7 Unique Photo Ideas for the Bride and Her Party

7 Unique Photoshoot Ideas for the Bride and Her Party

Do you have a wedding to plan? Plan a hen weekend first!
You must be planning your wedding with your best friend even before you two turned teenagers, right? Do you still possess the infamous wedding book full of themes?

Plan a hen weekend photoshoot in the countryside or at a professional studio to test out different wedding themes to check which theme suits you and your bridesmaids the best.

Why ask the groom when you are going call the shots in the future too?

Crazy Photoshoot Ideas

A Hen Party needs to be the best party of your life. A weekend getaway to capture memories with your girlfriends sounds amazing, right? The following are some unique photoshoot ideas for your weekend to remember:

1. Friends and Pets

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Are you a pets’ lover? Why not dress them up along with your girl gang and have a pets-themed photoshoot on your hen weekend. The pets can be better gentlemen than the groom and groomsmen. Suit ‘em up and have fun!

2. Superhero Movies

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You and your girl gang must be crazy about different superhero movies, so why hesitate? Gather some costumes and showcase your superpowers now! Enact a climax scene of your favourite superhero movie; full of action shots and fun!

3. Cartoons and You

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Powerpuff Girls? Kim Possible? Lilo and Stitch? The cartoons fandom has no end. You can dress up your girlfriends as your favourite cartoon characters and laugh till your cheeks hurt. You can preserve the photographs for your children and show them how crazy were you when you were young.

4. Miniature You

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Have you heard of the miniature photoshoots yet? You and your hens can book a professional studio to capture the miniature versions of yourself with the wild, beautiful world (props). It will surely be a goofy and adorable experience. Imagine standing next to a chair which is 50 times larger than your height or sitting on a 25-feet tall labrador. Interesting enough? Try it right now!

5. Weirdos in Action

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When you are with your hens, you don’t have to be sophisticated or anything. You know you have weird friends, and you may be the weirdest of them all. Throw some funny, weird and awkward poses, and create an album to remember. Various types of props can make you and your friends the queens of weirdos. So try them on and press the button!

6. Under the Water

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Water is an ultimate beauty! Period. Visit the nearest lake with your girlfriends and a professional photographer, to click some of the prettiest water pictures. The water-splattering photographs can be captured if you click at the right moment. So, make sure your photographer is ready when you all plan to jump in the water.

Dive in and click!

7. Her Highness

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The bride-to-be can become her highness, and her girlfriends can be her royal friends. The Queen Hen can have a royal photoshoot with the throne, tiara and all her royal friends to create a royal album, full of memories.

Weekend Pampering

Your special hen needs a little pampering before her special day. A themed photoshoot will not only cheer her up, but will also remove all the stress from her mind because she will have fun with some of her favourite people, and create some of the most beautiful memories of her life.

It is your duty as the maid-of-honour to plan the last single party for the bride-to-be, so make sure you plan the photoshoot themes as per her desires and don’t forget that anything is possible with a little digital touch and a lot of props.

Invite all her girlfriends and throw her a hen weekend to remember!

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