My Gorgeous Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Since we moved into our new rental, I have been bugging Match about getting a new dining room table. The one we used to have before our move to Oregon was an old hand-me-down that had seen better days. I never liked the look of it, and we gave it back to the family member that loaned it to us. I wanted something more rustic, and I found the perfect table on Pinterest, from Ana White. Her plans were easy to follow, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. You can find the plans here.

table1 table2 table3

Isn’t it so pretty? My husband did a fantastic job, and it turned out even better than I could have hoped for. I am so in love with it! I can’t wait to have a big dinner party to try it out. Of course now that I know Match can build, his honey do list is never ending. šŸ˜‰

Little Blue Truck 1st Birthday


Piglet’s first birthday party was better than we could have hoped for. It was chaotic, loud, and so much fun. Piglet wouldn’t take more than a 20 minute afternoon nap, and we were so nervous that he’d be a fussy pants, but he was all smiles. We were so impressed with his ability to handle all the activity. It was like he couldn’t sleep beforehandĀ because he just knew it was his party. He was too excited to sleep! The decorations all came together, and I’m so happy with how everything turned out.

We had the little blue truck and the dump truck, complete with felt animals that I hand stitched:

little blue truck & dump truck,

little blue truck felt animals,

There were blue frosted cupcakes, with homemade cupcake toppers:

Little Blue Truck Cupcake Toppers,

I also made a chalkboard sign for Piglet. Guests said it was great because it answered questions they had about him! chalkboard birthday sign, #littlebluetruckparty

The clothespin timeline was my favorite decoration piece. I love seeing how he’s changed throughout the year. Don’t mind the glare on the pictures. I am still learning how to take good photos! clothespin timeline photo

Match was so helpful all day. He helped me put up streamers in the family room, and he cleaned up our patio and deck, and got everything guest ready. Then the guests started arriving, and it was party time!


Match got really into the theme, and even coordinated his outfit to go along with Piglet’s. I love that he is such a good sport!

Little Blue Truck Pinata, #diypinata #littlebluetruck

The kids had a great time with the pinata. Unfortunately, Match made it a little too sturdy, and we ended up having to put it on the ground and let them just whack it to death. Either way, the kids had fun and the adults were thoroughly entertained!

Piglet did not mess around when it came time for his cupcake. He had been waiting a whole year for a sweet treat, and he did not want to miss out!


DSC_0415 DSC_0418

The rest of the party was a blur of opening presents and visiting with guests. Piglet’s Godparents, Geeky and Fireguy, went all out with a Giraffe rider. It was the hit of the party!


We had friends come from out of town, and Match got to see some of his academy buddies. Between the three guys, they have had four sons since graduating from Law Enforcement Academy. Pretty crazy! All the guests seemed to have fun mingling and playing together.Ā partyguests

We are so blessed to have so many people that love our little man. Onward to year #2!

little blue truck 1st birthday sign, DSC_0501

little blue truck 1st birthday,

DIY Pinata

We are starting to get RSVPs for Piglet’s big first birthday, and it looks like there will be quite a few kids attending. I got some great advice from another mom, who suggested a pinata as the activity to keep kids entertained. Plus just think of the cute photo opp of Piglet swinging a bat!

I looked for a truck pinata, but they were all the wrong colors, and frankly they were all overpriced for something the kids are just going to whack apart with a bat. So I hopped on pinterest, and saw that it’s not so difficult to make your own pinata. Match decided to help me out, and basically did the entire thing by himself. He used old cardboard boxes, lots of masking and scotch tape, tissue paper I’ve saved over the years, and some aluminum foil. The entire project was 100% free!


It was cute to see him get so into decorating. He had a lot of fun with it, and it turned out so cute! I almost don’t want to see the kids smash it.



I don’t think the pictures do it justice. It turned out great, and I am so excited to see it hanging up for Piglet’s party~


Updated Kitchen Lighting

When we moved into our home, the kitchen was my least favorite spot in the house. This was a huge bummer for me, because the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where everyone congregates at a party, even if you try to keep them in another room. When I saw pictures of our house online for the first time, I almost didn’t want to see the house, that’s how much I hated the kitchen. I’m glad I was able to look past it, and see the potential.


We have been busy planning Piglet’s first birthday, and having the party here has been a huge excuse for me to cross some big house projects off our to do list. I’ve been getting quotes on having the exterior of the house painted, and on a whim, I went ahead and got quotes for fixing the kitchen lighting, and for painting the cabinets.

Sadly the quotes were outrageous for the lighting and painting of the cabinets. I told Match how disappointed I was, and he took it upon himself to do something about it. He decided that while painting the cabinets would be way too much work right now, he could probably tackle the lights. 3 days of hard work and the pay off was huge. I didn’t get to help out like I wanted to. My job was baby wrangling, and keeping Piglet happy while Match worked. Did I mention he stands on his own now? This kid is minutes away from walking, I swear.


So back to the lighting project. Match first had to remove the old lighting. Check out those nasty babies. Gotta love all the yellowing going on inside the cutout too. I am so bad at taking before pictures. This was an epic fail on my part, where I only got pictures after we removed the yellowed and chipped screens that cover the fluorescent bulbs.


Making some progress:


The final result!

Ā DSC_0170DSC_0169

The cherry on top of the awesomesauce that is this project? We deep cleaned the kitchen to get rid of all the dust. My cabinets, counters and appliances have never been so clean. Ahhhh, I love it! I think the fixture really updates the kitchen, and the warm lighting makes the cabinets look better. I’d still prefer them white, but they look way better than before.

I’m so proud of my hubby for taking on this project. I know it wasn’t easy, and he worked really hard on it. I’m so happy with my kitchen lighting, and him for being such a sweetie!


Canvas TV Cover Up

I haven’t posted about my DIY projects in awhile, probably because I haven’t had much time to do them! I remember being afraid I’d never get any projects done once Piglet came along, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much we’ve managed. Projects just take a bit longer, as they revolve around the precious nap time free time window! Anywho, here’s the latest, and it has to do with my 2014 to do list.

As part of my goals for 2014, we decided to cancel our cable. It’s been the best decision we’ve ever made! We still watch some of our shows, but we watch them online, all snuggled up next to the computer. It’s a planned event, and we don’t watch hours of shows. Usually we watch one, maybe two, and that’s it. So now that we’re not watching TV all the time, we have this big black box stuck on the wall.




I really wanted to get some framed artwork to cover it up, but after researching, I realized it would cost thousands.Ā Of course I decided to do a DIY version and this is what I came up with. I ordered the map on Amazon for $16.99. I used a 40% coupon at Michaels for the extra large canvas. Slapped on some modge podge, and this whole project cost about $40. I enlisted Match’s help with the backing, where we drilled a couple of pieces of scrap wood onto the canvas frame. Then we just looped it over the TV. That way we can just lift it off if we want to watch a show or movies on the TV. Because it’s canvas, it’s very light, so it’s easy to lift off.


I think I’d eventually like to glue some wood around the edges, to give it a more finished, framed look. Even without the frame I love the way it turned out.

PS we totally staged this picture. In real life, we have a ton of baby toys all over the place. Le sigh. Someday it’ll go back to being this spotless, but this is the way we live now. Just keeping it real!