Sex and the City 2 and Geeky’s Birthday

Richard: So, you look great.
Monica: Right.
Richard: No you do. You… just…
Monica: What?
Richard: You’ve got panties stuck to your leg.
Monica: (removes them) That’s because I-I was just grabbing some things out of the dryer, and it’s static cling. Or maybe it’s just that God knew I’d be running into you and saw an opportunity.                                                                                                                                –Friends

Saturday was Geeky’s big birthday bash. I met up with Geeky, Firefighter Chic, and Stylist Girl and Geeky and Stylist’s place. GC let me borrow one of her dresses (she has hundreds and they are all so pretty!) and then Stylist helped me fix my hair. Geeky’s boyfriend, the only guy, was teasing Stylist for having a tackle box full of makeup to cover the acne of an entire freshman class. That guy is funny and also a great sport for being the only girl with a ton of women. We had some champagne and then Geeky’s bf took pictures of us before we headed out.

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She-Wolf Pack and the Outsider

If only you knew how mean she really is… You’d know that I’m not allowed to wear hoop earrings, right? Yeah! Two years ago she told me hoops earrings were *her* thing and I wasn’t allowed to wear them anymore. And then for Hannakuh my parents got this pair of really expensive white gold hoops and I had to pretend like I didn’t even like them and… it was so sad. And you know she cheats on Aaron? Yes, every Thursday he thinks she’s doing SAT prep but really she’s hooking up with Shane Ohman in the projection room above the auditorium! I never told anybody that because I am *such* a good friend! -Gretchen, Mean Girls

Thursday night was Geeky’s Cinco De Mayo Party. She invited me but I just wasn’t up for it. I think Geeky is great, she’s a lot of fun, but after this last Thursday, I’m disenchanted with the rest of her friends. I just couldn’t summon the energy to be around that crowd. I didn’t get a chance to write about what happened last Thursday at the comedy show that made me realize why I don’t have a lot of girlfriends. Continue reading She-Wolf Pack and the Outsider

St. Patty’s Day Party

It is St. Patrick’s Day, and here in Scranton that is a huge deal. It is the closest that the Irish will ever get to Christmas. -Michael, The Office

Saturday night was the St. Patty’s Day/Lax Guy’s Birthday Party and while a lot more low key than Match’s Bday, still a lot of fun.

Here are a couple of pictures from the night.

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Weekend Update

Barney: Open your brain tank bro, cuz here comes some premium 91 octane knowledge. There’s three rules of cheating: 1. It’s not cheating if you’re not the one who’s married. 2. It’s not cheating if her name has two adjacent vowels. 3. And it’s not cheating if she’s from a different area code. You’re fine on all three counts.
Ted: How do you know she’s from a different area code?
Barney: She’s 516. She might dress like she’s 718 and act like she’s 212, but trust me she’s 516. Oh, and her husband letting her out alone on St. Patty’s Day? If that dude’s not 973, I’m 307…Wyoming. –How I Met Your Mother

I know I was supposed to post a rewind weekend, but I’m getting ready to clean the house for a party we’re having tonight and I don’t have time to delve into the dramas of my high school years. I’ll try to get to it tomorrow, but if I can’t, next weekend teenage Date Girl, acne products, and late 90s music will return. Today I just wanted to quickly catch you all up on what’s been going on with me this past week. Continue reading Weekend Update

Escort Cards and Free Weekends

Ray Barone: You’re already planning the wedding?
Debra Barone: I’ve been planning it since I was 12.
Ray Barone: But you didn’t meet me until you were 22.
Debra Barone: Well, you’re the last piece of the puzzle. –Everybody Loves Raymond

Now that Match has started up his graveyard shift, Friday doesn’t have quite the same ring to it that it normally did. I’ll be alone for most of the weekend, because during the day Match will be sleeping, and at night he’ll be working. I’m no stranger to the alone weekends. When we first started dating, Match was gone at academy all the time, so this isn’t much different. And this way I at least get him for dinner! Continue reading Escort Cards and Free Weekends