The Battle of the Front Door

As some of you may recall, we took on the huge task of painting the exterior of our house. We both agreed on the color of the house, but we could not agree on the color for the front door.

After a pretty heated debate, which we took to Facebook, I finally conceded to Match, and we went with the green.

I still think my color was better, so he compromised and we painted the inside my color, and the outside his. The outside is Sherwin Williams Parrot Green, and the inside is Sherwin Williams Seakiss. Here’s the before of the inside:

No matter what I do, the door keeps getting grimy, so my hope is that the new paint also repels grime. Either way, I’m so in love with this blue color. It just makes me smile to look at that happy door. It almost makes up for the glaring bright green on the other side! I kid, I kid. But seriously, it’s so green though. But that’s marriage isn’t it? We compromise for the people we love. And with that, I give you the lovely blue interior front door. Isn’t it so pretty?

Have you ever painted the interior of your front door? Have you ever compromised on paint color to make your partner happy? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!


New Concrete Counters

Keeping this DIY bug rolling, we finally got our counters replaced. We have been wanting concrete countertops for years, but we didn’t want to deal with the hassle of making them ourselves. We found a guy who did it for super cheap as a side business, provided we do our own demo, and Match had help from our neighbor friends for the install. They were beasts!

Here’s a lovely reminder of what it looked like when we moved in. Brown, leaf print formica. Why, just…why?

Also, remember that floor? And that cabinet color? I do not miss either of those.  While I waited for my counters, I used a laminate contact paper for a super cheap temporary fix. It looked good from far away, but up close it was pretty hideous.

I am so in love with them! I finally have my dream kitchen!

I think eventually we might do a true backsplash, but for now I’m happy with the blue color under the cabinets. I am also super happy with the sink. It’s HUGE! I could probably fit my five year old in it. I love the single sink, and the larger sprayer, and pull down faucet. It even has a strainer grate, so I don’t have to look at the dishes drying on the counter anymore.

New Exterior House Paint

Well, we got bit by the DIY bug again. We decided with two back to back family visits coming up this month, we’d better do some home improvement projects. We decided to paint the exterior of our house by ourselves. What are we thinking? I guess since it’s a one story we figured it’d be relatively easy, but that depends on your outlook. It’s going to take forever! Here’s the before. It’s a faded yellow, with light green upper peaks.



I’m so excited for the color. It’s Sherwin Williams Gray Clouds, which I find very fitting for our Oregon home. We are no strangers to clouds around here!

The task of painting a house by ourselves is more than a little bit daunting. We’ve broken it up into phases. We’ve finished phase 1, which is the front of the house, but not the upper peaks. It’s subtle, but I LOVE the color. I can’t wait until it’s all finished.


My Flooring Project

You know how we do a ton of DIY projects? And you know how most of the time I’m the one who is just helping? I usually paint, or do the clean up, but I never take on the whole project. This time I took on this project, and did the lion’s share, and I’m so stinking proud of myself! That’s not to say that Match didn’t do anything. He did a huge part, which was leveling out our subflooring. He also did the master bathroom floors. But the living room, dining room, hallway and Piglet’s bathroom? That was all me, baby! I wanted to do something myself, and I wanted to lighten Match’s load. With him working all the time and taking night classes twice a week for his apprenticeship, I didn’t need him tackling this too.




So here they are, my beautiful floors. I’m so happy with how they turned out! We chose vinyl plank flooring, because it is waterproof, scratch resistant, and very dog and kid friendly. The color is stony oak gray, and it goes so well with our decor.




Now of course I want to get a new gray couch to coordinate, and we are hoping to get new carpet in the spring. But I’m going to kick back for awhile. Our house was torn apart for a week, and we basically lived in utter chaos. It’s not something I want to repeat anytime soon, but the payoff was well worth it.

Halloween Decor-2016 Edition

I had so much fun decorating for Halloween this year. I finally have my built ins, and this being the first Halloween in the new house, I had to make it special.

I made a countdown for Piglet, with a little ghost that he could move every day.

dsc_0758 dsc_0759

I went with a Harry Potter theme this year, and I plan on doing it next year too. I had a potions display, and made some Harry Potter themed book covers. I even made us wands from sticks we found on a walk. He’s super into Harry Potter now, which is a dream come true for me. I’m hoping next year we can dress up as a family of witches and wizards!







We hung up the pirate ship, and had the bats dangling from the ceiling again. Piglet loved watching them. I loved all of his cute artwork from school this year.

Happy Halloween!!