Celebrating Match’s 35th Birthday

It’s crazy to think that Match and I have celebrated 10 birthdays together. We met when we were just babies, only 24! I made a promise to myself on my last birthday that we’d always try to get out of town for each other’s birthdays, and I’ve kept that promise so far. For Match’s birthday the first weekend of this month, we went back to Bend, to the magical resort where we spent our Thanksgiving.

Once again, the resort was wonderful. This time we had a one bedroom, but it was still so spacious and had amazing views of the forest. We were all rocking colds, but I’d rather be sick with a cold at a resort with beautiful heated hot tubs than at home! We still managed to enjoy ourselves and all the amenities, though we did skip ice skating.

We decided to sweat it out at the on-site gym, and since it’s not a regulated gym, we snuck Piglet in with us. It was so cute watching him work out, and I love that we’re setting a good example for him. He loves to work on his muscles with us!

We made it into town this time, and enjoyed dinner at 10 Barrel Brewing. The only disappointing part about this trip was the lack of snow. Fortunately for us, we got a couple of snow days the following week. I can’t wait for our next trip to the resort. Maybe this summer so we can see what kind of fun summer activities there are to do in Bend.

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