Living Room Built Ins-Phase 2 Wood Accent Wall

Remember Phase 1 of our living room project? I scored oak bookshelves off Craiglist, and made this upgrade in our living room.


Well, Match finished off Phase 2 yesterday, and I am so, so, so happy with the results.


It ties the whole house together, and matches our closet mud room, and even the shutters outside.


Here is the progression of the living room.


We may do a mantel as well, but I worry that we’ll end up ruining the look. What are your thoughts? Would you add a mantel, or leave it as it is?

The Guest Room

So I’m completely obsessed with homemade chalk paint now. I mean where has this been all my life?? I would have done so many more projects at our first home.

Here’s the guest room desk that I made over recently.


I scored this desk at the good will for $10! I am so happy with how it turned out, and that I managed to find a desk to fit our small guest space. The after picture isn’t the greatest. I forgot to take one of just the desk before putting everything on it, but you get the idea:





It’s a simple room, but I like to think it’s homey. Here’s the sign I re-painted, also with chalk paint.


Now if we could just get a couple overnight guests. Geeky and her family are talking about coming over for a visit soon! I really hope they do. I haven’t seen her and her family since January. Do you have a guest room? Does anyone ever use it?


Built-Ins: Round 2

Do you guys remember the built-ins we made for our first home? Here’s a little reminder if you don’t remember. I was so in love with them, and they worked so well for the space.


When we purchased our current home, I knew I wanted built-ins for the living room. Once you have them, you just can’t go back. The living room in our current home is much more open than our last place, and so I decided I would try to find something pre-existing that I could modify. Here’s the before shot:


I ended up scoring these solid oak bookshelves on Craiglists for $250!


I slapped some homemade chalk paint on them, and then sanded down our existing sideboard on each side, and they just fit the space like a glove. Here’s the beautiful result:



I have to say, I actually like these built-ins more than our first ones. I think it’s because the space is more open. I miss having a fireplace, but we’re hoping to built a mantel shelf to hang in the center, after Match mounts the TV. He’s also going to put reclaimed wood behind the tv, to give it a pop of color, and to tie it in with our closet mud room.


I love how the space looks now! It’s exactly what I wanted, and it was half the price of our first built in project.


Summer Projects

Welp, I had all these high hopes of blogging a lot during my summer break, and here I am finishing up my first week back at work, finally getting around to my poor, neglected blog. I’ve missed you bloggy friends! This was my summer break of projects. Since we are homeowners again, I had quite the list of things to get done.  Here’s what I managed to accomplish during my month off:

  1. Repainted the deck
  2. Painted the front trim
  3. Re-painted all the doors and inside trim ( are you sensing a theme here? I’m so sick of painting!)
  4. Swapped out outlets and switches for the more modern ones. I love being able to hit them with my elbow to turn them on or off.
  5. Scored bookcases off Craiglist for our faux built ins in the living room.
  6. Worked on the yard, took down a lot of ugly bushes and stumps
  7. Made Piglet a couple of train shelves
  8. Guest room makeover-found an incredible $10 goodwill desk and chalk painted it. Then added a fun sign to the room, new comforter, drapes, and redecorated a bit. I love how it turned out.

I will post pictures of everything soon, but here’s a sneak peek of the pretty new built ins.


In the middle of all of these projects, I also had my dad, stepmom, brothers, nephews, niece and grandpa visit. We had a great time, but it was exhausting.


I also made sure to do fun things with Piglet, and try to soak up as much family time as possible. We had my 15 year high school reunion, then Miss PhD’s wedding, both on the coast, so there was a lot of driving.


There was also an incredible emotional rollercoaster involving my mother’s mental health. I won’t blog about it, but I will just say that things are not good, and I’m praying she gets better.

In happier news, my brother got engaged! I’ve gotten to know his girlfriend and her son, and I’m so so so happy they are going to be a part of the family. She’s an amazing influence on my oldest brother, and it makes my heart happy to see him so happy.

I’m tired from all the vacationing, but so satisfied with my month off. We packed in a lot of life!

Deck Make-Over

It’s my summer break (yay!) and I dove right into my house project to do list. First up was repainting our back deck. We love hanging out in the backyard, especially in the summertime. The deck was in pretty sorry shape when we moved in.


I am so happy with the new look. It’s a blueish gray, and it compliments the interior colors of the house. I feel like it makes the deck look bigger too.


I am hoping to refinish the deck chairs this month as well, and hopefully add some fun solar lights to the awning. We also have a lot of landscaping left to do, but it’s coming along.


As you can see, Piglet didn’t waste any time grabbing his toys to play on the rug. I love how he lined them all up for the picture.