Internet Essentials for Families


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The internet has changed the way that we live, predominantly for the better. However, there’s no doubt that the adoption of the internet has also been relatively rapid, which means that many families haven’t quite had the time to get to grips with the essentials they need to ensure their internet connection and usage is as good as it can possibly be.


If you and your family are going to make the most of the time you spend online, then you need to make sure you have considered the following essentials…


High speed


Speed is everything when it comes to the internet; the difference that high speed can make cannot be underestimated. From downloading files to watching videos without having to deal with endless buffering; speed is the difference between a great internet usage experience and a bad one. You can check the speed of your connection here and if it’s not what you expect it to be, a change of ISP might be a good idea.


Child-safety features


As wonderful as the internet can be, it is also full of content that is less than ideal for your children’s eyes. As a result, you’re going to want to ensure you’ve “child proofed” your connection; there’s an excellent starter guide to this process here.




Adblockers are a controversial subject. For sites you frequent and care about, disabling your adblocker on these sites is an important step, so the site is still able to generate revenue. However, there’s no doubt that adblockers are a necessity for general browsing, as some ads can contain malware or irritating autoplaying videos.


So as a general rule, if you know and trust the site, disable the adblocker. For anything else, browse with your adblocker turned on.


Blue light filtering


If you’re going to be browsing the internet after dark, then adding a blue light filter to your screen is essential. The blue light emitted by computer screens and mobile devices has the ability to interrupt your circadian rhythm and impact your ability to sleep, which is a heavy price to pay if you’re just catching up on your favorite blogs in bed. Using a blue light blocker such as f.lux allows you to browse without any concerns over disturbing your sleep.


Regular data cleanup


The sheer amount of data that your browser stores when you’re browsing the web is overwhelming. As a result, scheduling regular data cleanups not only helps to protect your privacy, but helps to ensure your computer and mobile devices are not storing unnecessarily large data files. You’ll usually find the option for a data cleanup in the “settings” section of your browser; try and schedule things so you’re using this at least once per week.


To conclude


The internet offers endless opportunities that can help improve and enhance your family life— but only if you use it correctly. Implement the six ideas above and you’ll be sure that your family is equipped for effortless internet usage in the future.

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