2018 Goals- The Results

2018 Goals/To Do List:


  • Save up for a trip to Hawaii and set a date to go. While we didn’t do this, we are closer to that goal. We also went to Mexico instead of Hawaii, so I almost consider this one a win.
  • Pay down car loan. This one is slowly coming down, but I’d love to pay off a big chunk of it.
  • Start investing for Piglet. We’re started slowly investing for him, and his savings account is growing.

Personal Growth:

  • Take part in a 30 day fitness challenge
    • Goal is to get back to Driver’s License weight by the end of the new year. I failed miserably at this, and I’m the same weight I was when I wrote this. However, I’ve got a new plan, and I’ve got high hopes for this year.
  • Learn how to play at least one song on the keyboard
    • Ideally take a course someday to learn more, but I’ll be happy if I can just learn one for now. Um…I think I touched my keyboard once. To dust it. 🙁
  • Take a leadership training course I did this, and I’m grateful for the training.

Travel and Family Adventures:

  • Visit our California family/friends
  • Go on a trip to the snow We went to Bend for Thanksgiving, and we had snow! We’re also going on a trip in February where the snow will be more plentiful.
  • Go camping with friends We went on a lot of camping trips, but unfortunately, not with friends. Hopefully in 2019!
  • Visit the Gorge (someday we will finally do this) Yeah, this wasn’t that year. It’ll happen!
  • Go on a family train ride We went on the Christmas train, and it was lovely!
  • Take a trip to Hawaii I’m hopeful for 2019, but Match is leaning toward 2020, when Piglet is older. We’ll see if I can wear him down. 😉

Home DIY & Crafts:

  • Build built in dressers or storage in master
  • Build a printer cover
  • Night stand for guest room or filing cabinet cover
  • Paint the exterior of the house
  • Finish mixbook for 2017, update the 2018 book regularly.
  • I failed at most of these, but the painting of the house was a huge undertaking. I’m hopeful we’ll get the night stand, printer cover and built ins in 2019 .

To recap the big events in 2018:

  • We went to Mexico, and it was magical
  • We went on so many mini vacations: Bend, Newport, Bandon, Silver Falls, camping on the Oregon Coast, Northern California. We went on day trips to Portland and to the Oregon zoo. I’m so glad we’ve taken advantage of time and made the most of our weekends. Piglet also took swimming lessons all summer, and got a lot more comfortable in the water.
  • We painted the entire exterior of our house, replaced the back deck, and got new kitchen countertops.
  • We made an epic chicken coop for our little ladies. We watched our baby chicks grow into egg producing little machines, who occasionally still tolerate cuddles.
  • We watched Piglet go off to Kindergarten, starting his journey into elementary school.
  • Match finished his first year of his electrical apprenticeship at the top of his class. He’s now well into the second year, and excelling at work and school. This is the right fit for him, and it brings me joy to see him in the career he was meant to do.
  • I’ve been settling into my leadership role at work and this year has been less of proving myself, and more of fine tuning my skills and earning the trust of my team.
  • 2018 has been full of mini adventures, successes and happiness. We have been blessed with so much, and my heart is full. I am a little sad to see this year end, because it was one of our best yet. I look forward to the adventures that 2019 will bring!

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