All You Need To Know About Planning a Destination Wedding in Florida

With thousands of miles of stunning coastline, and good weather pretty much guaranteed all-year round, it can be easy to see why Florida is on the list of many people that are looking for a destination wedding. Florida has so many natural features and unique qualities, that can be a destination for all couples and all budgets. Whether you want to be on the beach saying ‘I do’ out onto the gulf, have a Disney wedding, or fancy being deep in the Everglades; there is something for everyone.


But if you’re not local, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to know to help you to save some money along the way. Here is a quick guide to help.




Top Cities To Choose


Based on trends from previous years that show where most people in Florida get married, these can be the best cities to choose from:


  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Florida Keys
  • Jacksonville


Though these are the cities that most people have been choosing to get married in, there are some interesting stats about the costs of having a wedding in Florida. And interestingly, it does vary from which part of the state you choose. The south has some of the more costly and luxurious wedding venues, much like the Coral Gables Country Club, whereas the north of the state, a little less popular for weddings, has some cheaper destinations and venues. So that could be worth thinking about if you’re looking to keep costs down. Other costs, like flowers, planners, and music were all pretty similar across the board.


Making It Legal


There is no point going all the way to Florida to find out that you’re not legally able to get married as you don’t have a marriage license. If you’re from Florida, then you have to allow a three-day period to wait, from applying to it being legal. So with some planning, it should be done in the weeks leading up the wedding. The good news is if you’re coming in from abroad or out of state, that you don’t have to have that waiting period, so you can arrive, get the licence, and get married pretty soon after.


You will need a licensed official to officiate at the wedding, as well as checking things like land permits if you choose to have a beach wedding or in a park, for example.


Picking the Best Date


If you don’t want to incur additional fees for having to stay longer at hotels, for instance, then it is best to avoid getting married during the hurricane season, which is around July to October. There can be more rainfall during this period too, as well as more humid weather. It is also a good idea to avoid the super touristy times to visit. Easter is one of the most popular times for tourists to visit Florida, and as a result, the prices can rise massively. Avoid spring break and other popular tourist times too, especially if you’re on a budget.


Good luck planning your wedding!

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