For a More Playful Wedding Reception, Try These Ideas

Weddings are celebrations; they’re about love and coming together, so that means they should be fun and playful. When they’re overly structured and stiff, it just becomes boring for everyone involved. That’s clearly not what you want, so it’s up to you to find fun ways to make your wedding day a little more playful and interesting for everyone who attends it. If you’re not sure where to start with all this, the ideas below will help you out a lot.


Create a Wedding Piñata


This is a really fun idea if you want to immediately add some spice and fun to your wedding day. What could be more fun than repeatedly whacking a piñata with a stick. All your guests can have a go at it and extract as many treats from inside it as possible. It can be a really great way to kick off your wedding reception party.


Get Everyone on the Dance Floor as Soon as Possible


The dance floor is without doubt the most important part of the wedding reception venue. If you don’t have space for everyone to get up and dance, the venue isn’t fit for purpose. It should be your main a to get everyone up and dancing as soon as you can because that’s when the real fun of the day begins. Start with the best music that you know is going to make people want to dance.

Choose a Photo Booth for Your Photos


Rather than hiring a regular photographer to take care of your photos on your big day, you should try to look a little further afield. These days, more people are using photo booth options because they’re more fun and allow you to be creative and playful alongside your guests. Booth Boy Photo Booths focus on allowing you express yourself and let your hair down. It’s not like normal wedding photography at all. I wanted a photo booth at our wedding, and I still regret that we didn’t get one! 


Incorporate Old Memories and Photos


Your wedding day doesn’t happen in isolation. It takes years of memories to get to that point, so why not have some with old memories and old photos that are meaningful to you both when designing the reception hall. It can be a lot of fun but it also has depth and meaning to it too.


Don’t Forget About the Party Games


There should always be party games for people to enjoy at your wedding reception. This is when people can really have a good time, and if the drinks have already been flowing for a while at this point, it’ll only be even more fun. Do some research and find the games you feel will be best for the wedding setting.


Your wedding shouldn’t be a drag for your guests. If you want them to remember your wedding for years to come, you should make use of these ideas and any of your own that you have. That way, it’ll be a feast of fun, and they’ll never sit their bored out of their minds like they do at other weddings.

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