Happy 9 Months, Loki!

In the mist of all this nesting we’ve been doing in the new home, I almost forgot that today is Loki’s 9 month birthday! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we took him home, and he was so small.

Piglet and Loki (Loki was 8 weeks old)

And now look at him! He’s HUGE! He’s so patient with Piglet too. Here he is patiently waiting for Piglet to wipe his paws.

Happy 9 months, Loki! You are mellowing out, you’re not quite as mischievous as you were before you were neutered. However you still get into trouble now and again, and let’s not talk about that time I took you to doggie daycare and you pooped out a glove! Um…embarrassing! But all in all, you are a wonderful, affectionate, snuggly ball of floof and we are so happy you’re a part of our family.

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    Well, he is just adorable and I’m sorry I forgot about him! Seeing the pictures together of him when you got him vs now though, WOW. He’s so Big!!! Happy 9 months!

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