New Exterior House Paint

Well, we got bit by the DIY bug again. We decided with two back to back family visits coming up this month, we’d better do some home improvement projects. We decided to paint the exterior of our house by ourselves. What are we thinking? I guess since it’s a one story we figured it’d be relatively easy, but that depends on your outlook. It’s going to take forever! Here’s the before. It’s a faded yellow, with light green upper peaks.



I’m so excited for the color. It’s Sherwin Williams Gray Clouds, which I find very fitting for our Oregon home. We are no strangers to clouds around here!

The task of painting a house by ourselves is more than a little bit daunting. We’ve broken it up into phases. We’ve finished phase 1, which is the front of the house, but not the upper peaks. It’s subtle, but I LOVE the color. I can’t wait until it’s all finished.




    That color is sooo beautiful! Kudos to you guys for tackling it yourselves, and doing it in stages 🙂 Love to see your DIY projects 🙂


    The new color is muuuuch better than the original! It’s looking good!

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