Staff Party, Christmas Cookies and a Zoo Lights Party

This past weekend was jam packed with fun! It started with Friday night’s IT department staff party. The dirty santa party was a hit, and this year the presents were pretty funny. I’m still sad someone stole the Bad Boss Voodoo doll from me!

Saturday Match and I were able to finally go on a long overdue date night. We haven’t had a date since September! I had a hair appointment first, so my hair was all done up. I went back to blonde, but I left the red undertones. It just feels more like me. We started the evening with dinner at our favorite restaurant, followed by a mead tasting at this local Mead hall. It was so random but also some fun people watching. We ended the night with drinks and dessert at a little Italian cafe.

Sunday Piglet and I made up a batch of Christmas cookies. He was so excited to make them with me. He kept telling me it was the best day ever. I love that the simplest acts, like spending time in the kitchen baking, can mean so much to him.

In the evening we met up with my cousin and her family to check out the zoo lights at the Oregon zoo. We lucked out and there was hardly anyone there! Last year the zoo lights were so crowded it felt claustrophobic. This year we felt like we’d rented out the zoo. The animals were super active too.

It was another wonderful weekend soaking up that Christmas magic. I cannot believe we only have a week left until Christmas!

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    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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