Field Trip, Date Night, and a Long Weekend

Memorial weekend was a long break from work for me. It started with me taking a personal day so I could chaperone Piglet’s first big field trip. We went to the Portland Children’s Museum. It was utter chaos, but also so much fun. Piglet had the time of his life! I was in charge of a great little group. The three boys played really well together and I didn’t have problems with runners like some other groups. One of the boys insisted on holding my hand the whole time. They were such sweeties!

Saturday, Match and I had one of our rare date nights. I always like to time those around my hair appointments, so I don’t waste that salon do! My hair stylist is the absolute best, and she always makes me feel so confident when I leave. We went to karaoke, and it was such a great night. Besides my work conference, it has been a long time since I sang for a group. I loved this bar because all the people there were really listening to the music. There were a lot of great singers, and it was an honor to be a part of it all.

Sunday we spent the day organizing and relaxing at home, and then Memorial day we went to a nearby park. It was an awesome family weekend, and it felt good to get that quality time with my boys.

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