Dining Room Update

It’s always amazing to me what a little paint and lighting can do for a room. The staged photo for our dining room/kitchen made the room appear to be a fairly pretty shade of blue. However, when we actually got into the space we realized it was an ugly green, but with yellowish lighting and the right camera which bordered on wizard magic, they made it look a different color.

When I first got into the home to finally clean it (it was soo gross you guys, so gross), I kept squinting because the lights were so dim. The first thing we did besides clean the place from top to bottom, was replace the bulbs with better lighting and also replace the ugly light fixtures that were there.

That’s when we went, okay this is shade of green is not for us. I originally wanted to do a repose gray in this room, or even a shade of blue. But after painting the walls practically tiger striped with samples, I decided that white was the way to go.

With the honey oak cabinets, and the dark countertops, there was just too much going on. These cabinets are too nice to paint over, so I’ve decided I’m going to learn to love the honey wood. I am going to redo the baseboards in the chunky white style baseboards, though.

Here the end result of my self admitted terrible paint job. Even with my non-expert hand, I must say I love how it turned out. The wood colors are softened on the cabinets, and the whole room looks so much brighter and more open. I will have to post an after of the kitchen itself, once I tidy up a bit more.

After Match say my lack of skills, and just how much paint I managed to get everywhere but the walls, he agreed that for the living room and super purple master bedroom (bright purple, friends. Bright.PURPLE) it would be a job better left to the professionals. We’re getting the walls painted next week, yay!



    The white looks much better! I really don’t understand some of the colors people pick to paint their houses!! Also…when did you get a new dog? Did I miss that update or forget?


    Congrats on your new house! It’s looking good. Defo keep us posted x

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