2019 Year in Review

This year has been the year of new beginnings:

We got a new puppy in March:

My brother got remarried and I now have a new sister in law:

We bought our new home, and moved to our lovely new neighborhood.

Piglet started a new sport, wrestling.

I feel so grateful for everything in my little world, and I want for nothing, except more time to spend it with those I love.

I’m looking forward to 2020, as I do each January, but I have loved 2019! This has been an incredible decade, and one I will treasure.

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    🙂 I feel like I had a good 2019 as well.

    A lot of people I know don’t seem to feel the same way, but, I sometimes wonder if its just that people like to jump on the “woe is me” bandwagon on Facebook :/ or if things really are as bad as they make them seem. I guess I’ll never know!

    Looking forward to a good (and, very busy, as I’m due with another little one in April) 2020. Here’s to the next year!

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