Summer Days, and the Living is BUSY

Has it really been that long since my last post? Does anyone out there still read this little blog of mine? If you do, thanks for sticking with me. I feel like there has been no time, and I miss blogging so much. We have had a fun filled June, and I blinked and July is almost over. We’ve gone camping, spent the 4th of July at my parents, and made a trip to California to visit Match’s parents. We managed this all in the span of 3 back to back crazy weekends.

Enjoying the beach in my hometown

Tomorrow I have the day off, and Piglet has soccer camp, and then possibly daycare. I should catch up on blogging, but I feel like I have a laundry list, (which will quite likely include actual laundry) to catch up on. Besides recapping those awesome weekends, I am now full into project clean all the things mode.

Readers, we are thinking of putting our house on the market. I feel like we have this terrible habit of moving every couple of years. We lived in our Vacaville house for just over 3 years, and now we’re in our 3rd year in this house. We’ve loved our home here in Oregon the most, but we hate our narrow streets and terrible parking. No amount of DIY can fix those issues, I’m afraid. We want a little more room to stretch, and we want a better yard for Piglet, Loki and the chickens to spread their wings.

Still a part of me wonders if this is a good idea. Is it better to keep living small while Match is going through his apprenticeship? Should we just deal with the small headaches in exchange for not having the horrible headache of moving? We’ll just have to see. So far we haven’t found anything amazing that makes us want to pull the trigger and list, but we look at home listings all the time. The good news is we’re in a position where we don’t have to move because of jobs or rent, or the RAT KING like at our last rental. With this home that we’ve put a lot of work/sweat/tears/love into, we can take our time and hold out for the right place. Preferably a place we wouldn’t move from again.

I want to put down roots for good, and I want Piglet to be able to look back at our home when he graduates and be able to say that it was his childhood home. I barely moved as a kid, and I love that stability. At the same time, I also love the adventure of something new. Maybe Piglet will get the best of both?

How about you, readers that are still out there? Have you moved a lot? Or settled in and put down roots?

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    Hi! I still read your blog 🙂

    As a child I guess you could say we moved a lot. We lived in 2 houses in CA, and then moved from CA to AZ when I was 6 or 7. Then we lived in two houses, then four different apartments, and then my senior year of high school my parents built/bought a house and they still live there today (18 years now…).

    As for my life as an adult, I lived in 2 apartments alone, 1 with my husband, 1 rental house, and then we bought our house we live in now in ’09. We have no plans to leave because we love the neighborhood and the size of our lot is huge. New houses have such small lots….we’d never be able to afford a new house on the size lot we have now, nor would we be able to find one in town.

    I think its ok to move if your house isn’t “the one” lol Piglet will be ok too 🙂

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