Random Thoughts and Interoffice Politics

Now that I’m in this weird middle management position, where I’m the Lead of my department, I’m discovering a lot more about inter office politics. I’m balanced between two worlds-the worker bees and the administrators. It’s an awkward place to be and I see both sides, but I also see the ugly parts.

Sometimes my favorite part of the job is hanging out with the cool Electrician vendors I work with.

Some days the mundane tasks bring me the most joy, like setting up a computer for a pumping mama so she’s more comfortable when she pumps her milk during her lunch break.

Shared workspace and open offices are really, really stupid, especially when you’re constantly bombarded with questions all day. Also putting in earbuds doesn’t seem to help when you’re trying to concentrate. I wish I had an office. Or even a storage closet!

Teaching my staff how to be decent humans is really challenging. They are sooo awkward. The whole awkward IT people is a stereotype for a reason.

Some days I really miss being a stay at home spouse and mama. Other days I love the challenges. Today I’m just super excited that it’s Friday.

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    Sarah Shumate

    A shared workspace would be my worst nightmare. I am SO easily distracted and require it to be near silent for me to concentrate. I can’t imagine how you get any work done with people approaching you all the time with questions. That would be really frustrating!

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