Our New Home (Round 3)

We moved into our new home at the end of September. I am hopeful this is a home we settle in for a long time. Every day I wake up, and I’m just so excited that this is ours! Piglet says it feels like we are staying at a vacation rental.

We have been busy unpacking and of course starting on projects. Painting basically every room in the house, which is my least favorite activity. We have also been working on the yard, which had been severely neglected by the previous owners. I’ll do my best to post some before and afters soon. Here we are enjoying a celebratory sushi dinner after moving. Note the hideous green kitchen. I’ve since painted it white and it has made a huge difference. Can’t wait to show the before/after!

Piglet has already had two playdates since we moved in on the 28th. He doesn’t mess around with his friend time, especially when he has a gorgeous new playroom.

Since that photo, we took back half the room and turned it into a movie theater, and the other half is his play room. I have so many big plans for the space, and I’d love to mount the projector. But for now, we just can’t believe we have our very own big screen. It really does feel like being at the movies.

The ladies are loving their new yard, and their cute little coop. It is way smaller than their old coop and run, but because there isn’t a huge footprint, it gives us all so much more room to play. I try to let them out as much as possible too to free range and eat all the bugs.

I will post more soon, but it has been such a crazy whirlwind of moving, projects and I’ve really tried to be better about being more present in the evenings with the fam. When they go to bed early, I finally catch up on stuff. I feel like I have a 100 posts I should be writing. They’re all in my head, but by the time I have a minute to write them down, I’m asleep. I’ve missed updating the blog, and I have missed connecting with my readers (the 2 or 3 that still keep up with me!)

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    Yay, so happy to see this update! Looking forward to the before and after’s!

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