The Enriching Power of Writing

For a lot of people, successful writing is synonymous with famous authors, such as J.K. Rowling, or even the poet and freelance technical writer Millicent Borges Accardi. But success doesn’t systematically mean wealth. You can use the power of writing in a variety of missions and circumstances, and even if it doesn’t increase your income, it will still be enriching. How does this work? You’re about to find out how words can change your world for the better.

Who doesn’t love to receive a letter?  

A confidence boost

Not everyone is born confident. In fact, a lot of people struggle so with self-confidence and self-worth that they feel stuck in a dark place. You can learn to bring some confidence back into your life. It’s a long process, and you naturally need to find a positive force to guide you. But leaving encouraging messages to yourself, and even writing down notes to get used to the power of positive thinking can help you to conquer your issues. You can keep a bullet journal in which you populate a happy vibes page which things for which you are grateful and positive affirmations. Writing it down is a way of helping your brain to learn new thinking processes.

Unify your family

When was the last time you sent a letter to a friend or a relative? Since the apparition of mobile phones, letters and postcards have fallen out of love, which is a pity because everyone loves to receive something thoughtful in the post. To encourage yourself to write letters instead of sending group messages, you can start with buying great personalized stationery which you can even customize to the names and address of your family. It’s a fantastic idea to revive all family ties that you’ve left undisturbed for years. Do you remember that old aunt who lives in a rural area or your cousins you haven’t seen since your wedding? Grab your pen and start writing.

Inspire others

Have you heard the story of the father who writes children’s books for his daughter, because the little girl was disappointed that none of the characters looked like her? A little girl asked her father why nobody in the books she liked looked like her, and whether it means she couldn’t become a hero herself. Her father decided to respond by creating sweet storybooks that portray a character that looked just like his daughter so that the little girl could also have a fictional role model.


Calm your nerves

The process of writing can be extremely soothing too. If you’ve never tried calligraphy, you might want to discover the art of drawing letters. Watching professional calligraphers can be immensely satisfying and therapeutic in itself, but for many, it’s the combination of precision and beauty that brings peace to the mind. If you’re not sure how to start, watch the short film, Ink by Ryan Couldrey, which focuses on the word “ink” written by hand by a talented calligrapher. Hear the sound as the tip scratches the paper delicately and feel your worries flow with the ink.

The art of lettering

Do you think you can investigate the benefits of writing for yourself? From bringing your family together to investing in your own peace of mind, writing can transform your life.

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