Christmas Tour-2019

Ok, I’m way behind once again. But here is my long overdue Christmas house tour. It’s not New Years at least!

I love my front porch. I know I say that everytime, but I do! I scored this adorable tree at Goodwill so I could have a front porch christmas tree. I got some cute pillow covers on Amazon, and I just love looking at this cute setup.

The living room is my favorite room of the house. It just looks so cozy with all the Christmas decor. After taking this photo, I talked Match into getting another sitting chair. I love the way it rounds the room out, and allows me to sit and look out at my beautiful view of trees. I feel so incredibly lucky to be in this new home.

Match also built me a couple of gorgeous end tables, and he is working on making one more larger table for the space. I love how handy he is! My parents are visiting for the week, and there are more home improvement projects in the works, more on that later.
I put my Christmas village up on the plant shelf. I hope to add to the collection someday. I will miss all the decorations when we take them down on New Year’s day. It has been a lovely Christmss in our new home.

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