Offers and Counter-offers

You guys, you GUYS! So our offer was accepted our counter offer on the beautiful home I shared with you. I am so excited! We officially listed our home for sale on Thursday…and we had 2 offers come in right away.

We were pretty much blown away. The first offer came in just over asking, but they wanted my dining room table that Match built me (gasp!) and our beautiful new master bedroom built-ins. The second offer came in well over asking, and they actually asked us the remove the master bedroom built-ins! I keep pinching myself because this all doesn’t seem real. I’m so excited/nervous. I’m also incredibly grateful for these buyers, and this opportunity to upgrade to a bigger home. We are so lucky.

Piglet is having a hard time with this whole process. He was in tears when we saw the for sale sign at our house. He told me, in words wise beyond his six years, “I want to move to the new house, but I don’t like this experience!” Me neither, kid. We’re doing our best to keep him included in the process, but I think he’s overwhelmed by all the changes. At least now that we’re done with showing and photos, we don’t have to worry about keeping the house spotless. Of course this is just the beginning. We still have the inspection and the appraisal, but I have a really good feeling about it all.

The best part of all this is knowing that once we get settled, we have no plans to move for a lonnnngggg time. I am beyond thrilled to settle in and set up roots for our boy. I’m going to miss our little house, especially the living room built-ins and that gorgeous barn wood.

Match is already scheming about what we can do to our new living room and I’m excited to put our stamp on the new place. Be prepared for DIY posts and a lot of before/afters.

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    Yay, congratulations!!! I hope the rest of the process continues to go smoothly for you!

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