match had way too much fun with this theme!

The guest arrived and everyone was dressed up so cute.

Miss PhD as a devil, Geeky as Hermoine, me as the sheep, Walking Buddy as Medusa, and Hippy Chick as Bubble Gum, with her baby as a kitty cat. Walking Buddy’s sis in law came along, but I don’t think she had a costume.

I can’t get over how cute Match looks in his overalls. Walking Hubby was a gladiator. I have no clue what Hippy Guy was supposed to be. Maybe a magician? And Geeky’s hubby went as Maverick from Top Gun.

I had way too much fun at the food table. I plopped myself down and practically ate all the food. Good thing my sheep costume was baggy!

I mustache you a question!

At the end of the night Hippy guy did a cool glow in the dark light show for us. It was pretty neat to watch.

I had such a great time with friends. It was so low key and mellow. It was exactly what we wanted. I can’t wait til next year. I plan to do more yard and outdoor decorations. And I can’t wait to have a family themed costume with Piglet! 


A Day Out With the Girls

As specified by standards and practices, I am enjoying this hookah in a drug-free way. -Debbie, Sealab 2021

This past Sunday Couple Wife and Geeky came to visit me. They got me out of the house and out of my head for a few hours of girl time. Let me tell you-having a few hours where I could laugh, be silly, and not think solely about sad stuff was exactly what I needed.

We started off with sushi and sake at a restaurant downtown. Please don’t mind the bags under my eyes. I swear I’ve aged 10 years since the beginning of this month. I suppose that’s to be expected given the circumstance. I’m ready to feel normal again, and I know eventually my eyes will dry up.

The sake sparked some very inappropriate comments about how it was Asian men’s semen. This prompted CW to say, “If it tastes like that, maybe I married the wrong guy!” Oh lordy! Since we were on a roll with our inappropriateness, we decided to wander into the lingerie shop, Naughty or Nice. I didn’t realize there was a back part of the store, which was full of adult toys. All kinds of jokes and giggling ensued. You would think we were three teenage girls, not married women in our late 20s!

We had the most fun trying on wigs. Geeky looked amazing as a red headed vixen, and actually ended up buying hers. I loved the pixie wig, but couldn’t bring myself to drop $50 on something I’d rarely wear.

After our fun at the porn shop in disguise, we walked by a cigar shop. I decided to stop in and buy Match a cigar for being such a great husband. While we were browsing we noticed they also had a hookah bar. The girls had never smoked hookah, but I used to all the time in college. For those that haven’t tried it, it’s flavored tobacco that makes you light headed and slightly buzzed. It’s fun once in a blue moon but I couldn’t do it all the time. We were cracking up and being total dorks, blowing smoke out of our noses and being dragons as Geeky called it. It was a good thing we were the only people in the shop because we were being complete fools.

We laughed about how even though it was a girl’s day out, it was as if we’d had a guy’s day. We’d been drinking, visited a porn shop, and then a cigar lounge. What a completely random, but fun, afternoon!

When we got home the girls presented Match with a gift they’d bought him at the porn shop-a man thong. I always tell them how cute his butt is, so they bought him a pair of undies to accentuate his “ass-ets”. He was only mildly embarrassed. 🙂

I also bought him some boobie shaped soap since he hasn’t been allowed to touch mine for awhile. Once again lots of giggling from the girls. We had such a fun, lighthearted day and it was exactly what I needed.

How We Told Our Friends

Malcolm: Mom, do you…do you like your parents?
Lois: It doesn’t matter how I feel about them. It’s not like I can trade them for someone else. You can’t pick your parents. You’re pretty much stuck with whoever you get.-Malcolm in the Middle

For months I’ve been thinking of fun ways to tell our friends when we finally got pregnant. We opted for different ways to tell each of our different friends. Sassy Couple found out right away since I wasn’t drinking on New Year’s Eve and she point blank guessed it! We told Walking Buddies when we were up in Tahoe together and I had to explain why I couldn’t go sledding or ice skating.

