Remembering Where We Came From

It’s been 6 years since we said hello and goodbye to our first baby, our little Roo. 6 years. It’s an incredible thing. In so many ways I feel like a lifetime has passed since that terrible day. I get the sense that some people may think it’s important to not take the time to remember this day, to simply pretend it never happened, that SHE never happened. But that’s the thing about tragedy, and those pivotal moments in your life. If it weren’t for Roo, we wouldn’t be where we are now. I don’t think I would be the mother that I am now, and we wouldn’t have our Piglet. So every year, in spite of the heartache it causes, I remember. I remember the joy of learning when I was first pregnant. I remember the fear of the complications, and I remember the pain and the sadness of losing her. I think it’s important to share her story, because she shaped me. She made me into who I am today, and I’m grateful. Forever little one, for always. Mama loves you.




    Sending love & hugs to you guys!

    Nicole @ Midwestern at Heart

    Gosh I kind of remember what happened, but then again I don’t. And yes, it is definitely good to remember! She was very much apart of your life and why would you forget her?

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