Bend Thanksgiving 2019

Our Bend trip was awesome! Last year there was just the tiniest dusting of snow. This year was a winter wonderland! I love the snow so much!

We had a great time with Match’s family. It was the perfect balance of family time and having our own space at the resort. We loved getting quality time with our sweet niece. She’s 2, and it is such a fun age! I love her sweet little voice, and how enamored she is with Piglet.

My favorite part of the trip was the hike Match, Piglet and I went on at the resort on the last day. Just look at that amazing view!

I could definitely see myself living somewhere where it snows more often. It’s so beautiful, and I love the stillness and quiet that comes with the snow. I’m sure I’d hate the daily grind of it, but it sure it gorgeous to come visit. Until next time, Bend!

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    How beautiful! We just got back from a long camping trip up toward the south rim of the Grand Canyon and there was still some snow up there. My daughter absolutely loved it and was so sad that it was gone as we were driving home….and now she won’t stop asking about playing in the snow lol poor thing. I won’t be surprised if she moves somewhere that has actual seasons when she’s an adult.

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