Remember a few weeks back when I blogged about Ranger Bob and getting lost on a hike with Geeky? Well that was the day I told her about Roo. So when we were lost, she just kept saying, OMG you’re PREGNANT! We have to find our way out of here! It was so cute how worried she was. She is going to be an awesome auntie.

We went out to dinner with Couple Friends and their babies and I casually mentioned that Match would be getting six weeks off this coming September. Then they looked at us, and looked at my bottle of sparkling water that was clearly not wine and they got it.

I told Monica and Chandler on skype much the same way we told our parents. It was fun to be able to get them in on a secret when they’re so far away and missing out on so much. We told them before we told many of our friends! Last week I told the rest of “The Group” including Tahoe Couple, Token Gay Guys and TomBoy via email with the picture below. They all freaked out because they’ll be aunties and uncles. We’re the first out of that group to have kids, so it marks the beginning of a new era. I promised them I would try not to change too much. 🙂

As for everyone else, we are still waiting to make the big announcement via Facebook. I have a lot of acquaintances on there, and we’re just not ready to tell everyone. I think we’ll wait for the 10 week mark. Instead of the typical sonogram picture, this is what we will be posting:

I just have to say this picture totally makes it look like I have a bigger bump than I do. I had just eaten Mexican food so it was definitely more of a food baby. It’s still pretty early so I’m not showing yet. But the boobie fairy has come to our house, much to Match’s delight. Oh we are SO those embarrassing parents already aren’t we?

Talk to Us Tuesday-Thank God for Ranger Bob!

[In the woods]
Adrian Monk: Are we lost? Tell me the truth, I can take it.
Natalie Teeger: We’re… [Stottlemeyer mouths, “NO!”] …not lost.
Adrian Monk: Oh, my God! WE’RE LOST! –Monk

I’ve got a doozie of a story to share with you and our fabulous hosts: IA and Seriously Shawn

On Sunday I met up with Geeky and we went to lunch and then for a short little hike. The trail we went on is about an hour long, maybe less. We lost track of time gabbing away and somehow ended up on the wrong trail. We started getting worried when we didn’t recognize the path. We kept running into bicyclists and we asked a few if we were heading in the right direction. They assured us we were headed towards the parking lot.

Then it started getting dark and we started getting worried. We found a map and it didn’t have a You Are Here sticker, but we figured we were pretty lost. I thought the other side of the sign might have some more info, and when we looked, it was a huge picture of a mountain lion with a warning to beware of mountain lions in the area.

Geeky and I took one look at the picture, let out yelps of fear and ran like hell down the hill. We finally found the parking lot the bikers had been talking about, and by some stroke of pure luck, Ranger Bob. He gave us a map and pointed to the trail that we were on. He said we weren’t just a little off trail, we were MILES away from the car. It turned out our “little hike” was more like 2.5 hours of wandering. Ranger Bob took pity on us and drove us back to our car. We were absolutely mortified/so grateful. He even had to call it in on his radio that he was taking two lost females back to the park. He also confirmed that there were indeed mountain lions right where we had been walking, and that it was a good thing we were hiking in pairs.

He also lectured us about always carrying our cell phones (we had both forgotten ours) and advised us to bring pepper spray next time. He gave us a pamphlet about how a lot of the state parks are closing and how we can help. After being rescued by Ranger Bob I’m super motivated to help out. Here’s the website if you’d like more info:

We got back to Geeky’s and couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves. I’m sure we were quite the sight. Two blonde girls completely lost, cold, and so grateful that we ran into Ranger Bob. Geeky’s husband teased us and said the typical guy response, “You guys might have had to get naked and cuddle for warmth.” Men! I called Match on the way home and he laughed and said, “You have the worst sense of direction!” It was still a really fun day and it was great seeing Geeky. I also got some great pictures. I wish I’d thought to take one of Ranger Bob! Next time we go hike we’ll definitely bring a map, our cell phones, and pepper spray!