The Generosity of Friends and a Dream Come True

So some of my long time readers may remember my good friends, Old Married Couple. They are about to have a baby (which I’m so over the moon excited about)!

Every year they go on a trip to Mexico, but this year they aren’t able to go on their pre-booked trip because the baby is coming. They offered up their trip for a discounted price to all of their friends on Facebook, and I messaged them, oh, I wish we could do something like that, but we don’t have anyone to watch Piglet. Then Old Married Couple made some phone calls, and long story short, the Match Family is going on vacation to an incredible all-inclusive resort to The Hardrock Puerto Vallarta in Mexico!!

Old Married Guy sent me the final confirmation info today, and I couldn’t help but get teary eyed when I looked at the totals. They paid for more than half of the trip, and asked for so little from us. I kept asking if we could give them more but they insisted. They’ve known that Match and I have always wanted to go on a vacation like this, since they first told us of their resort experiences back when we were first dating. We had planned to go for our honeymoon, but when Match was accepted to the police academy right before our wedding, our plans fell through. So in a way, this is our long awaited honeymoon. There will be a kid’s club for Piglet, so Match and I will still get quality couple time.

The trip is in April, and we are on a mission to get into the best shapes of our lives. We were already kicking off the New Year with some healthy habits, but this has become a huge motivator. I want to feel confident in bikinis, and not cringe when I look at the photos.

You guys, this is also the first time I’ve vacationed out of the country and the first time we’ve vacationed for this long. It’s almost a week! Ahhh, I’m so excited I can’t even think straight. I need to give Old Married Couple a gift, I need to figure out a way to express our gratitude. We did recently give them a ton of Piglet’s old baby stuff, and I know they appreciate it, but it doesn’t feel like enough. I’d love some suggestions from my readers.

Have any of you vacationed at an all-inclusive resort before? I.cannot.wait!!


    Sarah Shumate

    Oh, wow! What a gift. You guys are going to have a wonderful time. How exciting that it will be your first time outside the country, too!

    Sometimes I think kindnesses like this are best paid forward. I mean, certainly I’d buy them one heck of a baby gift, but there really isn’t a proper way to “return the favor” for generosity of this level. Maybe sometime in the future you can give someone else something they’ve always dreamed of. 🙂


    That sounds amazing! LOL the only “gift” I can even think of is, whenever they’re ready, tell them you’ll babysit their kid over night so they can have a date night, a full night of sleep, and be able to sleep in the next day. Really, that is the only gift *I* want, and I’m just waiting for someone to offer it up lol

    Have a wonderful time in Mexico (when the time comes)! The only place in Mexico I’ve been to overnight is Puerto Vallerta, and I had such a blast there! Of course, it was for my senior trip, so I don’t remember much other than swimming, drinking and sleeping. hahaha

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